Tuesday, 10 November 2020

A comment by James Liggett on Facebook about the Covid Vaccine.

The UK public may no longer be quite so "all in this together" but the country's print media certainly are.

Every single newspaper in bold front page agreement that yesterday's vaccine announcement is a great thing for humanity. To think, 'we' boast about our 'free press' to the rest of the world.
Something to remember when rags like the Daily Mail appear to be going rogue and reporting some actual truth on the plandemic. On the big ticket items, they all sing from the same unholy hymn sheet.
Just look at these foul headlines: A Great Day for Humanity; Things Are Looking Up; Our Little Bottle of Hope; Vaccine Discovery - The World Celebrates.
I find The Times and The Express reporting that this news means we will be back to normal by Spring, particularly sickening and cruel.
Let's remember the following:
This is to combat 'a virus' with over a 99.6% survival rate with over 80% of people suffering little to no symptoms.
Due to be rolled out by the end of November, this specific vaccine "uses a completely experimental approach - that involves injecting part of the virus's genetic code - in order to train the immune system."
Vaccines usually take 8-10 years to develop and this has been rushed through in as many months. If you don't know about the scandal of narcolepsy damaged front-line staff following the 'mandatory' Swine Flu vaccine, you should look it up.
If you are one of the people who will suffer an adverse reaction, you won't be able to sue the pharmaceutical companies. As they have been granted immunity from prosecution due to the 'special circumstances.'
Please don't roll up your sleeve. If you are considering it - at least spend several days researching the ingredients, weighing up the pros and cons, and seek out alternative information in coming to your decision.
Do not let the presstitutes from the mainstream media sway your decision with such proper propaganda. And remember - if it were a done deal, such vile headlines would be unnecessary.

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