Saturday, 6 July 2013


I've been reading conspiracy theories for the last ten years, but the King Arthur Conspiracy beats them all.

It’s the one conspiracy that can be proven above all else. It’s the one conspiracy that's provable.

The King Arthur Conspiracy is King. It determines what it means to be British.

We have all heard of King Arthur; as kids we believed in him, up there with Santa Claus and tooth-fairies.

A mighty British King who brought justice and happiness to the Kingdom.

A mighty British King who united Britain under the wise mentorship of a wizard called Merlin and his Knight's of the Round Table.

A mighty British King who beat all his enemies and lived in a majestic palace called Camelot.

Arthur, who as a boy lifted a sword from a stone and became King.

He married Guinevere but his best mate Sir Lancelot, cheated on him and had an affair with her.

King Arthur was killed in civil war by Mordred, his evil younger nephew, and his sword, Excalibur, was returned to the Lady of the Lake for safe keeping.

We have all heard of the myths and legends of King Arthur.

We have all heard about the legend saying he’ll return to Britain in it's gravest hour.

Well......... hold your mobile phones people…………

The conspiracy of all conspiracy theories is here: 

King Arthur is real… King Arthur is back.

If you believe in King Arthur, jump on-board and tell a friend.

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