Saturday 19 March 2022

Saturday Night (with Social Scientist Reece Leverick) - Chatroom!


Stormy Weathertonight I got a real weird vibe on her live
Emily tI'M Blocked as well.. All I did was put 🥂 in the chat.. 😕
Stormy Weatherhi crime and conspiracy plenty for u on sg tonight
TaylorTV!We are bringing tonight's panel show to a close ay 11.30pm.
Emily tBad Vibes from her.. 👀
BlakeWoodYou might have been blocked before Emily 👍
TaylorTV!Hang on - Let's premier it instead!
Stormy WeatherI told kerry she was an enabler
Emily tOkay Matt x
TaylorTV!I'll premier it Dave! More will get to watch it.
A. NellsechsFrank was caught smoking dope round his grandchild. He is lying
Dave StrangeNo problem Matt - hope it plays okay!
Emily tMaybe blakewood.. but I was never rude..
Stormy Weatherlakewood sg was fighting with one of your friends
Stormy Weatherblakewood
Paddy McCarthy 2.0@Emily t I consider harry a friend, but I just asked why he didnt put out the video he said about convide 2 months ago..he answered that
Stormy Weathersatanaxe ar summit
Emily tYes Paddy.. I understand x
A. NellsechsFrank has a bigger lump than Luke McKee. Frank wins
Stormy Weatherhi paddy mc carthy, which part of Ireland u from
TaylorTV!A. NellsechsFrank has a bigger lump than Luke McKee. Frank wins
TaylorTV!careful. be nice
Paddy McCarthy 2.0@Stormy Weather where u from?
Stormy WeatherI'm from DERRTCITY
brianpc pcyes many people are suffering terribly . i dont know about virtue signalling but loss of people in our lives is traumatising .
A. NellsechsThat looks like cancer Frank has tbh
Stormy WeatherDERRY
Stormy Weatherpaddy where u from
Jill Sandwichwhat we all chatting about then? just watched saw 5 with the mrs
A. NellsechsLondonderry?
Stormy Weathernaw DERRY
Emily tMatt 😂 😂.. stop it 🍻
Stormy WeatherI kick wit the left foot
Dave StrangeIts a mash up video
TaylorTV!Jump on before 11.30 premier
Paddy McCarthy 2.0what difference does it make where i come from in Ireland stormy weather?
A. NellsechsWhats that mean David?
Emily tYou do you.. 🍻
A. NellsechsLondonderry that is
Dave StrangePremier of a vid at 11.30
Stormy Weatherwhat happens mean
Stormy Weatherwhat do ya mean
A. NellsechsNo such place as derry. Ask Paddy
Emily tBecause Stormy comes from Ireland 🇮🇪. so being curious x
Baron Andrew of the House of Devine.Claim against civil servants
Paddy McCarthy 2.0emily t.. kicking with the left foot (stormy weather) means s(he) is protestant not cstholic.
BlakeWoodKiss my axe aka Nurse Sue @Stormy Weather 😂😂
Stormy Weatherit's always nice to know if someone,s from North or south
Emily tOK, Thanks Paddy x
A. NellsechsPaddy knows
A. NellsechsSpeak to Strormy Weather in Irish Paddy
Chrisy MorrisI was there !
A. NellsechsWell said Frank The Lump
Stormy Weatherpaddy don't take everything literal I've got friends north and south Ireland in my chefng work
Paddy McCarthy 2.0sure, will speak in ir
Stormy WeatherI did when I was small in donegal
A. NellsechsNeither does Paddy
A. NellsechsPaddy uses Google translate
Stormy WeatherI wish I had kept it going
TaylorTV!14 minutes to go
Chrisy MorrisYou guys aware of the Robin Hood tax ?
brianpc pcyes but the bible says a lot of contradicting statements also . well over 1000 or so . it describes many people . quite well also .
Stormy Weathermy brother Eddie speaks good gaelic
Paddy McCarthy 2.0will speak in irish if u prefer stormy bfheidir tu ag caint i ngaeilge?
SHINES ON # TRUTHS PEACENobody should have the right to tell you how to be like them
Stormy WeatherOH WOW WELL DONE
A. NellsechsEddie the seagull is it?
Stormy WeatherEmily how are u tonightyougotthisyougotthisyougotthisyougotthisyougotthis
SHINES ON # TRUTHS PEACEMat I’m from a little Island nine no you
Emily tI'm not great, but still happy 😊.. I've been let down by someone, and it's upsetting x
TaylorTV!10 minutes to go
Paddy McCarthy 2.0Big up @shines👍👍💢💥💯💯💯
SHINES ON # TRUTHS PEACEBreaking My system is broken breaking anyone with any advice or help I would appreciate it breaking breaking
Emily tYou just don't really know some people,.. like you thought you did,..
TaylorTV!9 minutes to go
Chrisy MorrisTaylor TV - what's the video about please ?
Stormy Weatherwho let u down
TaylorTV!Its a bit of fun!
A. NellsechsWho let you down Emily t ?
TaylorTV!A little piece of light entertainment!
Emily tSomeone that I became close with...
Stormy WeatherEmily a dude was it
A. NellsechsHarry?
Emily tYeah x
A. NellsechsPaddy?
Emily tNo, not Harry
Stormy WeatherEmily was it harry
A. NellsechsOh
A. NellsechsI like Harry
Stormy Weatheroh dear,, never mind ❤ 😍 💖 ❣ 💕 💘
Emily tNo, not Paddy.. its not anyone you would know..
TaylorTV!7 minutes
A. NellsechsIt was Paddy. I knew it
A. NellsechsConvid?
Paddy McCarthy 2.0@A. Nellsechs I asked stormy weather if she wanted to talk in Irish...I can do no more
Emily tNo.. x
A. NellsechsRobert?
Stormy WeatherNO CAN DO
A. NellsechsSo it was Peter then?
TaylorTV!6 minutes to go
Emily tRobert 😂 😂 😂
A. NellsechsMartin. Was it Martin.
A. NellsechsI knew it
Paddy McCarthy 2.0@Stormy Weather Irish is not difficult to learn
Emily t😂 🤣😂
TaylorTV!5 minutes
A. NellsechsLets ignore Davids premiere
SHINES ON # TRUTHS PEACEBecause the system goes down completely I would just like to say, I have really enjoyed The panel it could take up 2 Months or more because of the wind and thank you it has been a pleasure
brianpc pcnever heard of david .
Stormy Weatherwhat happen with harry
Dave StrangeIts about 9 minutes long
Paddy McCarthy 2.0Nil se an crua (Irish: It is not difficult) stormy weather
A. NellsechsDavid is Strange
🌻A1000🌻Night all, may you sleep well 🌠
Emily tHarry is fine.. He had a few tunes 🎶 🎶 on his channel last night
Armchair Pundityou too A1000
Dave StrangeNite Katie
Emily tNight Katie 💚 xx 💙 🤗
QuadTubeChannel@🌻A1000🌻 Bye 🙂
brianpc pcnight @A1000
TaylorTV!3 minutes
Paddy McCarthy 2.0Night emily t, katieB, dave strange
Paddy McCarthy 2.0Night Quad
Emily tStormy.. you have enough to do xx
Dave StrangeStill here Paddy
A. NellsechsMatt was attractive enough for the priest
🌻A1000🌻💙🤜🏼🌠 3mins left
Emily tDave 😂
Stormy Weatheryea sure do
TaylorTV!2 minutes
QuadTubeChannelNight Paddy 👍
Stormy Weatherpaddy thanks for the lesson
Paddy McCarthy 2.0@Dave Strange Love your videos
A. NellsechsPaddy has family in Londonderry
Dave StrangeCheers Paddy
TaylorTV!I love your videos too!
Emily tYou going, Paddy
SHINES ON # TRUTHS PEACEI’m just joking 🙃 some people need a joke just put a smile on there face 😂😉💯
Dave StrangeThis is a bit different
Armchair PunditDerry
Stormy WeatherDERRY
TaylorTV!60 seconds to go
A. NellsechsI dont like your videos David
A. NellsechsLondonderry
Armchair Punditkiss my Derry Air
A. NellsechsThere's no such place as Derry
brianpc pcwell the gospels if you read them describe distinct differences with jesus actually . then there is which bible your reading ?
Stormy WeatherLOVE TO
SHINES ON # TRUTHS PEACEAnyway Taylor thank you for letting me on and having my free speech catch up soon all the best everyone
Armchair Punditthere is I've been there
Armchair Punditlots of fab murals
Paddy McCarthy 2.0I would like to speak to stormy weather again, s(he) is from Derry, can learn Irish ...and I will be a muinteoir (teacher).
Armchair Punditand a peace garden
Dave StrangePlay it another time Matt, no ptobs
BlakeWoodBilly bob on the live is part of the hive
Emily tStormys a Good Cook 😋
Paddy McCarthy 2.0You'll be speakin Irish in no time @Stormy Weather
Stormy WeatherI'm a single woman with 5 kids and I'm a chef
Emily tbye Frank
brianpc pccheers frank
Stormy Weatherthanksbpaddy