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Katrina Taylor, murdered in a Brighton graveyard in 1996, is no longer an unsolved murder. Well, according to Wikipedia it isn't.
Someone – out there – has erased her memory from the list of unsolved murders in the UK
This is very strange and very worrying.
This is proof, if ever proof is needed, that dark forces are at play in Sussex.
David Joe Neilson
Katrina Taylor
David Joe Neilson, who has been a thorn in the side of Sussex Police to over 2 decades, has campaigned to have Katrina Taylor’s murder reopened.

If you don’t know who David Joe Neilson is, inform yourself by reading theWho is David Joe Neilsonarticle. 
Essentially, he solved the Katrina Taylor murder by telling the police where the murder weapon was thrown by her killers; who just happened to base themselves in David’s up-stairs flat.
Even though four people were charged with her murder, no one to date has been convicted of her murder.
This undeniable FACT demonstrates that Katrina Taylor’s murder remains UNSOLVED.
This had been stated on the afore-mentioned Wikipedia unsolved murder list, but has been mysteriously edited. I only wish I had taken a screen-shot to prove to you it was there, but of-course I never expected the evident cover-up to go so far.
We need to know by whom, Wikipedia was edited?

Back ground to the case.
Katrina Taylor’s murder trial was held at Lewes Crown Court in 1997.
Brother and sister from London, Simon and Neisha Williams were found not guilty, where as Fergal Scollan and Trevor Smith were found guilty; but appealed on 15th October 1998.
They were freed after a retrial at the Old Bailey in London during October 1999.
For legal reasons, Neisha and Simon Williams did not give evidence. Lawyers for Trevor Smith and Fergal Scollan successfully argued that there was no case to answer, and the judge directed that both men be acquitted of murder because of insufficient evidence.
Fergal Scollan had a charge of false imprisonment dropped. William Smith admitted the same charge and was sentenced to 30 months but walked free because of time served.
This tells us who her murderers are, and it also tells us that a cover-up involving the higher echelons of Sussex Police, local government and judiciary, are instrumental in freeing her killers and most recently, erasing her murder from the pages of history.
Someone connected with the murder and someone involved with covering up the murder has edited Wiki-pedia.

Katy Bourne & Martin Richards
The question isn’t why… because we know. The question is who and when are they going to be brought to justice?
Katy Bourne, as the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner, in conjunction with Martin Richard’s as the Chief Constable of Sussex Police force, are residing over the continuing cover-up of the murder of Katrina Taylor.
The editing of the Wikipedia unsolved murder list is testimony to this.
Shadow Police & Crime Commissioners.
I stand shoulder to shoulder with David Joe Neilson and demand answers.
Who authorized this? That answer alone will blow the cover-up wide apart.

Mark Salde aka Marcel Sulc

The Neilson Crime Files
Make no mistakes, we know who killed Katrina Taylor and we know Sussex Police is protecting a known Crime-Lord called Mark Slade, and his gang of criminals who killed her.
The Neilson Crime files set it out in black and white.
I call on all the honest police officers to stand up for justice and do what is right. Shop your bosses and let’s clean the corruption out of Sussex once and for all.
Do your jobs and protect and serve the people of Sussex

If not, you'll be arrested too.

If you think Sussex Police is corrupt, share and tell a friend.

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