Tuesday, 1 March 2022

MAP ALERT - James Hind is going to Ukraine!


Welcome one and all.
Thought CriminalI have an announcement that is bigger than the attack on you. Some big shit is going down in OZ vs the OTO.
Thought CriminalBreaking tonight
Thought CriminalThe satanists bit off more than they can chew downunder, I think they might have done the same in the UK
Emily tHi Matt.. There's no sound 🔊
Thought CriminalReece denounced satanism 🙂
Thought CriminalI'm agnostic and I"m not trying to convert people.
Emily tI can hear you now Matt x
Thought CriminalThough it could be a PR move because of my actions though, but you don't play games with the man upstairs later in your life.
Thought CriminalForeign fighters in wars. I guess all the proudboys can go to fight for the Russians then.
Thought CriminalPutin is a Christian force. Ukrainian is fascist. GOD VS SATAN.
Thought CriminalMarco Visconti is going live in 2 mins. Do I stay or do I troll?
Thought CriminalI wont make my announcement in chat. I'll only make it in 30 seconds on stream. Only angie knows what it is.
Thought CriminalI have an EPIC announcment
Thought CriminalA future conflict will kick off of such an epic scale
Thought CriminalA war between SATAN HUNTERS POLITICAL PARTY and SATANISTS in Australia. Ask me more.
Thought CriminalThe Satanists bit off more than they can chew, and it's going to have international complications. These pedoshills distract us from the work we are meant to do with swatting.
Thought CriminalI think you were swatted the same way peaches geldof of the OTO was before she was taken out 2 days latter.
Thought CriminalPUTIN IS SETTLING A SCORE FOR THE RAPE OF DRAKE NEWTON - Anti-Gay laws made to stop western human trafficking gay dads.. but scroll up bigger news.
Thought CriminalIt took balls to wake him up too Matt
Thought CriminalNo Muttley is is a UKR supporter.
Thought CriminalAny other theories on why he did it?
Thought CriminalI DONT LIKE THE OTO running NArau children's detention centere through Ian Freckleton, or the homeless children soup kitchen at the Sydney Martin Place tent city
Thought CriminalI aint making it chat. I'll only do it live. The biggest announcement of a war kicking off in Australia vs Satanists.
Thought CriminalRestrem link after you've done your talk about UK foreign fighters. He's just trolling like the proudboys are in Australia to LARP and get headlines. He's a media whore.
Thought CriminalI called proudboys faking it before Andy NGo botthered checking and punked the MSM for putting out fake news.
Thought CriminalI think child protection authorities giving him an interview might have helped. Thank you NSPCC.
Thought CriminalI fired that off before our talk though.
Thought CriminalHAHA trolling us.
Thought CriminalNah I wont, Angela already has.
Thought CriminalYou funny guy.
Thought CriminalDo you want the big announcment about the biggest war ever about to begin between satanic hunters and the OTO in Australia kicking off next week?
Thought CriminalOr you want to pass on it. I'm only doing it live.
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Thought CriminalYeah I had someone on the ground in Maldon
Thought Criminalbut it will be appealed and he'll get double
Thought CriminalWho saw me wreck Chrissy Morris on Dream Team the Truth?
Thought CriminalI HAVE A BIG ANNOUNCMENT ABOUT AUSTRALIA. I AM LUKE M. A satanic cult declared war on a political party candidate in Australia.
Thought CriminalLUIKE MC
Thought CriminalOF COURSE
Thought CriminalI have just shared this to my 500 telegram subs.
Thought CriminalMy youtube got censored. I used to have live.
Thought CriminalYou can see my old livestreams mirrored on 153news
Thought CriminalBut the OTO picked a fight with a whole political party in OZ
Thought CriminalBREAKING NEWS
Thought CriminalOTO started in the UK
Thought CriminalJAMES HIND IS LARPING - because he saw my tweets about the proud boys larping doing it. You got trolled @TaylorTV!
Thought CriminalThe psychic vampire James Hind is sucking your blood @TaylorTV!
Thought CriminalThis Reece thing is going to make me wash my hands of you soon too. I wont be around.
dream team the truthlink
Thought CriminalUm @TaylorTV! Reece had his credibility shot by me. That's why he left publically the satanic temple.
peaceMessage deleted by TaylorTV!.View deleted message
TaylorTV!Where's my wingman?
BACK Bavarian Anti-Cyberbullying KommandoHurle is a PoS. No one takes this clown seriously.
BACK Bavarian Anti-Cyberbullying Kommando was timed out by TaylorTV! for 300 seconds.
TaylorTV!I forgive you fatty Chrisy
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Lock DownMike litches
peaceMessage deleted by TaylorTV!.View deleted message
peaceMessage deleted by TaylorTV!.View deleted message
SimpleTruth@peace 🤣
TaylorTV!Shout out to Brian H, Luke M and Reece!
Lock DownShout out to Mike Litches
peaceMessage deleted by TaylorTV!.View deleted message
Lock Downshout out Mike Clitiches
peaceLUKE TV 📺 the place to be
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BACK Bavarian Anti-Cyberbullying KommandoMessage deleted by TaylorTV!.View deleted message
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TaylorTV!I forgive you both, Jack and fatty smelly!
SimpleTruthBrian’s right
SimpleTruthHave you seen the shit tanks being dragged round in Ukraine?
SimpleTruthWhy doesn’t James save the children in his own country?
TaylorTV!He runs off to the country with the most vulnerable children.
peace[message retracted]View deleted message
TaylorTV!I will never forget Jack!
BACK Bavarian Anti-Cyberbullying KommandoHurle talking about made up stories: he is a pathological liar himself. No one takes him seriously any more.
peace[message retracted]View deleted message
TaylorTV!No one takes you seriously anymore fatty!
BACK Bavarian Anti-Cyberbullying Kommando😂😂😂😂. 11 people listening.. 6 of them are us.
TaylorTV!Its better than just the one person (Tink) who only watches you!
TaylorTV!Are you jealous fatty?
TaylorTV!11 watching, when only 1 watches you
peace[message retracted]View deleted message
TaylorTV!Its because you are fat and smelly!
peace[message retracted]View deleted message
TaylorTV!Go away then jack!
peace was timed out by TaylorTV! for 300 seconds.
SimpleTruthLuke’s in depth knowledge is way above most people
TaylorTV!Thank you for watching another car crash production by TaylorTV!

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