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Sussex Extreme Energy Resistance
The SEER group is on the march and making camp at a roadside in Balcombe, deep in the rural countryside of Sussex.

The Daily Mail newspaper would have us all believe that shale gas extraction equals a three trillion pound bonanza to the country.

But really, read the article here, if anyone believes the propaganda David Rose is coming out with, on behalf of the fracking industry, really needs to reassess their lives and sort themselves out.

But all propaganda aside, I’m here to tell you SEER means business when it comes to Fracking.

Sussex Extreme Energy Resistance is made up of a group of like minded individuals, whose numbers are growing daily.

SEER in Brighton

The Hanover Pub in Queens Park Rd
On Friday 5th July 2013, you are invited to come along to their next meeting at The Hanover Pub on Queens Park Road, Brighton, from 7pm - 10pm.

Please come along to discuss how you can support the Anti-Fracking Movement, and other ways to campaign against Cuadrilla's activities in Balcombe. 


SEER at Balcombe
At the moment they are camped at Balcombe outside the gates of the Cuadrilla Ltd fracking site.

Cuadrilla have already begun water testing there, but have come up against a series of delays brought about by the concerted efforts of the Balcombe community, and other activists, who have been scrutinizing their every move and have put pressure on the Environment Agency to properly regulate their activities. 

With a vigil outside, or more specific, a Rig Watch, their numbers are growing. What’s better than a Tea picnic in the middle of the Sussex countryside on a bright sunny day, while keeping an open eye out for any fracking?
SEER having tea

They welcome all and any to join them but warn against bringing children because their site is so close to the road.

Come along to the meeting on the 5th July 2013 at The Hanover Pub on Queens Park Road, from 7pm - 10pm, to meet SEER and the gang. Get involved and together, send fracking packing.


Visit the Frack-Off website, which is a great resource for research purposes and to get more of a national perspective on fracking:

You can also watch two great introductory documentaries on fracking here:


Fracking essentially means pumps millions of gallons of chemically treated water into deep shale formations at high pressures, to crack the shale and widen existing cracks, to free trapped hydrocarbons to flow toward the well. 

I think David Rose from the Daily Mail commits the ultimate journalistic murder by peddling such blatant corporate propaganda, and dismissing irrefutable evidence that fracking is a killer to the environment and water supplies.

  • The contamination of the Water Supply
  • The Environmental impact and damage to nature as a whole. Let’s not forget thousands of fracking sites across the county equates to the construction of roads and drilling pads and the clearing of thousands of acres of wildlife and habitats.
  • Chemical Disclosures: Another sticking point for drilling companies is the chemicals used during the process, because, often, the contents are not fully disclosed. The fracking liquid includes acids, detergents, and poisons which can kill if they seep into the water supply.
  • Fracking and Earthquakes: In some of the most severe cases, many have argued that fracking has caused increased seismic activity and earthquakes.


Keep Fracking out of the UK
The SEER group is an ever growing group of people committed to opposing fracking in Sussex

I’m involved, and you should be too.

With the final words from SEER, 'Please join us to discuss how we continue to support this action, and other ways we can campaign against Cuadrilla's activities in Balcombe.'


SEER on the road-side
  1. Follow SEER on Twitter: @SussexEER
  2. If you have some time to spare, come on down to the next SEER meeting where they’ll be planning future demonstrations and awareness raising actions.
  3. Send SEER a private message to find out how to make a donation to the cause. 
  4. Write to your MP about fracking. Object to the decision by Ed Davey to proceed with the development of the industry in the UK. Find out who your MP is and how to contact them here:
  5. Sign the petition against Fracking by 38degrees:
  6. Come to the ongoing vigil, or rather Rig Watch, outside of the drilling site in Balcombe.
  7. Visit the SEER Facebook page to keep abreast of all the latest information. 

SEER Group leaders
Please join us to discuss how we continue to support this action, and other ways we can campaign against Cuadrilla's activities in Balcombe. 

Many thanks, 
SEER - Sussex Extreme Energy Resistance


If you think fracking is dangerous to the environment, jump on-board and tell a friend.

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