Wednesday 11 November 2020

SRA Expert Wilfred Wong Arrested for Child Kidnap

The UK’s Truth Movement is reeling from the news that top Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) expert Wilfred Wong (55), has been arrested and remanded in custody, for kidnapping an 8-year-old child at knife-point.

Wilfred Wong (55)

A regular guest on such shows with leading police whistleblower Jon Wedger, UK Column News, Brian Gerrish and ex Drug’s Kingpin turned successful Youtuber, Shaun Attwood; Wong was arrested 230 miles away from Anglesey North Wales, after a Northamptonshire Police Armed Response Vehicle team cornered his silver Citroen Picasso car on the M1 near the Newport Pagnell junction.

Wilfred Wong on UK Column News with Brian Gerrish

The unnamed 8-year-old was returned “safe and unharmed,” hours after the alleged kidnapping. 

Five other men and women have since been charged with kidnap, while Wong alone has been charged with possessing a knife.

All six appeared at Llandudno Magistrates Court (10 Nov 2020) and were remanded in custody ahead of a hearing on December 7.

Believed to be part of an SRA rescue team, the other defendants are reported to be Jane Claire Going-Hill, 59, Robert Frith, 65, a former psychiatric nurse, Anke Hill, 50, Edward Stevenson, 68 and Janet Stevenson, 66, a charity counsellor.

Leading the investigation, Detective Chief Superintendent Gareth Evans said: "This has been a frightening incident for those involved.”

"Our focus throughout has been to recover the child safe and well.”

"I am happy to report that this was achieved and I would like to thank our colleagues in Northamptonshire for their swift assistance.”

With speculation going into over-drive, commentators are divided as to the real story behind the headlines. The current scenarios include:

  1. They are heroes, having rescued the child from an imminent satanic ritual ceremony

  2. They’re involved in child trafficking themselves

  3. They’re insane and unstable fundamentalists, caught up in the SRA maelstrom, currently given credence by leading Truth Movement personalities such as Jon Wedger, Shaun Attwood and Niki Cooper.

While it would be foolish and irresponsible to commit contempt of court by speculating on the reasons why Wong and his team allegedly kidnapped the 8-year-old child, an ‘# I Stand with Wilfred Wong’ campaign has already been started on Facebook, by SRA survivor Jeanette Archer, who posted:

“Please use this #istandwithwilfredwong in every post

We need to fight for Wilfred. His commitment to fighting against SRA is like no other I’ve ever seen.”

Another supporter of Wong, Paul Rouke, sums up in a pray the general sentiment of feeling, which Wong holds within the UK’s Truth Movement.

A prayer for Wilfred Wong


A good man, a Christian activist who stands against paedophiles and SRA rings… A true man interested in real "child protection" instead police have returned an 8-year-old child to a satanist nonce, and put Wilfred in prison! The UK is sunk and resides in a swamp of vile depravity at the cost of childhood innocence.

Criticism against Wong includes comments that he is a “creep,” “dangerous,” and that he “deserves to be behind bars.”

The Trial is eagerly awaited. 


  1. Horrific horrific horrific.. anyone who stands up to these satanists is repressed.. whole humanity now has to take the leap

    1. It would make no sense for him to be guilty after 30 years or more of helping SRA victims. I think it would be interesting to interview all the victims that he helped, and see what they say. If many would come forward whom he has helped, I think it would show his innocence. Also I think anyone could pay or use a child for vices of any kind to get rid of someone. It is highly unlikely and uncharacteristic psychologically speaking for for this to happen. Were any honest psychological and multiple character witnesses used? I never saw the trial. Getting caught is what people who don't know what they are doing do. It doesn't add up.

  2. always consider the alternatives. There is no footage in the public domain that proves the BMW X5 ambush happened. All we have are media reports, some conflicting with each other. One even had a lorry in the mix. Let's say police did scare the boy by pointing Glock pistols at him, as well as the apparent rescuers'abductors, is that a reasonable response to an old geezer with a swiss army knife?

  3. Please let me know if you have any footage at all of the police interception of the collective in the apparent Citroen Picasso. Then share share share.


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