Thursday 12 November 2020

SRA Wilfred Wong - It was a 'Rescue' not a 'Kidnap'!

New information has come to light in regards to ex-Barrister and SRA crusader Wilfred Wong.

Reported in the mainstream media as a child kidnapping at knife-point, SRA survivor Jeanette Archer has provided new information, claiming a ‘rescue, rather than a ‘kidnapping’.

Jeanette Archer

During a Facebook live she said, “The facts so far. Wilfred rescued a child from a satanic cult. With the child’s mother. The mother was in the car.”

Referencing the case of Samantha Baldwin, in which her children were alleged to have been sexually abused by her ex-husband and their father, only for them to be taken from the mother and given back to the father, Archer continues:

“The child was snatched back alright. So the child was taken from a healthy mother and given to a satanic father OK, and was kept in the satanic cult.”

Careful not to commit contempt of court, by naming the mother of the child, (which in doing so would identify the child); both Archer and UK Column News have now added fuel to the fire, by accusing the child’s father of being a Satanist, and that Wilfred Wong’s arrest, and those of the other five, is part of a conspiracy to cover up satanic abuse of a child.

Opinions remain divided, as comments posted on Chancer’s Youtube channel show: "Truther" Arrested for Kidnapping 8-Year-Old at Knifepoint.

“There is no such thing as satanic sexual abuse, there is just child abuse, these cretins that claim this have watched far too much horror films.”


“Wilfred Wong is a true man of God who exposes SRA and helps victims. I believe in him and stand by him.”

Patmos Revelation

“I'm sure some will try to frame this as a "rescue operation". I'll just point out that most rescues do not involve abduction at knifepoint.”

Hoaxtead Research

“Wilfred Wong is a nut job. Has been spreading religious hatred for years. Some of the people he was arrested with are clearly Christian fundamentalists and religious extremists and have issues with the pagan community.”

The True Crime Page Podcast

“There is something wrong with some of you commenting against Wilfred Wong. He was helping the mother, both got arrested now. The father is in a satanic cult.  Now the good 6 people are in prison, the child back to the satanist people. Well done to everyone making nasty comment. You care so much for the child, right?”


“Another report suggests that [REDACTED] may be the child's mother and it was an attempt to get the child to safety. There was a child counsellor there too who deals with DID and SRA. Maybe it is a custody thing after all and whoever has custody of the child is suspected of abuse? Who knows? Also, the report said that if this matter is currently in the hands of a family court, we're not likely to hear any more because family court stuff doesn't get reported due to the strictly confidential nature of each case.”

Pippa Roni



  1. Absolutely blatantly obviously an attempt to rescue a child from a horrific fate.. anyone who suggests otherwise is complicit in the worst type of secondary abuse of innocence. It is only a matter of time before WW is released, the general public is starting to shine light upon these shadows and expose these satanists once and for all

    1. Agree totally. As Wilfred says,"you can always tell a Satanist evertime he opens his mouthhe lies!" They are like their father the devil, the father of lies. We're praying to our mighty saviour Jesus for Wilfred.


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