Monday 16 November 2020

New Details Emerge in the Wilfred Wong Kidnap/Rescue Story

:Andrew :Devine & Angela Power-Disney

Citizen journalists :Andrew :Devine and Angela Power-Disney have shed new light on the developing Wilfred Wong kidnap/rescue story.

A close friend to the German mother of the child at the centre of this story, it's been revealed that the father is alleged to have committed sexual acts upon the child,( together which other men), which ultimately lead to the child being taken into foster care and a police investigation started.

 A veterinarian by trade, the mother was said to have fallen in love with the unnamed father and had a child. It's alleged the father turned out to be “not so good,” and consequently the marriage fell apart.

In a detailed email sent to :Andre :Devine, the father was said to have maintained regular contact with the child, but over time the child became more and more withdrawn, until one day he said he didn’t want to see him anymore.

“Uncomfortable and embarrassed,” the child disclosed the alleged sexual abuse he received from his father and other unnamed men.

Plainly shocked and distraught, the mother escaped her homeland of Germany and brought a house and land in Wales UK, with the intention of starting life afresh, as far away from the father as possible.

Unclear of the specific details, the mother told the German Youth Welfare office of the child’s allegations, after which the police were informed, and UK social services became involved once the mother and child arrived in Wales.

To the horror of the mother, the child was taken into foster care while the allegations were investigated.

Assured that justice would prevail, the mother lost all faith in the system, after the judge sided with the father, and accused her of having mental health issues.

Clearly in need of help, the mother turned to the internet for assistance, where after she made contact with SRA crusader and ex-barrister Wilfred Wong.

Wilfred Wong

Alleging that the father was “threatening and stalking,” the mother, Wong made further allegations that the father was, “linked to special circles of child abuse.”

It was at this point that the child was placed into new foster care, where-after the mother lost all contact with the kid, unaware and uninformed of where the child had been placed.

After a new Family Court hearing, and to the shock and horror of the mother, the judge denied all contact between the child and mother, and instead granted full access to the father.

With a trial set for mid November 2020, and fearing the worst, the mother saw her only chance of saving her son from further abuse was to rescue him from foster care, and go into hiding in Europe.

For legal reasons separate to the Wilfred Wong story, Guerrilla Democracy News is unable to link the interview or encourage anyone to view the videos.

As the biggest story sweeping the UK’s Alternative News media, a new picture of this disturbing event is only now coming to light.


SRA Expert Wilfred Wong Arrested for Child Kidnap


  1. Please tell us if their are any updates regarding Wilfred Wong’s safety???

  2. Wilfred Wong has never once uncovered any evidence of the existence of any SRA. Im glad he has been arrested, he does nothing but instil unfounded fear into gullible people. Clearly the courts could find no evidence of these claims of Satanic Ritual Abuse, just like they never do, because there never is any. Leave him locked up, and let the Satanic Panic finally die.

    1. An anonymous liar. There is plenty of court evidence for convictions which involve SRA, as you know very well.

    2. are you out of your mind? there is more evidence for S.R.A. than kelloggs has corn flakes. pull your head out of your ass. satanists run this world you dummy, there's lots of evidence for that too. like you they hide in plain sight.

    3. I am coming for people like you in the near future, I am the new 4th king and Mr Wong has my full support, wake the hell up or stay out of our way. - If you reply to this and say the wrong things just remember KARMA will be added to your mind

  3. Please never come to the UK if you have to protect your child. The SS here is evil.

  4. Great job to Mr Wong, I am making Mr Wong a more powerful man by giving him the eye of RAM, the third eye, I will fully support him and so will my team, this will gradually happen over the next 2 years, these abusers MUST BE STOPPED & Will be. - Love from L R.


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