Friday 20 January 2017

Chris Spivey loses appeal against harassment conviction - A Special Report by Matt Taylor

The UK's most controversial blogger, Chris Spivey, has lost his appeal against his 2015 conviction of harassment against the family of alleged murder victim, Lee Rigby.

I say 'alleged' because its never been comprehensively accepted that Lee Rigby was even Lee Rigby, let alone a Fusilier in the British army, let alone beheaded in Woolwich.

While the spotlight primarily fell on Spivey, other researches such as Nick Kollerstrom also called into question the official version of what the authorities claimed happen that day.
Nick Kollerstrom — Terror on the Tube June 8, 2013 A short walk from the Woolwich DLR station takes you to a moving tribute scene, a huge mass of flowers ...

With so many inconsistencies and impossibilities littered throughout the official narrative, the Woolwich Beheading has been filed away in the same False Flag folder as 9/11, 7/7, the Boston Bombing, Sandy Hook shooting and the Paris attacks.

(Quite how anyone can behead someone without a puddle of blood forming is anyone's guess. Equally how a car can smash into a lap post, bounce back 3 foot and leave no marks, is another.)

Spivey travelled further down the fabled rabbit hole than anyone and on the way uncovered disturbing evidence that Lee Rigby was a fictional creation, claiming every photo published was photo-shopped, as was all other photographs covering his wedding, his fianc√©, wife, son and his time in the army.

Labelled an internet troll by the national newspapers, Spivey's notoriety hit new heights during 2016 when he published his long awaited assessment of Princess Diana's car crash, in which he made the astonishing claim that she never died in the crash, and like Lee Rigby, was a fictionally character made up by the Establishment, played through her life by a number of actresses, supported by thousands of photo-shopped photographs.
The question on everyone's lips is whether or not Chris Spivey has gone totally mad?

Commanding a readership in it's millions, Spivey soon went into over-drive, and using facial comparison software as evidence of his findings, continued to publish a number of blogs calling into question nearly every story and news event published in the national press.

Loved by his fan base and hated by his critics, Spivey remained defiant that his research was indisputable and welcomed anyone to try and debunk his conclusions.
Can an article bring down the British Royal Family? Chris Spivey is set to publish his most important article he's ever written
Chris Spivey saved by his Fan Club The truth is out there, but it just depends on what truth you want to believe
Chris Spivey says he deserves to be a multi-millionaire Internet Troll who called Lee Rigby's murder a HOAX, says he deserves to be a multi-millionaire

Once a successful tattoo artist and builder, Spivey relies on donations from his readership to pay for the up keep of his blog and his daily living expenses.

Pessimistic that his appeal would succeed in the face of a corrupt legal system, Spivey must now pay a £4000 fine, which the Courts are demanding to be paid in one lump sum.

Unlikely to ever post another blog again, his vast army of supporters are pledging to get tattoos' as a means to support their fallen hero.  

While Spivey hasn't yet publicly commented on the outcome of his appeal, his right hand man and blog administrator Dogman, published this short message:

"Chris was found guilty of "harassment" and now including court costs, faces a bill of £4000, which apparently they want in one lump. Not quite sure how they think that is possible, but there you go. I can't fill you in on any further details and I cannot make my own comments regarding the proceedings, as it will reflect badly on Chris. It appears that the time is right for me to get some tattoos done!"

Under fire from all quarters, and having voiced his frustration at the lack of conviction from the British public, to address the evident corruption in public life, its anyone's guess as to what Spivey will do next.

Lee Rigby, a British soldier who was beheaded on the street of Woolwich London, by two black British men on 22nd May 2013, he was actually an orphan as some UK ...
Chris Spivey, the alternative media’s most controversial writer, has broken his silence on the progress of his long anticipated exclusive on Lee Rigby ...
In fact Chris proves beyond doubt that the Lee Rigby we believe we know is actually a fictional creation of three other people:
In light of the fact  Christopher Spivey's website is continually being hacked, I have decided to start copying his posts to Guerrilla Democ...

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