Wednesday 27 November 2019

Matt Taylor banned from commenting in his local newspaper

Citizen journalist and convicted stalker, Matt Taylor from Brighton, has been banned from posting comments on Brighton and Hove newspaper, cited as too “high risk.”

As a concerned parent and active in his local community, Matt Taylor posted the following comment in response to an article about a strike by Moulsecoomb school staff and parents, published online, on the Brighton and Hove newspaper, in which he was a participant.

“I’m a parent whose both kids went to Moulsecoomb primary school (MPS), and as such, the teachers, support staff and board of Governors have my full and unwavering support.
My kids are bright and intelligent, who are both excelling at secondary school. It was only possible because of the professionalism, dedication and hard work of everyone involved with MPS.
I was there on Strike Day and wouldn’t have missed it for the world. MPS is more than a school. Its an integral element of a bigger picture, which brings the Moulsecoomb community together.
Let’s get one thing straight. HANDS OFF MPS. Nobody wants academy status for MPS. The council don’t want it, the MP doesn’t want it, Brighton Council doesn’t want it, MPS teachers and parents don’t want it. HANDS OFF MPS.
Parent/teacher power will win the day. The more private interests push for academy status, the more the Moulsecoomb community will come together and resist.
Do not underestimate the passion, dedication and will power of the Moulsecoomb community.
Moulsecoomb says, “leave our school alone,” and we mean it…
As a parent, I have a great debt of gratitude for the MPS teachers, support staff, parents and Governors who have taught me children to be bright, engaging and happy individuals.
I cannot say this enough – HANDS OFF MPS.”

Aware that his comments weren’t appearing in the comment sections, he contacted the editor of Brighton and Hove newspaper, to ask why:
Dear Brighton and Hove News,
I have a great interest in Mouslecoomb primary school and it’s battle to stop itself becoming an academy.
I’ve commented on the articles published in your online newspaper, and have noticed my comments aren’t visible to the public.
Can you confirm whether you are intentionally removing my comments? And if you are why?
Many thanks, Matt Taylor
To which he received a swift response from Jo Wadsworth.
Director of Brighton and Hove Independent Newspaper – Joanna Wadsworth
Hi Matthew,
Thanks for your email.
I can confirm that yes, I am removing your comments and am taking steps to prevent you from commenting on the site. This is because, based on your long history in sending us emails and from other online publications, there is a high risk that by allowing you to comment, we would be allowing libellous or otherwise legally unsafe comments to appear on the site.
Many thanks,
Jo Wadsworth.

Amazed that his voice is being censored, Taylor responded:
Many thanks for replying.
As you know I am only restricted from mentioning a certain person connected with Sussex police.
The battle between Moulsecoomb and the academy has nothing to do with Sussex police.
You are using another unconnected matter to deprive me of my freedom of speech, as a concerned parent and Moulsecoomb resident.
In light of your decision, may I be directed to your governing body, to which I can make a complaint.
Many thanks, Matt Taylor


Unapologetic in banning Taylor from posting any comment on their platform ever again, Jo Wadsworth ended the conversation with the words, “the buck stops with me I’m afraid.”
Hi Matthew,
We don’t have a governing body – we are a private company, and I’m a director. The buck stops with me I’m afraid.
We aren’t curtailing your freedom of speech – you are of course free to publish elsewhere. I am only concerned with what is published on our site.  
Many thanks,
Jo Wadsworth
Moulsecoomb School Education Hustings

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