Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Since my NEWSFLASH: ARREST WARRANT FOR DAVID CAMERON & THE QUEEN ON SEX CHARGES went viral around the world, which in itself came at the end of a sustained attack following the Bill Maloney/UK Column revelations that THE QUEEN IS NAMED IN INTERNATIONAL PAEDOPHILE RING, and my contention that The House of Cards is Crashing Down, seems to be vindicated with first story we've heard about the Queen this year, that her Royal Palaces are “Crumbling.”

Its all about the Metaphor.

Following Satan's intervention outside a Vatican window where Pope Francis, flanked either side by two child victims, set free two white doves, only for them to be set upon and attacked by a black Crow and a Seagull.

Did I mention, its all about the Metaphor?

Which makes it a funny thing that after a weekend of shocking revelations that:
  1. The House of Cards is coming crashing down.
  2. A Lord of the Realm commits suicide, rather than face further public shame.
  3. The Queen is named in an international paedophile ring.
  4. An arrest warrant issued by ex-Royal Military Police for her arrest and the arrest of her Prime Minister.
  5. An arrest warrant issued byBritish citizen David Compan, indicting The Queen and Prince Phillip in the disappearance of 10 Canadian kids in October 1964. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip, were publically the last people the children were photographed with. Grieving parents haven't seen them since.

Let's look again at the 'Pro-Words' littered throughout the MSM reports about The Windsor Royal House coming Crumbling Down.

“The Queen is down”
“Target Condition”
“Urgent need of Repair”

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  1. I cannot wait until their house fully does come crashing to the floor. I loathe The Royals. Always have done. Even as a child I hated them. I knew as a child they were evil and vile back then. They will never change. The People want better respect in this country our ancestors fought for.


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