Friday, 22 November 2019

EOTT OFFtheCUFF - Update on GcMAF cases of Lynda Thyer with David Noakes & Neelu Berry


Always a pleasure to share another fascinating conversation with David Noakes about his cancer cure treatment GcMAF and to shine a light on how it has been attacked by the judiciary in conjunction with the big pharmaceutical drug cartels who make billions in profits from engineered cancers. We are also rejoined by our sister Neelu Berry who has been heavily involved in David's case since the day she witnessed three whistle blowers all being dealt with in a combined concerted effort via the corrupt court system. A UK appeal CO/4511/2019 Stays David's Extradition and Lynda Thyer appears before 2 French Judges on 29 November despite same French perjury in both cases. GCMAF wesbite - David's suggested websites - Teri Davis Newman youtube - (click Campaigns) Neelu Berry Cointact details and website; Youtube - Jimmy James SOCIAL MEDIA & PERSONAL CONTACTS FACEBOOK - INSTAGRAM - TWITTER - LINKEDIN - CANUND - MEWE - EMAIL - LINKS FOR EOTT everything on the table vlogcast and podcast YOUTUBE - BITCHUTE - VIMEO - TWITCH - SOUNDCLOUD - MAILING LIST for upcoming book release -

David Noakes

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