Tuesday, 1 March 2022

My Herstory with Shellie Mote!

What the fuck is Shellie Mote going on about?

Shellie Mote, real name Shelley May is a self confessed Witch.

Mote first came across me, after I left a provocative message on her YouTube channel, under one of her Jeanette Archer dismissive, stating: Go Archer Go....

I should have known that leaving such a triggering message would have resulted in a negative reaction.

Mote says any "woman standing with Taylor", needs "a slap or a section."

Mote's problem with me is that I published a blog, stating that she had been "sadistically raped and sexually abused by a variety of adults, ranging from judges, teachers, social workers and policemen and women."

I've acknowledged that I made a mistake by embellishing and second guessing her abuse, by claiming judges, teachers, social workers and policemen/women abused her.

In Mote's own words

"When I was a child, I was 4 years old, my indoctrinated grandmother used to take me to the priests for confession."

I acknowledge I was wrong to state that judges, social workers and policemen/women abused Mote as a child, when in correction, and according to Mote's own words, she was abused by her mother and priests.

"At 4 years old! Because I had the Devil in me. When in actual fact was that my mother was a diagnosed criminal psychopath, who indeed ritualistically abused her child, and quite sadistically."

Abused from the age of only 4 years old, Mote was regularly taken to the local priest, by her grandmother, to be sadistically raped and sexually abused by a variety of priests, and NOT by judges, teachers, social workers and police men and women.

After sending in her lapdog (Nadia Marshall) to correct me, Mote then went onto attack Terry Rogers, accusing him of sending her vile sexual comments.

Gentleman Extraordinaire Terry Rogers, denies sending her any "vile," or "sexual comments," maintaining anything of a sexual mentioned by him within the last 24 hours, was about two individuals, whose comment was directed towards Angela Power-Disney, and nothing to do with her.

A visual representation of Sharon Gale taking one for the team.

Denying being a satanist, Mote defended any suggestion that the sadistic abuse she suffered as a child, was not at the hands of Satan.

"Yet it still wasn't Satan."

"I'm not a satanist, I am a witch. I am an angel. I'm a shaman. I'm an Elohim from the Emerald Order. I am an Indigo."

While the Mote maintains her superiority over the 'Muggles,' of the Human Race, the stark reality of her comment cannot be denied.

Leaving men out of the equation, and targeting women, she calls for physical violence against any "woman," who stands with Taylor, cruelly referred to as The Brighton Beast.

"Any woman standing with Taylor need a slap or a section."

I responded forcibly when accused of being a stalker by a person renowned for stalking her arch enemy, Jeanette Archer.

Jeanette Archer

Leaving the last word to Complex Kat....

How fuxking dare Shellie Mote call me a "Predator"?

How fucking dare she?

She has attacked me viciously since I left a comment on her YouTube channel; Go Archer Go.....

I should have known better than to post such a provocative comment, which I knew would ignite negative emotions.

And then I made matters worse, by saying Shellie Mote was abused by judges, teachers and policemen and women.

I stand corrected; she was abused by her own sadistic grandmother, and the local priests.

Read more: The Problem with Mote!

The Green Witch

1. I challenge anyone and everyone, to show proof of even one conviction for stalking, let alone three!

2. Show me the evidence of at least one conviction of stalking, let alone three!

3. Show me the evidence of my three convictions of stalking!

"Leave me alone Shellie Mote!"


To be convicted of any crime, you would have to have been found guilty in either a Magistrates or Crown Court.

The conviction and sentence would have been made public.

Show me the evidence of at least one conviction of stalking against me, let alone three.

Shellie Mote is slandering my good name and character.


Leave me alone Shellie Mote!


"I don't know what the women think of on here, but if you know a man's not safe, and women keep going, "Yeah yeah yeah, he's fine, he's fine, he's fine."

"How do you feel about that? Because I want to make a stand against it."

So, getting this straight in my head, Shellie Mote wants to make a stand against other women, who are saying I'm "fine," contradicting her own assertion that I am a "Predator," and a "danger to women and children."

This woman is mad!

Or in other words, 🦇💩🤪

More than anything, being accused of getting excited about her horrendous childhood abuse, (which she received at the hands of her sadistic grandmother and the local priests), particularly upset me, over and beyond being accused of being a "convicted predator," and "a danger to women and children."

I've suffered in my life as a result of childhood abuse, and I've witnessed first-hand, sexual abuse by our local priest, against my best friends and sexual abuse against my sister, by my mother's boyfriends.

To claim I get excited about her childhood abuse is a truly vile, disgusting and sick thing to say about anyone.

"Leave me alone Shellie Mote."


Self-confessed Witch Shellie Mote, is the latest troll to join the club of Trolls who have falsely claimed I have convictions for either stalking, paedophila or general predatorship!!!!

Den Tarragon accused me of being a Convicted Paedophile!

As did Gordon Bowden!

Chris Brindle regularly says I'm a three times convicted stalker.

Karen Irving, Queen Bee of the Hoaxtead Research community had to recently retract a recent Tweet in which she claimed I have a conviction for stalking!

Shellie Mote

Den Tarragon

Chris Brindle

Gordon Bowden

Karen Irving

All accuse me of convictions I haven't got.

Other Trolls who have falsely accused me of crimes I haven't committed include:

James Hind, Tom Niedermeier, AJ Lashbrook, Danny Jones and Richard Dougall.

For someone who says she says nothing without evidence, Shellie Mote is very keen to call me a three times convicted stalker without any evidence to back up it up!

Now I'm a "charged stalker."

I've never been charged with stalking!

Shellie Mote is talking shit!

Show me the evidence of me ever being charged or convicted with stalking.



"I'm going to shed some light on this,  it's going to be a bit of a, um, as far as I know this is, um, Matt's, isn't it?"

Yes Shellie, Taylor's Freedom is mine, Matt Taylor! As is Mr X Investigations, Guerrilla Democracy News, Matt Taylor Writer, Exposing the Hoaxtead Trolls, Hoaxturd Trolls Watch, About Matt Taylor and a few more such as Taylor Investigations and more X-rated one's, such as Taylor's Sex Tales!!!

I'm a blogger, "don'cha know", as Chris Spivey would say! (Some people even accuse me of being a "pathetic attention hog!")

The Coven of Satanists

"Um, right what I'm going to say to all of you lot, and TA Rogers, (who is Matt), you're all a bunch of fucking freaks."

Wow, from the firing pistol going off, here we have Shellie May building up to her big reveal, by telling us she's going to "say", something before actually saying it.

A lot of people just like to say it, as I like to say it too! I'm not one to ask to ask a question, I just ask the question, without asking!

Sadly its an indication of low self esteem and a lack of confidence. Its a subconscious 'tipping your toe into the cold waters,' type of scenario, in which the person doing it, (as in Shellie's case) forewarns everyone ahead of what she is planning to do, because if she does see any objections and trouble waiting in store for saying it, she can quickly back-track on her bravado, and crawl back under the rock she same from!

"What I'm going to say to all of you a lot, and TA Rogers," to which I'm sure she said, "who is Matt," "You're all a bunch of fucking freaks."

To be brutally honest with you, when I read a sentence like that, (from someone I've never met, and with whom I've had no dealings, whether business, personal or professional); I lose a tiny part of my will to live!

We can only go by what she says, and I'm sure I heard her say, "TA Rogers, who is Matt," but I could be wrong!

"You're all a bunch of fucking freaks!"

After such a big build-up, we get left feeling disappointed and cheated with such a limp dick of a punchline.

It says more about the mental and emotional age of the person, by the punchlines they deliver.

Shellie's punchline was an insult, and a rather unimaginative insult at that too. "Fucking Freaks!"

"Fucking Freaks!"

But what does that actually mean?

According to Wikipedia -

A freak is a person who is physically deformed or transformed due to an extraordinary medical condition or body modification. This definition was first attested with this meaning in the 1880s as a shorter form of the phrase "freak of nature", itself a broader term attributed at least as far back as 1847.[1] The term's original neutral connotation became entirely negative during the 20th century; therefore, freak with its literal meaning of "abnormally developed individual" is viewed purely as a pejorative today.[2][3] However, the term is also recently used playfully to refer to an enthusiast or obsessive person.

Surely you're not going to publicly mock me for any physical deformity I may have?

The world is full of different types of people!

She must then surely be playfully calling me a "Fucking Freak", as a nod and acknowledgement to my prowess as an Alpha Male, and to my rather enthusiastic and obsessive nature!

So on this occasion, I'll take her opening insult of "Fucking Freak," as a compliment and a gesture of pent up and denied sexual attraction and lust towards me!

Don't hide or fight your feelings towards me Shellie; you aren't the first witch to fall for my manly charms, and you won't be the last!

"Matt you've been around too many kids and too many women,  so you’ve got nothing to say." 

What actually do you mean Shellie? "Too many kids and too many women." I really am puzzled as to what you are getting at?

I spoke to my 28 year old niece tonight. The one who stabbed a man, and who hears voices in her head. (She never stabbed a man, because any voices told her to, I hasten to add. She stabbed the man because he wouldn't left her leave his flat.)

I remember my 28 year old niece Abby, (and her older sister Amy aged 31) as if it was only yesterday, Amy and Abby as little babies, growing up from toddlers, primary school kids, teenagers, young women, and now well on their way to middle age.

I've been there through every phase from baby to adulthood.

I was aged 17 and I had escaped from a childhood living with two women to the South of France. I was all set to become a Frenchman and find a new life for me on the French Riviera.

Sadly while working as a grape picker, I got a letter from my mother saying my sister, (aged 14) was pregnant, and pleading for me to return to England, and help out financially.

It happened to me again when I was building a new life for myself in Hong Kong. I got a letter from my mother telling me my sister had started to use heroin, and that I was needed back home to protect my mother and my nieces from the dreadful abuse of a heroin addict, whose only care in life to where their next fix is coming from.

I've got 31 cousins, 14 aunts and uncles on my mother's side; so yes, I have been around lots of children.

And then there are my own two children, now aged 11 and 15. Both intelligent, attractive and popular kids.

As for women! WOW! I made a promise to myself way back when I was a teenager!

With the hormones raging and the mere flash of a girl's blossoming cleavage sending teenage temperatures soaring, I remember being disgusted with all my mates who went with all the nasty, dirty, cheap, slutty girls, that all the other boys had been with!

I remember making a promise to myself, (which I've kept ever since), that I would only date the most beautiful women in the world!

So yes; while I have had the best women, you can never have "too many" women!

Every father knows the young bull joke; where a young bull and his father cross the crest of a hill and see a whole field of cows below them.

The young bull looks at his father and says, "Hey Dad, lets run down and fuck one of them!"

To which the father replies, "Or we can take our time, and fuck'em all!!!!!"

"This is rude, this is rude!"

I am a middle aged man, who has traveled the world, fathered two wonderful children, been in the Army and Black Operations of national and global security. I've made many friends and more enemies. I push boundaries and I fight for Royal Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth.

I fight for King Arthur II. I fight for the elimination of war, poverty and child abuse. I fight to Right the Wrongs of Mankind. I fight for John Wanoa, Andy Devine, John Paterson, Edward Ellis and for all the children of the world.

For you to call me "a Predator", and "a Danger to women and children" is very hurtful and I take extreme offence to any suggestion, other than I am a loving man, who is sound of mind, and who has a loving family, and relationships which keep me grounded, against these ridiculous and malicious videos I watch about myself, by idiots called Shellie Mote (or is it May?)

These pricks can never get their own names right! Is it Muttley or is it Reece? Mote or May? Fran or Nadia? Hind or Vayne?

(I'm not a snowflake, and I don't tolerate snowflakes gladly... Shellie May is the biggest snowflake I've had the misfortune to cross paths with....)

I love kids as much as the next man, (but I couldn't eat a whole one), and I certainly haven't "been around too many kids and too many women."

Your underhanded jibes and insults aren't clever and they aren't impressing anyone except yourself.

I don't support a 40-year-old man who claims to be so "haunted," by "low scale child abuse," when he was "aged 6", that he became a 12-year-old boy online decoy, to "identify and remove paedophiles", but in truth and practice, protected the paedophiles he identified, by failing to report them.

Read more: James Hind Protects Paedophiles and Groomers, while reporting innocent women to police for saying the name of Child X!

In 2018 Hinds reason to go undercover as a 12-year-old boy was:

“For personal and business reasons I want to learn more about the paedophiles, their process of grooming in chatrooms, the impact they have on their victims, what the police and paedophile hunters are doing, and what the children feel, experience, think and act with regards to these paedophiles.”

Three years later in 2021, his reason changes to:

“I was haunted by questions: why was I abused? what did I do wrong? why did the person abuse me?

How many pre-teen and teenager's lives has James Hind ruined, by failing to report their abusers to police, when he had the "opportunity" to?

Shellie May sells yourself as a champion of children, Safeguarding Queen, and Empress of Truth, Integrity and Evidence; when in truth and practice, (my new catch-phase!) she defends and protects a self confessed satanists, who doesn't defend himself against charges of paedophilia, following his 2018 confession that he acted as a 12-year-old boy decoy, with the promise to "identify and remove paedophiles," but in reality went onto actively protect them by failing to report them.

How many children's lives has James Hind ruined, by failing to report the paedophiles he identified online? (See Poll above)

'Empress of Truth, Integrity and Evidence', when Shellie May has failed to provide any evidence that I am a "three times convicted stalker," as she is so keen to repeat like a parrot!

You are wrong Shellie May and you know it, but yet you haven't got the "INTEGRITY", to admit it.

"Now, so disturbing this is? How dare he?"

By looking at the video, you know she's referring to what I've written about James Hind, when she expresses her horrified reaction to the warnings that what James Hind said three years ago, on his Satanic Views blog, did contain material of a child abuse nature, and that you wasn't to read 'Is James a paedophile', if you had a sensitive disposition.

Yes, I agree its very (X6) disturbing that James Hind pretended to be a 12-year-old boy decoy on a notorious pre-teen/teen online social media site, which the intention to "identify and remove paedophiles," only to protect the paedos he identified by not reporting them.

And it isn't just that!

His reasons for doing so don't add up. First it was to understand everything about paedophilia:

“For personal and business reasons I want to learn more about the paedophiles, their process of grooming in chatrooms, the impact they have on their victims, what the police and paedophile hunters are doing, and what the children feel, experience, think and act with regards to these paedophiles.”

Then it was to answer "haunting" questions, that should have been answered during his group therapy sessions in 2019, and his individual therapy sessions in 2020 and 2021.

“I was haunted by questions: why was I abused? what did I do wrong? why did the person abuse me?

And of-course compounded by the fact he's the leading (self pro-claimed) crusader against child abuse (by reporting anyone to the police, courts and Attorney General for breaking court Orders), to being a self confessed satanist.

A 'Satanist' for God's sake!

Who on Earth, other than brain dead idiots, would want to identify with a pagan medieval deity, famed for wickedness, sin and evil?

Its more than stupid, its pitiful and pathetic.

Who on Earth would end their monologue with: "I am a witch, I am an angel, I'm a shaman, I'm an Elohim from the Emerald Order, I am an Indigo! My laws are spiritual law."

Who says this kind of shite?


Who praises the Tenet of The Satanic Temple of the freedoms of others being respected, including the freedom to offend, only to then get butt hurt over an innocent passing remark, and to then willfully and unjustly encroach upon my freedoms (and the well-being of my children,) by maliciously reporting me to the police for obsession, fixation, harassment and stalking.



Who does this shite?

To answer Shellie May's Yoda phased question, "Disturbing this is? How dare he?" The answer is simples; I'm exposing the arse-holes who attack me.

I've mentioned this before in other blogs, and I'm happy to repeat it again:

I remember it started with renewed vigor in August 2020, when Hind wrote a message in a YouTube chat-room aimed towards me, which I perceived as a ‘Vow of Revenge‘.

"I have not forgotten about you Matt Taylor either, for your contribution to the hate on the innocent people of [censored]."

James Hind has no right to call me “a predator” and “danger to women and children”. No right to call me “a menace to society”, and deserving of being “locked up in prison”. James Hind has no right to publicly state that he’s going to keep “an eye on me,” to spread false rumours that I have “three stalking convictions”, and that there are currently “three complaints against me.”

James Hind has no right to interfere in my life.

The question must be asked to Hind too, HOW DARE YOU?

"Now Matt and all of your little friends and whoever your bitches are, we, I’ve reported Jeanette to the courts okay, my evidence went with that as well, now who else has been in contempt? Let's have a think."

OK, lets break it down and address this section by section:

"Now Matt and all your little friends and whoever your bitches are."

You are so rude Shellie! I've never come across this type of viciousness, cruelty and spitefulness ever in my life!

You are truly a revelation as to how stupid a person could be!

"Your little friends," and "bitches."

You can always join my Harem Shellie, I'm happy to make room for one more 'witch,' like you.

"We, I’ve reported Jeanette to the courts okay, my evidence went with that as well, now who else has been in contempt? Let's have a think."

Its worthy of note, to point out the only members of the once great and influential Hoaxtead Research community to publicly come out in defense of James Hind, has been Shellie May, Nadia, Pebbles, CoCo, Noncey-Nonce-Boy and JoKing.

Its very telling that the core inner group of Hoaxtead Research, (Karen Irving, Richard Dougall, Thomas Niedermeier and Sheva Burton) have failed to publicly comment.

They remember this from 2018, and they remember warning Hind that he was playing with fire, and that he should stop forthwith.

Read more: Even Nonce-Nonce-Boy warned him.

Hoaxtead told him too!

We now know with certainty that James Hind has pretended to be a 12-year-old boy on notorious pre-teen/teenager/paedo online chat-rooms, from between 2018 to 2021.

Three years of mastering the skills, practices and methods of pretending to be someone else online, with the intention to build intelligence to "identify and remove paedophiles," which we know in Hind's case, he failed to do.

With this in mind, James Hind could have been anyone online. He could be behind all those YouTube channels, which he's so eager to accuse me of being behind.

Only Hind knows the true extent of his deceptiveness online and the number of paedophiles he's protected, and allowed free to carry on destroying the lives of our children.

I am truly disgusted with James Hind, and anyone who continues to stand with him.

The only reason Shellie May is reminding us that she also reported Jeanette Archer to the police, Mold Court and the Attorney General, is to deflect half the criticism being directed towards Hind, to herself.

Out of all the Hoaxtead Research community, its Shellie May leading the charge in coming to Hind's indefensible defense!

She asks the question, "who else has been in contempt, lets have a think?"

Read more: James Hind in Contempt of Court Order A20200067

"Matt, you’re in contempt but not for that. Angie was in contempt and actually um, put witnesses in danger."

You are an idiot Shellie May, and you really mustn't spread lies and mis-truths, while at the same time pretending to be a champion of 'Truth,' 'Evidence' and 'Integrity.'

Trust me, if I was in contempt of any Court Orders, Sussex Police would have smashed by door in at 5am, last Sunday morning!

I am not in contempt of any court order, unlike James Hind is for mentioning the sentencing in a certain Harassment case, I am not allowed to mention due to Court Order A2020067.

Remember: The court order restrictions placed upon my trial is NOT for my benefit, but for benefit of the children, of which James Hind, has now put in danger and potential harm of alarm, distress and fear.

"Jeanette's definitely been in contempt, twice three times, and as for Owen Lucas, yeah!"

Who's little-miss-gossip? She knows everyone's business, Angela Power-Disney, Jeanette Archer and Owen Lucas. And to imply that Angela put any "witnesses in danger," is absolutely ridiculous, and an indication of how low Shellie, (and her "little friends," and "bitches,") go to twist the truth and distort reality.

Its a classic satanic trick, which Shellie May has perfected as part of her witch-craft practice.

"So why are you calling people paedophiles?"

I'm asking the question; "Is James Hind a paedophile," based on his 2018 Satanic View blog, in which be confesses to being a 12-year-old boy decoy, set-up to "identify and remove" any paedos he may find, only to freely admit to failing to report a paedo from Kent, because he didn't want to "ruin" "lives."

"It is not in my nature to be the cause of the ruin of the lives of others unlike the hunters, I don’t like that on my mind.”

"And Matt, you’re still being questioned, so how many, how many kids have you shown videos now Matt?"  

Ohhhhh, Shellie May is preempting the conclusion of an active police investigation. Does Shellie May know anything about videos being shown in the woods? A referral to Sussex Police would be in order!

Isn't it a bit of an assumption to make, without any shred of evidence, when you sell yourself as a virtue of 'truth,' 'integrity' and 'evidence?'

Where is your evidence that I'm "still being questioned?" And while we are in the subject of evidence, where is the evidence that:

  1. I am "convicted predator"
  2. I am a "danger to women and children"
  3. I have "three convictions for stalking"

You come out with such tripe, you really do.

A Christmas Horror Story: It was a Christmas nightmare I'd never forget. Hounded by the police at my door, night and day for 5 days, while I hid under the bed, too scared to let them in, in fear of being murdered. After the 5th day of hiding out in my own home, the police threatened to smash my door in, and after opening and letting them in, was arrested for taking three teenage boys into the woods to have sex with, after them showing them videos of beheadings. After the customary 10-16 hours in a God forsaken police cell, I was questioned on 21 December 2020, during which I answered all the questions the police asked. I was released under bail until 19 January 2021. Come 19 January 2021, bail was extended to June 2021. Come June the bail conditions were dropped, but the investigation remains open. Read more at Guerrilla Democracy News - 50th Birthday Surprise/Christmas Horror!

"How many? How many women have you dragged in even though you're a stalker?"

What are you asking? How many women are in my life, as opposed to how many girlfriends I have in my life, how many cougars in my neighbourhood I sleep with behind my magical imaginary girlfriend's back, or all the other witches I have phone-sex with?

I've always had women around me in life. My mother always said that it was better to have no dad, rather than a bad dad!

Judge Dredd was my magical imaginary dad, and your didn't get more bad-arse than Judge Dredd!

"How man women have you dragged in even though you're a stalker?"

Why are you so interested Shellie May? I've already offered you an invite to my Harem. I've always got time for a wicked witch to satisfy my wicked needs!

"This is rude, this is rude!"

For the millionth time, I am not a stalker and I haven't dragged in any women to my Harem. They all cum willingly and are free to leave whenever they wish.

The women in my life stay close and loyal to me, because I meet all the physical, emotional and spiritual needs!

"I'm a Gigolo!"

Join my Harem Today! And meet all your sexual needs and wants!

"Now for Matt of all people, who's the weirdest fucker I’ve ever come across, and his bitches, this is rude, this is rude."

Arhhhh, isn't that sweet. Both Shellie May and Kaley's BF Den Tarragon share something in common! They both refer to me as "the weirdest fucker," - "the weirdest person," they've ever "come across."

Leaving my bitches out of it Shellie May, I am a rude boy. I'm a bad boy and what are you going to do about it, other than run to the Headmaster (The Police,) and cry like a baby that I'm not fawning for you, like all the other boys do...



Dear mommy, dear daddy
You had plans for me, oh yeah, I was your only son
And long before this baby boy could count to three
You knew just what he would become

Run along to school
No child of mine grows up a fool
Run along to school

When you tried to tell me what to do
I just shut my mouth and smiled at you
One thing that I know for sure

Bad boys
Stick together, never, sad boys
Tu-tu-tu-tur woo-woo
Good guys
They made rules for fools so, get wise

Dear mommy, dear daddy
Now I'm nineteen as you see
I'm handsome, tall and strong
So what the hell gives you the right to look at me
As if to say, "Hell, what went wrong?"

Where were you last night?
You look as if you had a fight
Where were you last night?

Well, I think that you may just be right
But don't try to keep me in tonight
Because I'm big enough to break down the door

Bad boys
Stick together, never, sad boys
Tu-tu-tu-tur woo-hoo
Good guys
They made rules for fools so, get wise

Boys like you, are bad through and through.
Girls like me, always seem to be with you

We can't help but worry
You're in such a hurry
Mixing with the wrong boys
Playing with the wrong toys
Easy girls, and late nights
Cigarettes, and love bites
Why do you have to be so cruel?
You're such a fool

Bad boys
Stick together, never, sad boys
Tu-tu-tu-tur woo-woo
Good guys
They made rules for fools so, get wise

Bad boys
Stick together, never, sad boys
Tu-tu-tu-tur woo-woo
Good guys
They made rules for fools so, get wise


Song by Michael George

"I mean paedos don't go down the woods with kids or have anything on the internet, do they, um Matt?" 

Ask your mate James Hind about paedophiles, because by all accounts he's the expert on the subject of paedophilia. According to his own testimony he's engrossed himself into the world of paedophilia since 2018, when he went under cover as a 12-year-old boy decoy, to "identify and remove," paedophiles from a notorious pre-teen/teenager online chatroom, (already monitored by police.)

"Absolutely disgusting, Matt Taylor you’re a fuck up and so are all your friends, so is everyone you’re with."

No Shellie; you are absolutely disgusting to defend James Hind. You are absolutely disgusting to call for my female friends and supporters, to be either slapped or sectioned for supporting me!

How dare YOU?

You are a no-body wannabe, just like all the others, who have decided to pick a fight with me, because I'm perceived as the weakest link and the most vulnerable chink in the chain.

It says more about your character than it does mine, that you discard your own high standards of 'truth,' 'evidence' and 'integrity,' when you attack me, my friends and supporters.

"Now, unless you’re got some evidence of this Matt? Looks like you, you’ve just got yourself in big big big trouble again."

Unlike you Shellie Mote, everything I publish is backed up with FACTS and EVIDENCE! That is why I've never to prosecuted for anything I've written.

I asked the question, Is James Hind a paedophile? Based on his own Satanic View blogs on 2018. My evidence is his words!

Read the blog you fool, because by asking the question, "Now, unless you've got some evidence of this Matt," makes it look like you haven't....

"So yeah, the majority of us who have got any education or safeguard training or anything like that, will report people that are breaking laws around protected children."

With her past, I wouldn't want any children around her. No doubt any school she worked at, weren't aware of her past, and her childhood trauma.

All too often it seems the people who are the loudest in calling out other people to be the paedophiles, are more often than not the paedophiles, deflecting attention away from themselves.

"I've done it, many others have done it, it's all coming out in the end."

"It’s all coming out, the whole lot, so you can bitch and you can try and put people down, and you can do what you want but guess what?"

"Even as far as Ireland, you're going to be pulled out, and it's easy because you lot, you see the problem is, you like so many videos of yourselves over the years, wow, there’s a catalogue, so um yeah, it's very very very very very very disturbing."

Fucking hell Shellie May, how old are you? Very X 6! You remind me of the stupid bitch at the front of the class who said "very," six times to really demonstrate how serious it was that Jimmy said "boo," to a goose!

"Matt, you seem to have a sexual obsession with what [inaudible] did in my childhood, that was when I was a baby, I mean that's creepy as."

Leaving the best and (most revealing) to last, here we have Shellie May bringing a 'baby,' into the equation, proving once and for all, what a manipulative, satanic, evil witch she really is!

No Shellie Mote, I am not sexually obsessed with anything to do with you, and to imply I'm interested in anyway shape or form, with the abuse you went through as a child, is more an indication of your manipulative, evil and satanic nature, than it is of me.

"Creepy as."

I have never mentioned anything about when you were "a baby."

Shellie May has revealed to the world that, quote:

"When I was a child, I was 4 years old, my indoctrinated grandmother used to take me to the priests for confession."

"At 4 years old! Because I had the Devil in me. When in actual fact was that my mother was a diagnosed criminal psychopath, who indeed ritualistically abused her child, and quite sadistically."

"Yet it still wasn't Satan."

"I'm not a satanist, I am a witch. I am an angel. I'm a shaman. I'm an Elohim from the Emerald Order. I am an Indigo. My laws are spiritual law."

Never once was the word "baby," used, and Shellie May is including it to muddy the waters, and start a new malicious rumour against me, that I'm sexually obsessed with her as a baby! (or some other insidious bullshit!)

Shellie May is a danger to men, women, children and animals. (Especially chickens and rabbits!)

"King Arthur, um what a load of shit, you're full of shit. You Matt Taylor, you are a danger to society, absolute danger to society.""

The fact you call King Arthur, "what a load of shit," simply tells me Shellie May doesn't watch Britain's Hidden History show every Sunday at 8pm only on YouTube, and nor has she joined Britain's Hidden History Facebook group!

She sounds a right twit, saying, "You Matt Taylor! You are a danger to society, absolute danger to society!"

Give your head a wobble Shellie May, you sound like a loony!

Mandela John from Uganda, has replied to Shellie May's allegations implying he is a fraudster/scammer, operating a fake/scam charity, by not properly registering as a charity, to accept financial donations.

A champion of truth, integrity and evidence, Shellie May, aka Shellie Mote reported Mandela John to authorities, without any evidence of wrong doing.

Mandela John, who cares for dozens of children at his Uganda orphanage, is now unable to raise funds to feed the orphans in his care, and now faces a winter of starvation.

Shellie May has condemned scores of orphans to death by starvation, for maliciously reporting Mandela John to the authorities, for operating a fake charity.

This is just another example of the wickedness of self confessed Witch, Shellie May (or is it Mote?)

To find out more about Mandela' God's work he is doing here on Planet Earth, please check out his Facebook and show some support.


Dear Shellie,

I certainly haven't 'come for you,' as you put it.

I foolishly left a comment on your YouTube channel, to which you replied that I had sent you vile messages, and its escalated horribly since then.

Quite frankly, we are making both ourselves look stupid.

Of-course I don't think witches are green! Did you seriously think I did???

My mother was a witch and my father was a satanic cult leader. I've been the Taboo in my own family, since before I could remember, and I've been tramatized by paedophilia through my childhood, as much as anyone else.

If you are going to continue to do research on me, and publish your findings in public, I gladly offer you my side of the story, on the condition that none of what I share with you privately, is intended for public view or publication.

I am only sharing this information with you because you have publicly stated that you are doing research on me, and seeing as you have already posted two videos bringing up information which numerous court orders, forbid from being shared, I feel obliged to share my side of the story, on the condition it is not shared, or made public.


I don't want to be your enemy! I've left YouTube because of the hate and bullying I've received over the last 10 years.

I wish you all the best and I mean you no harm or offence.

Thank you,

Matt Taylor

It's been a week since I went Radio Silent.

Shellie Mote and Christopher Brindle have been the most vocal on where I've gone, and Becky has sent me afew emails, while Katie B was kind enough to ring!

"Then you've got this little shit cunt Taylor. Yeah that's right you little sick cunt with your little girls all around you, your grooming gang. Yeah, your little grooming girl gang. Fuck you Matt Taylor and fuck you to all your disgusting girls. Do you think everyone can't see it? Putting shit up accusing me of being a liar! Oh something slipped out yesterday didn't it hey! Never mind, Matt Taylor's ordered not to stalk [redacted] Brighton Crime Commissioner, just in case anyone knows. The gentleman in this photo is, um, not Matt Taylor. He's um, a scammer, possibly exploiting children, um, but that's how Matt rolls. Baaa baaa baaa, never seen so many men come for me at once. Fucking bunch of pussy women behind them I guess yes! Crack on, crack on."

Fuck me, Shellie Mote is a nasty nasty nasty person.

There are only really two points I want to point out:

  1. I have not been ordered to not stalk [redacted} Brighton Crime Commissioner.

Firstly there is no such position as Brighton Crime Commissioner, and I have never been ordered not to stalk [reacted,] not that I've got any intention or desire to stalk anyone, let alone [redacted.]

Shellie Mote is talking SHIT. She is talking BULLSHIT!

2. Mandela John is "a scammer."

There is absolutely no evidence to suggest Mandela John is a scammer, and there is no evidence to suggest he is "exploiting children."

Shellie Mote is a very nasty person, who spreads very nasty lies about honest and trustworthy people.

The comment Shellie Mote doesn't want you to read!

I'm going to call for the men with white straight jackets, to come and take you away!

You crazy fucking freak!

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