Tuesday, 17 November 2020

Robert Frith, (One of the Wilfred Wong Six) Dies in Prison.

The developing story of the eight-year-old child kidnap/rescue, has taken on a sinister turn of events, with the breaking news that one of the six arrested, former psychiatric nurse, Robert Frith 65, of Tyne Parc, Holyhead, Wales, has been found dead at HMP Berwyn in Wrexham on Saturday 15 November 2020.

Charged in connection with the alleged kidnapping of a child, alongside Jane Claire Going-Hill, 59, Anke Hill, 50, Edward Stevenson, 68, Janet Stevenson, 66 and Wilfred Wong, 55, Robert Frith is said to have died in custody on 14 November. 

No further details are known at this point.

With the mainstream media reporting this story as a kidnapping crime, the Alternative News media, are instead painting a different story of a child rescued by his mother, to save him from a life with his abusive father, alleged to have committed sexual assault against him, alongside “other men.”

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Citizen Journalists - :Andrew :Devine & Angela Power-Disney

With an online campaign of #IStandwithWilfredWong gaining momentum, public perception of this story, (which never stops giving), appears to be moving beyond the shock and horror of a well known SRA crusader (Wilfred Wong) being caught doing what he accuses others of doing, but instead the realization that this is a rescue story, of which the actions of the State and Police, have not only failed the child at the centre of this story, but also the child’s mother and now an alleged accomplice in what appears to be a rescue of a vulnerable child, caught up in a child abuse nightmare.


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