Wednesday 25 January 2017

Why am I supporting Spivey, when he thinks I'm a fuckin arsehole?

Its only fair I answer this question from Fuck The State; (who asks why I am supporting Spivey when he thinks I'm a fuckin arsehole?) Seeing as he took the time to ask me...

In case you don't know who Chris Spivey is... Please check out the following article I wrote in 2013.

Who the fuck is Chris Spivey?
The reason I’ve taken Chris Spivey’s articles on board is because they are well crafted, articulated, researched and written. Another major factor is ...
He's been splashed across the tabloid front pages of late, having his conviction for harassing the family of murdered solider Lee Rigby, upheld at his appeal court hearing.
The UK's most controversial blogger, Chris Spivey, has lost his appeal against his 2015 conviction of harassment against the family of alleged murder of Lee Rigby...
Lyn Rigby (Lee's mum) has been making the most of the public outrage and has been lapping up the public sympathy from both the public and celebrities alike.
HOLLY Willoughby choked back tears on This Morning after Lee Rigby’s mum told how she was forced to re-live her son’s horrific killing in court. Lyn Rigby was threatened with arrest unl…
Now; to specifically answer Fuck The State's question; I'm supporting Spivey because what is happening to him affects all of us in the Truth Movement.
The Truth Movement finds itself as the 21st Century's most persecuted minority
Fuck The State is right to say that Spivey thinks I'm a fuckin arsehole. He's most recently called me a 'Gay Clown' and no doubt calls me much more behind closed doors.

We were mates once upon a time, but that was before I asked him to comment on the Hampstead Kid's case and took a more satirical view.
Wednesday, 1 April 2015. My Mate Matt.
While Grand-dad Chris Spivey is under the impression he's done much to bring the Alternative Media together, the truth couldn't be further away from the ...

The fact Spivey lost his appeal and has been convicted of harassing a crisis actor, who played a role in a staged false flag terror attack, is concern for everyone who's active in the Alternative Media/Truth Movement.

Spivey today, me tomorrow and everyone next week. So to answer Fuck The States question in full, I'm supporting Spivey because it isn't just about him, its about all of us.

And in answer to his allegation that I'm trying to ride on his coat tails; he's absolutely right...

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