Friday, 13 January 2017

Who's the Joker in the pack?

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Who's the Joker in the pack? - IP: - that's who!

Pretending to be Danielle La Verite, Chris Spivey, Ritchie Allen, Gary Glitter, Charity Case, Stacey Spivey, Anon, Dogman and Joanna Mjadzelics; the holder of the IP address is busy posting fake news through-out the Alternative Media.

Whoever it is, (though its easy to guess) first started spreading mischief during the 2016 Christmas season pretending to be Chris Spivey's right-hand man Dogman, with the comment below.

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As the administrator of and the editor of Guerrilla Democracy News, I should have known Dogman would have never commented on one of my blogs. After all, dealing with the fall-out of this, he used an intermediary to contact me to verify the IP address of who posted the comment.

(Mind you, its a shame no-one set me straight having released the news on 21st December, only for it to be denied on 23 December by Dogman via a comment on the Chris Spivey website - Allowing 2 days for the fake news to be spread far and wide across the internet.)

I should have equally known better when IP: left a comment pertaining to be Danielle La Verite. Perhaps it was wishful thinking to believe the darling of the Alternative Media would ever take the time to read what I write.

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(Mind you I'll still promoting the fake news that she will do a 'Top Tosser of the Week' video on Alun Palmer, only because I'm still clinging onto the non-existent possibility that she will lol...)

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A part of me knew I was being taken for a ride, though a perverse side of me quite enjoyed it.  Though even my perversion couldn't deny the truth; following the comment which proved once and for all that IP: wasn't who they purported themselves to be.

But still IP: continues:

Aware that Guerrilla Democracy News has lost all credibility in the Alternative Media (not that it ever had any to begin with lol)... Further comments have been posted on two websites (Outlaw Jimmy Jones & Chris Spivey's) which mention my name.

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While unknown commentator Nailtown Slim is convinced its me posting comments, a simple check of the originator's IP address will swiftly put that rumour to bed.

There is a Joker in the pack and he or she is running amok. My only advice is to keep your eyes peeled for IP:, and be rest assured, anything said is 'Fake News.'


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