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Theresa May, the UK's Home Secretary has been accused of fuelling terrorism by planning to ban the mild stimulant khat.

Grown on trees across East Africa, the shrub called Mirra in their native language, is used amongst the Somali, Ethiopian and Kenyan communities as a mild stimulant, whose affects are so minor it hardly registers on any scientific measurements.

With direct flights arriving from Kenya four times a week to the UK capital, about 3,000 cartons of khat per week are distributed to as far away as Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds and Glasgow.

While already banned many European countries as well as in the US and Canada, the UK is the latest to follow suit and fuel terrorism across the world as a consequence.

Campaigners against khat, such as former addict, Abukar Awale, claims it causes mental health problems, violence and family breakdowns. Fearing for his life after numerous death threats from khat users, Abukar Awale is viewed as a hero amongst the extremist British Somali community for lobbying for an outright ban.

Like a reformed smoker, who preaches to smokers to stop, Abukar Awale found fame and fortune campaigning against khat, having been addicted to it for many years.

Ex-Addict, Abukar Awale

Opponents against khat maintain:
  • Its destroying the Somalia Community
  • Destroys families
  • Causes mental health problems such as schizophrenia
  • Drives people to suicide
  • Makes users moody, aggressive and closed-off
  • Ruins the sex drive
  • Funds terrorism

Though Dr Axel Klein, who specialises in the study of addictive behaviour at the University of Kent, counter-acts these claims by saying, “There was no clear medical evidence that khat is harmful and believes a ban could be counter-productive.”

Promoted on BBC Newsnight, Alex Miller, the editor-in-chief of Vice UK, looked into the use of khat and the potential impact of the ban both in the UK and the horn of Africa where it is grown and harvested.

The Kenyan Economy will Collapse.

Thousands of Kenyan men work hard to supply the UK's Somalian community with their favourite entertainment to chew in their Mafrish (Chewing Bars) across the UK. As popular as sipping a pint of beer in the local pub, a bundle of khat costs as little as £3.00 and will last all night long.

A Ban is an Over-Reaction.

The Meru region of Kenyna is reliant on the UK trade, with 80% of it's export relying on it and once the ban comes into affect, the Meru region will go from being the richest region in Kenya to being broke.

Paying taxes to both the Kenyan and British governments, one worker makes clear, “Mirra helps us, it puts food on the table and sends our children to school.”

The UK has a Khat Habit.

While Theresa May will argue the profits from the khat trade fuels terrorist groups such as Al Shabaab, the reality of the situation couldn't be further from the truth.

As Omar Ahmed, a khat exporter, explains, “That is the most unsubstantiated statement I've ever heard from that part of the world (UK). Mirra business can never, at any one time, fund terrorism, because the terror guys, the extremists guys, are against mirra in the first place.

They don't accept anything to do with mirra, they say, if you chew mirra, you are doing haram, like an abomination to God. So how can something they they don't even allow in their description of Islam then take the money to fund terror?

I think that is a misnomer.”

Theresa May introduces Shira Law into British Law.

In response to Abukar Awale's claim that it's a harmful and dangerous drug, Omar Ahmed responds, “Its a legit business. Its just that there're some few extremists from our communities who are trying the fight the mirra because of their own issues with mirra.”

Theresa May fuels Terrorism.

It all makes sense when you realise the British government has been infiltrated by psychopathic criminals, in that a ban of khat in the UK, will only increase the profits of the smugglers and will recruit even more people to the Al Shabaab terrorist group.

While a box of khat is sold legally for £65, once the ban is enforced the price will go up to as much as £300 a box. The twenty year ban in the US, demonstrates that whether its illegal of not, the end user will pay whatever it costs to get their daily fix.

The Hidden Agenda is to cause tensions within UK's communities.

Theresa May, acting in the interests of criminal elements within the UK government, knows more than anyone that the affect will be more stop and searches on the Somali community. It will breed resentment and tensions within the community which when its blows over, will entitle her to enact even more draconian measures to curtail civil liberties and human rights.

Theresa or Terry?

Speculation that the Daily Express head-line, 'Female MP abused boy in care,' refers to her, is further substantiated by the explosive interview between Louise Collins from the UK Column News and Bill Maloney, a crusader against institutionalised child-abuse and director of 'Pie'n'Mash' films, in which a victim and whistle blower of child-abuse said, “She grabbed hold of my head Bill and pulled me down to her c and said come and suck on this. The stench was repellant, disgusting.”

As hard as it may seem that a perverted transvestite could attain the position of Home Secretary in the British Government, it's further substantiated in Chris Spivey's article, 'Stunned, I'm fucking speechless.'

Then again, with revelations that another Home Secretary, Leon Brittan, was filmed at a paedophile orgy, it makes perfect sense.

Bucking the Global Trend of Legalising Drugs.

While the US President Obama backs the legalisation of marijuana, by saying that he did not think it was more dangerous than alcohol, Theresa May goes against all advice and common sense by banning a stimulate, which many argue isn't much stronger than an espresso coffee.

In 2005 the Advisory Council for the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) said "the evidence of harm resulting from khat use is not sufficient to recommend its control," and there was "no evidence of its spread to the general population".

Have no doubt about it, a ban on khat will create more tensions between young Somali men and the police if they are stopped and searched for khat and it is providing organised crime groups with a major opportunity to raise revenue through smuggling. The consequences of a ban far outweigh any possible dangers of excessive use.

The only logical explanation is that Theresa May is intentionally fueling Terrorism.

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  1. Theresa May is way out of touch with reality. All politicians and MPs are way out of touch with people worldwide.


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