Monday, 13 January 2014


Matt Taylor, the next Member of Parliament for Brighton Kemptown in 2015, has had his election campaign thrown into scandal, after details emerged of a sordid Facebook sex chat, with Brighton LGBT champion, and Gay Leader, Christopher Cooke.
What started as innocent question, as a private Facebook chat about Brighton’s Evening Argus newspaper, soon developed into sordid sex talk, which both parties have agreed will remain private!
Christopher Cooke, Gay Leader in the Kemptown Brighton community, is also the chairman of St. James's Community Action Group, Trustee at St. Anne's Day Centre, Chairman of the LGBT Community Safety Forum, passionate community activist and supporter of the Brighton & Hove Labour party.
In answer to Matt Taylor’s question, “As a leading public figure in Brighton, have you got anything to say about the Brighton Evening Argus, which has yet reported on the Gagging meeting two days ago! I'm some what very angry actually! What is the use of a local newspaper, if it doesn't report local news!” To which Christopher sought to reassure him, “I am sure they will report it ... ask Tim directly?”
Christopher Martyn Cooke
The sexual attraction between both men soon bubbled to the surface after Matt Taylor wrote, “While I have your attention Chris, I really hope you'll be organizing a hustings for 2015. And .... I know people have been asking you to stand, but why aren't you?
You would be a fantastic 'independent candidate' pls think about it, YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU!”
Christopher Cooke: Let's do coffee soon.
Matt Taylor: I'm rubbing my hands together, with a big smile on my face. Are you free Monday?
Christopher Cooke: Rub away! ha ha (sounds rude!!)
Though both parties have agreed to keep their conservation private, the conservation has been leaked exclusively to Guerrilla Democracy News, revealing titillating details of their sexual charged Facebook chat.
Christopher Cooke: u r straight ?
Matt Taylor: Like I said, I wish I was because I'd have more action in bed! But I am a big flirt!
Too sexually explicit for Conservative England, but common-place in Kemptown Brighton, Matt Taylor went on to write, “I'm horny as fuck”, to which Christopher Cooke promptly replied, “07*******89 ... text me.”
With both parties getting hot under their collars and hard in their pants, Christopher Cooke tempted Matt Taylor to meet up in person.
Christopher Cooke: “Book a room here!!”
Matt Taylor: ha ha. Stop it,,,,,,”
Unable to stifle the sexual passion building between them, the conservation took a more explicit tone, which at one climatic point, Matt Taylor is said to write loudly, “AND THIS IS BETWEEN U & ME!!!”
Brighton & Hove Labour say 'VOTE4TAYLOR'
"VOTE4TAYLOR!" Christopher Cooke, "OK, will do."
“Dirty Boy, Love it”
Matt Taylor: “OK OK, I'm masturbating really!!”
Christopher Cooke: “ha, send me a pic”
Matt Taylor “Shut it, you flirt!!!!”
Christopher Cooke: “Fine. Cock action soon?”
Matt Taylor: “Don't you dare tell Kirby!”
Christopher Cooke: “Dirty boy, love it”
Matt Taylor: “Now will you VOTE4TAYLOR?
Christopher Cooke: “Send me a pic”
Matt Taylor: “NO WAY... Do you think I'm CRAZY!
Christopher Cooke: xx
Matt Taylor: and you Chris, you Dirty Boy!
Christopher Cooke: You love it
Matt Taylor: Fuck yeah
Christopher Cooke: Good, meet soon
Matt Taylor: Powerful men have powerful sexual appetites? Is it true? You should know!
Christopher Cooke: Indeed, get your cock out!!
Matt Taylor: It's been out for ages, going back soon
Christopher Cooke: Come round here!!
Matt Taylor: You wish! VOTE4TAYLOR!
Christopher Cooke: Ok, will do
Matt Taylor: Thanks Chris, you know I'll make you happy! Off to the gym to swim it all off! Meet me there.
Christopher Cooke: Only if you r a big boy ! Speedos ??
“I was a Rent Boy” admits Matt Taylor“I was a Rent Boy” admits Matt Taylor
Matt Taylor: I wish I could wear speedos!! Fuck me, I wish. Read 'When I was a Male Escort' at, for the size of my dick.”
“I like to fuck as much as anyone!”
The sordid sexually charged Facebook chat, soon came to its inevitable, droopy end, with Matt Taylor reminding Christopher Cooke, “You had better pass this on to everyone you know, that I'm a dirty bugger who likes to fuck as much as anyone! VOTE4TAYLOR!”

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