Friday, 27 January 2017


I often feel as if the Zombie Apocalypse is now and that the world around me is occupied by brain dead zombies and that I'm one of only a handful of people who survived the brain-washing from our tell-a-lie-vision, responsible for turning so many people into brain-dead victims of government propaganda.

I do my best to look like the rest of them who wander aimlessly through life, subservient to the lies and deceptions which our government's endlessly pumps out on a daily basis. I daren't reveal my true nature in fear of the hordes of zombie brain-dead pointing me out to the Thought Police (TP), who would arrive within minutes in their police wagons, to drive me away to an undisclosed location for re-education.

Like millions of others, I'm forced to endure eight hours a day sat at a desk within a corporate organisation, to keep a roof over my head and food on the table; while captive, I'm forced to listen to the daily diatribe and tripe which these brain-dead zombies discuss with delight.

Repeating verbatim what Gary Lineker said on Match of the Day, regaling the awe inspiring achievements of ex American President Barack Obama, and how they still can't believe the ultimate heroine of the world, Hilary Clinton didn't make it to the White House, whilst that horrible, wicked, foul man called Trump, made it there instead.

I often feel like killing myself. Its either that or becoming a brain-dead zombie myself and with my hand on heart, I'd rather meet my Maker than for that to happen.

I scream silently in my head, "Beam me up Scotty," having to listen to my corporate superiors telling the office how much they've learnt from Youtube about the world around them. My ears prick up because I've learnt a lot about the world from Youtube but my heart rapidly sinks when I hear exactly what the zombie brain-dead have been watching:

If I told my zombie brain-dead work colleagues what I watch on Youtube, all Hell would break loose and the TP would be called within minutes:

A funny thing happened on the way to the Moon. (Well worth a Watch!)

Actually it nearly happened the other day. I didn't get much sleep the night before and within minutes of sitting at my desk in the morning, my disguise slipped.

The Queen Bee of the office, (whose name is being kept private for legal reasons), was telling us all about how terribly horrible and dreadful President Trump is. "I hate him; I genuinely despise the man and everything he stands for," she said with evident pride in her assessment.

Centered around the clip of Melania Trump's smile slipping into a frown, after Trump turning his back on her during his Inauguration, Queen Bee and her minions, Polly Whatis and Frilly Nilly, cackled like witches around their cauldron, as they agreed what hell it must be for her to be married to such an evil man.

I hadn't seen the clip, which by all accounts had gone viral across Social Media, and choose to keep my opinion to myself that being married to a billionaire couldn't be allbad, and that there could have been lots of reasons why her smile dropped as soon as his back was turned.

After all the talk of his assassination (of which Queen Bee was soooo looking forward to) I imagined Melanie, wasn't too pleased to be standing directly behind him!

Since then a video has been posted which paints a very different story of why her smile disappeared. It would seem she had been chastising young Barron for fidgeting and was rather annoyed with her son, more than anything to do with her husband.

I was brought into the conversation when Frilly Nilly shouted out that I'm a Trump supporter! To which I politely but firmly explained I'm not, but that I'm equally not a supporter of any politician, especially Barrack Obama and Hilary Clinton.

I've been hearing the same old shit for months; and having kept my mouth shut through all her hate talk and wishes for Trump to be assassinated, I forgot the potential danger of speaking out of turn and asked what President Obama had ever done for the world.

"Obama Care" she readily shot back, though how ObamaCare helped anyone outside of America is anyone's guess.

Daring to go to the edge, I made the observation, "I've heard an interesting fact the other day; apparently Obama is the only American President in history to have been at war everyday of his Presidency."

Queen Bee wasn't impressed and replied as if he still deserved his Nobel Peace Prize with the curt reply, "It wasn't Obama's fault he's been at war; he inherited wars from Bush."

Fuck me, the intelligent reasoning capacity of the brain-dead zombies really is non-existent and never ceases to amaze me.

Clearly tired and not thinking straight, I lambasted Obama for choosing to increase the use of drones, to demonstrate the ruthlessness of his approach to conflict resolution.

"Well what would you have done then, if you were President?" Queen Bee angrily retorted.

'What the fuck I would have done if I was President' I screamed silently in my head, 'What the fuck would I have done?'

I would have arrested every fucking politician in the Senate and Congress; I would have arrested the head of the CIA and FBI, I would have invaded the UK and disposed the Queen of England and I would have invaded Israel, while I was at it.

What a stupid fucking question to ask. Of-course I didn't dare give the response which was screaming to be heard, so I answered lamely, "I would have looked at the alternative options rather than bombing the fuck out of a country from thousands of meters up in the sky."

"Well using a drone is better than sending troops in," she said defending Obama to the hilt.

"Well I beg to differ."

"Oh do you," in evident disgust that I could possible disagree with her.

It was obvious that our conversation was getting us nowhere.

I would of loved to bring up much more on Obama but I knew if I did my cover would be blow and the TP would be called quicker than I could say, 'Barack Obama is a satanic worshipping liar who deserves to be thrown in jail for the crimes he's committed against humanity.”
  • I would have brought up the subject of Obama faking the capture and death of Osama Bin Laden to deflect attention away from his fake birth certificate.
  • I would have brought up his servitude to the banking cartels, who he allowed into his White House and let get away with the biggest banking fraud in world history.
  • I would have brought up his daily kill list, in which he assassinated hundreds of people, without trial.
  • I would have brought up the whistleblower secret serviceman Paul Horner, who published a tell-all book called 'The Black House' in which he revealed Obama was a gay muslim; not with-standing the persistent rumours that his wife Michelle, is a man called Michael.
  • And I would have dearly loved to bring up the video in which Larry Sinclair, revealed he gave Obama a blow-job and shared a crack cocaine pipe with him.

Donald John Trump

"But I just hate the man, I despise him, he revolts me, disgusts me, sickens me," she continued with evil intent in her eyes, ready to slash out at me if I dare to say anything else contrary to her beliefs.

"Well I hate Theresa May, but I don't keep going on about it." I said with a sense of finality that the conversation was getting us nowhere.

"Oh in that case I'll shut up then," she replied turning her back on me to look at her computer screen. 'I wish you would," I thought.

Then young Polly Whatis piped up and said, "That's the problem with politics, it always turns nasty," giving me the accusing stare of being the one who turned nasty.

"I won't talk then," Queen Bee continued, driving home her disgust at having been told to shut the fuck up, in a round about way...

It was a lucky escape and a lesson well learned. Its very very very dangerous to speak one's mind in a room full of brain-dead zombies.

When the insane took over the asylum

Perhaps I'm mad and its best for everyone I join the Zombie brain dead horde. But I just can't bring myself to do it. Its like forcing a heterosexual man to suck dick. It just goes against all the norm of common decency.

I'll admit I'm mad. Totally loony and bonkers. No doubt as little as twenty five years ago, I would of been carted away to the asylum and locked in a padded cell for believing everything the government told us were lies.

To be awake while the majority sleeps, puts me in a minority group, persecuted as once were the early Christians and the modern day LGBT community.

It seems I've got no other choice but to persist. Carry on and hide my true nature from the Zombie brain-dead horde.

I'll do what I can as part of the 'Resistance' and pray for the day the Zombie brain-dead wake up from their brainwashed slumbered and the Zombie Apocalypse comes to an end.

At the end of the day, I'd rather walk the path of life with the people shown in the video below, that the zombie brain-dead arse-holes who I share the corporate office with...

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