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The Queen of the Ghouls goes trick or treating.

Happy Halloween
HALLOWEEN: The night the Ghouls and Witches come out to play.

REMEMBER: Lock your kids away, the kiddy catchers are on the way.

THE ROYAL VISIT: The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh are visiting the Satanic heart-land of their Kingdom to celebrate Halloween this year.

Stopping at Lewes, the Queen will be driven beneath the 300 foot high cliff which in 1996, investigative journalist Nicholas Gargani plunged from to his gruesome death, while under the influence of a Satanic trance as reported by the Independent newspaper in the 1997, In the Shadow of Satan article.

Norman Baker
Nicholas Gargani was said to have been investigating Norman Baker MP, now boss of Britain’s equivalent to America’s FBI, the National Criminal Agency (NCA), for corruption offences while a Lewes district councillor.

Speculation of Satanic Worship
Lewes has been subject of much speculation of Satanic worship for many years, since decapitated heads of cats were nailed to Church doors and gates. Said to be a conspiracy of extreme right-wing Christians by S.A.F.F, (Sub-culture Alternatives Freedom Foundation), Lewes remains a favourite tourist destination for Satanists across the world.


Returning to the Satanic heart-land of her Kingdom after 6 years, The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh will open The Keep, a multi-million pound, state of the art purpose built building to house all the Kingdom’s secrets over the last 900 years. Housing 6 miles of archives, it will include private royal letters and the renowned Mass Observation Record, which has been recording everyday observations since 1937.


Katrina Taylor
One record which won’t be kept in The Keep’s air-conditioned vaults will be the court transcript of the Katrina Taylor murder trial in 1997.

Stabbed to death on the 4th July 1996, and left slouched in a pool of blood in a Brighton grave-yard, her killers were brought to justice, only for the Kingdom's strange laws to over turn their convictions and set them free.

Incredulously, as discovered by Jim Murphy, the New Funk radio host of a topical news show, who has started his own investigation into the Katrina Taylor case; the archive company paid to archive court transcripts, destroyed it!


The Satanic sight-seeing tour continues, as The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh are driven past Wild Park, when in 1986, two young girls, Karen Hadaway and Nicola Fellows, both aged 9, were found strangled to death.

Babes in the Woods

Ironically, it was Katrina Taylor who played Nicola Fellows in the BBC Crime Watch reconstruction of the Babe in the Woods murder ten years later.

Mr Neilson after attack
The Katrina Taylor murder cover-up has been exposed by the tireless campaigning of David Joe Neilson. He has since been attacked and left for dead, by the same Dark Forces which the Queen warns us about.

David needs our help. He's a disabled O.A.P attacked in his own home and no one seems to care. See here for his shocking story.


Russell Bishop
The Ghouls of Halloween would screech in delight when they’re told that Russell Bishop, a known paedophile in the area at the time, was arrested for Karen Hadaway and Nicola Fellow's murder, but thanks to the Kingdom’s strange laws, was found not guilty. Ghouls and Witches of all persuasions would clap in delight when told that Russell Bishop promptly set about abducting, molesting and leaving for dead, a seven-year-old girl he picked up in the neighbouring council estate of Whitehawk.

By the grace of God, the girl survived but her world has never been the same again.


The Ghouls from German invade the Sussex Coast.
Happy Halloween

The German family, Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, are illegally occupying King Arthur II’s true British throne; and are the world’s most secretive family for a very good reason.

Above the Law, they are free to indulge any luxury and fantasy. Their family motto could read, ’What happens behind closed doors, stays behind closed doors.’ 

With numerous allegations made against them on a daily basis, by such likes as Gregg Hallett and Chris Spivey, they prefer to maintain a dignified silence rather than answer the awkward questions. Another family motto could as well be, ’Better to say nothing than say anything at all.’

Saxe-Coburg-Gotha-The Family of Death.
  • Uncle assassinated lobster-potting in a thirty-foot wooden boat.
  • Dead man’s body found dead undiscovered for three years, 100 yards outside their front door.
    Monster Inc by Chris Spivey
  • Young woman's body of 17 years old, found dead and undisturbed for 4 months outside their country home.
  • Mother killed in horrific car accident, alongside her boyfriend and driver.
  • Great grandfather killed by family doctor.
  • Private nurse found hanged.
  • Close family friend posthumously exposed to be a satanic paedophile murderer.
  • Ancestral family relative alleged to have been Jack the Ripper.
The closer you delve into the dark history of the Family of Death, the further you open Pandora's box of gruesome treasures.

The Horrible Halloween truth is, Queen Elizabeth II isn’t a true British Queen.


Born in Wales 503AD and Died 573AD in Kentucky, USA
Just as KING ARTHUR II (Born in Wales 503AD and Died 573AD in Kentucky, USA), reign ended with the Dark Ages, (11 years of desolation left over from an asteroid destroying Great Britain and compelling King Arthur II to sail 700 ships on a one way journey to America, where sadly he died, assassinated by a Red Indian), so too will the Windsors.



According to this calculation, the Windsor Royal Family will collapse in 2016.

The Normans                      1066-1154 (88 years)
The Plantagenet’s                1154-1399 (245 years)
The House of Lancaster      1399-1461 (62 years)
The House of York             1461-1485 (24 years)
The Tudors                          1485-1603 (118 years)
The House of Stuart            1603-1714 (111 years)
House of Hanover               1714-1910 (196 years)
House of Windsor               1910- (103 years and counting)

Have you ever wondered who were our Royal Dynasties before 1066?

To find the average, add up the years each Royal dynasty reigned and divide by the number of Royal dynasties. Thus the Windsor Royal family is predicted to reign on average for 106 years.

2016- Time is running out.


All indications point to a Royal Rothschild Family, as favorites to take over from the Windsor’s.

It’s envisaged that the end of the Windsor Royal family would come about after the scandal to beat all scandals. The perfect scandal, which would see the Windsor’s banished to the wastes of Canada in disgrace and shame.

Imagine the scenario that upon the abdictation of Queen Elizabeth, historical documents will come to light which prove she and her sister, Margaret, were illegitimate daughters of none other than Sir Winston Churchill.

Winston Churchill + Queen consort = Elizabeth and Margaret
Public uproar will ensue.

Constitutional lawyers will call the Windsor bloodline a fraud, because Elizabeth wasn’t the biological daughter of King George VI. All claims from the Windsor's to the British throne are therefore null and void.


The Rothschild family will enter the fray, with the revelation that Lionel Nathan Rothschild, the world financier in the 1800’s, was actually the father of King George VI.

Lionel Nathan Rothschild + Queen Victoria = King George VI
Again, leaked documents will rock the foundations of British society. Lionel Nathan Rothschild was the secret lover of Queen Victoria. The public will be equally shocked and enthralled.

Arthur: The War King
No doubt, leaked documents will reveal Kate Middleton to be a long lost descendant of a Rothschild too. This will clean up the constitutional mess by keeping it in the family. The argument will be that as both William and Kate are descendants of a Rothschild; their Royal baby can be constitutionally crowned as the first Rothschild monarch of Great Britain and the Commonwealth.

The people will love it. ‘LONG LIVE THE KING, LONG LIVE THE QUEEN,’ the crowds will cheer.

With no counter-claim from the true descendants of King Arthur II (whose true history had been suppressed by the Windsor’s to legitimate their fraudulent claim upon the British throne), the Rothschild’s will be left free to reign supreme, on average, for the next 106 years.

Long Live the Rothschild Royal Family.

Long Live Halloween.

Speculation whether the Queen will visit a tree she planted in Southover Grange in 1951, is yet to be seen, but quite possible.

Princess Elizabeth at the time, planted extra trees in the Grove's magnificent gardens, and which is commemorated by an inscribed stone at the base of the Tulip Tree on the cross path at the end of the main lawn.

Planting of a tree is symbolic in celebrating an important rite of passage.

Southover Grange, once owned by Isaac Newton’s family for 300 years, came into the Queen’s possession after being requisitioned by the War Department in 1939. It's been in the care of Lewes District council since 1945.

In the 1790s the Prince of Wales, who later became the Prince Regent and King George IV, often stayed at the Grange, sleeping over.

Deep in the Satanic heart-land of her Kingdom, it would have been the perfect place to induct her into the Firm.

Watch this fascinating British Pathe footage of her trip 1951, where in Hastings Princess Elizabeth is presented with the deeds of the house.

ITS HALLOWEEN & THE GHOULS ARE OUT TO PLAY: Lock your kids away, the kiddy catchers are on the way.

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