Sunday 27 February 2022

Black Magic Chat on TaylorTV! with very special guests Nikki Lee and Brian Harvey

Nikki Lee


why don't you work brian?
brianpc pcMessage deleted by peace.View deleted message
Heil333He aknowledged Plisko porn-bombed your channel, commended Plisko, then claimed "we" did the porn-bombing.
Emily tHi C&C.. 💚 X
Heil333Heather Turner's also a mod on Grob's channel.
CrimeandConspiracyIs danniella Westbrook’s son yours Brian ? Cause he looks like you
CrimeandConspiracyHey Emily
Heil333I mean is that ALL you have Grobnob? Porn-bombing..abuse..lies?
kittyCat Furbabies’sNo crime and conspiracy, he’s Kevin Jenkins son
brianpc pchi @kittyCat Furbabies’s i see ya lol
kittyCat Furbabies’sHi @brianpc xx
Heil333Hey Grob. Took a break from dressing up 12-year-old characters as "sluts"..making fun of cancer victims and their families..wishing death upon people on account of their preference towards jabs?
CrimeandConspiracyI thought he was meant to be Robert Fernandez son. I think you’re mistaken. He certainly looks more like Brian.
kittyCat Furbabies’sNo I’m not mistaken he’s Kevin Jenkins son , hence his name is kai Jenkins
Heil333..attacking child victims of paedophile's like Jimmy Savile.. your "hero", Grobby?
CrimeandConspiracyIt’s KJ Fernandez on his Instagram
kittyCat Furbabies’sYes he took Kevin’s name when she married him
kittyCat Furbabies’sRoberts son not Brian’s
kittyCat Furbabies’sThat’s what I meant
Heil333Oh yes. Then there's attacking Ukranians under the delusion they're all responsible for chernobyl, or Germans becuase they're all responsible for Hitler. Says you.
CrimeandConspiracyStill looks more like Brian
Dee BOiOi Nikki & B in the house sending love guys 💖
SimpleTruth@ CrimeandConspiracy he does look like Brian
kittyCat Furbabies’sDee ❤❤❤ x
Dee Bheeeey kitty xxx
Heil333Apparently el Grobby seldom quotes others, as to do so would implicate himself.
kittyCat Furbabies’sMy cousin looks the spit of George Michael …
kittyCat Furbabies’sU ok dee ? Xx
Dee Byeah Kitty not too bad beaut xx
CrimeandConspiracyHas your aunt/uncle slept with George Michael though
Heil333Including his campaign against Sharon Gale.
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brianpc pcwhole bunch of chats deleted ?
SimpleTruthNo she can’t be. Biologically not possible
Stormy Weatherthe car crash live of the pissed sharon gale, pornography sado masochistic behaviour, wow, she was out of control with the men 😳
Stormy Weatherhi peace ✌
SimpleTruthThat SG live was awful, just shameful
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Dee Bevening brian pc xx
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Stormy Weatherunbelievable that utube would let this go live it was shocking
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kittyCat Furbabies’sJasper x
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yes emily....are we the only people here ?
Heil333Matt If I may ask, what's going on with the comments?
Emily t??? 🧐
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what's going on ?
Emily t👀 👀.. wtf
Dave StrangeHi Matt, panel and chat x
matt is loving it
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SimpleTruthShe’s not a reptilian lol. Not in out third density anyway
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louise ReidComments are being deleted
Heil333Grobnob came under a different name?
Heil333Matt. Are people being blocked from your chat?
Heil333I don't recall Grobnob being invited here.
louise ReidBrian u do crack me up
KrAnC MEDIAis this actually live?
Heil333Matt can you please check if anyone's been blocked from your chat by the person(s) deleting comments?
KrAnC MEDIAevening everyone, just sat here having a beer... fuck knows why i ended up here... but here i am!
Helen JanesBrian , matt Taylor thinks he’s clever coz he gonna try and mug you off fella
Heil333Similar thing happened on Sharon Gale's stream. One or more opreatives appeard to go ape-shit with the block, prior to being removed.
Heil333Again, after Grobnob and his fellow operatives were mentioned.
KrAnC MEDIAthis is fucking comedy gold
KrAnC MEDIAthe last place i thought i would see brian harvey is on this chumps channel
Emily tJack.. x
KrAnC MEDIAthe only reason you joined the army was to sleep in tents with men ...
Heil333@KrAnC MEDIA Are you Grobnob or acting on their behalf?
peacewhat's going on ?
Emily t???
peaceBrian is a very naughty boy
KrAnC MEDIA@Heil333 imjust here for the violence! hahaha ... youtube is a fantastic place on a saturday night eh
peaceit's only youtube
JohnWick@MattTaylorTV KITTYCATFURBABIES and DEEB have both been blocked !!!!!
Heil333What violence?
Emily tWas it grob, that spoilt it.. ffs
peaceKRANC MEDIA did u enjoy your chat with Sharon?
Heil333Have several others also been blocked?
Helen JanesMessage deleted by TaylorTV!.View deleted message
KrAnC MEDIAbrian harvey is a fucking legend, i would love to go on the sesh with him, he's a very funny chap
KrAnC MEDIA[message retracted]
KrAnC MEDIA@peace not really, its a shame to see someone live like that, it must be a very sad place to be
Emily tKrana... you done well today, with SG
Emily tKranc
peace[message retracted]
KrAnC MEDIA@peace if you are convid then you are a bellend, why would someone need to pick on vulnerable women for kicks , and hide behind numerous fake names on youtube?
peaceBrian stay another day babe
peace[message retracted]
Thought Criminal@TaylorTV! ask Brian about Ian Puddick vs Simon Tomlin and how he was jailed without a trial in the UK. He hates Puddick he wants the question.
peace[message retracted]
Thought CriminalBrian - Ian Puddick is linked to Garry Burns - a pedo rights activist in Australia. I've got to talk to brian bro. I've known about him for years.
peaceBrian thinks he is a celebrity 🙄
Thought CriminalI had a truce with reece, but I'm not forgiving him
KrAnC MEDIAso ... can someone tell me why people dont come on here and just have a banter ?
SimpleTruthOh no not Harry ffs
2Foxy4UDig this: BoJo, Biden, Macron, Trudeau and George Soros using Ukraine to get at Russia because Russia don't tolerate no nonces, child trafficking.
Thought CriminalCan I call in to talk to him. I've known about Brian for a decade but never attempted to make contact for a now.
peacematt calm down babe
Thought CriminalI have linked puddick to the OTO pedo cult
Paddy McCarthy 2.0Hi Matt, Emily t, David Strange
Thought CriminalIan Puddick is a NONCE and I'm working on getting the proof. Talk to Hurle
KrAnC MEDIAhahahaha... age doesnt make someone not a mug
Emily tYT should be comfortable.. and enjoyable
Thought CriminalBrian - see hojuruku bitchute channel
peaceEMILY 🙃
Emily tHI PADDY 😊 X
2Foxy4UUkraine is hotbed of human trafficking and Hunter Biden's playground
Emily tJack 😂 🤣
Helen JanesMatt taylor you’re a play prick
KrAnC MEDIAhahaha , this is comedy gold!
Thought CriminalCan I talk to Brian - a fellow enemy of Ian Puddick
SHINES ON # TRUTHS PEACEJust chill and sort out your different
Thought Criminaltell him he's not alone going after Puddick
peaceBrian Harvey throwing his toys out of the pram
2Foxy4UHello Matt, I see King Tutt where is my beloved King Arthur?
Thought CriminalI am luke cmkee
Thought CriminalI got my messages blocked on my main account too
dream team the truthlink
peacetechnical issues
Thought CriminalCan you let me call into BRIAN PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
Heil333Apparently several people have been blocked by one or more mods.
Paddy McCarthy 2.0Hi @SHINES ON # TRUTHS PEACE
Heil333Shortly after Grobnob's name was mentioned.
dream team the truthlink
SHINES ON # TRUTHS PEACELet’s give some love
peacebye Brian get a job
KrAnC MEDIAhahahaha. i love you matt
Thought CriminalOK give him my contact info @TaylorTV!
peacebye Brian get a job
Emily tyay 🎊 🎊
dream team the truthlink
DannyJones HoaxPolice🤔
dream team the truthlink matt
Thought CriminalIan PUDDICK has been linked to the OTO.
Thought Criminalthe situation is developing...
peaceBrian is a diva
dream team the truthlink matt
2Foxy4U@MattTaylorTV 💞
SHINES ON # TRUTHS PEACEIt’s good to see a good ending
Paddy McCarthy 2.0Brian Hurle, scroll up to the top the link is there:
Thought CriminalIan Puddick tweeted about Muttley
Thought Criminalhe was bitter about that
Thought CriminalSee nigfrom on twitter
KrAnC MEDIAhahaha classic ... "im sure you got other mates out there " you couldnt make this shit up ... brilliant! hahaha
dream team the truthlink
dream team the truthcan someone give me a link
Thought CriminalYEAH FK THEM OUT!
Paddy McCarthy 2.0@dream team the truth scroll to the top of the chat, the link is there