I have now uncovered even more new information regarding the Woolwich fraud.

Obviously this will lead to a further delay in the release of ‘Look Back in Anger’.
However, the last three articles on the subject has generated enormous interest and as such, I feel that it is important to keep that interest alive.
Therefore, I have stitched together some more revelations for you to mull over.
Obviously, bear in mind that I cover these subjects in greater detail in ‘Look Back in Anger’.
And you will also need to pay very close attention in order to keep up… It gets complicated.
Okay, lets look at where the *aherm, aherm* Rigby’s live, which according to just about everyone in the world, is at 63 Burnside Crescent, on the Langley Estate, Middleton, in Manchester.
Now, did you know that Burnside Crescent is the only road, on the sprawling Langley estate that you can’t go down in Google Maps.
At least you can’t at the time of writing.
Very coincidental, don’t cha think?
Never the less, where there is a will there is a way and this next batch of photos show where the Rigbys supposedly live.
So, as you can also see, there is also only the one window to the back for the living room – meaning that the living room is a through room stretching the full width of the house.
Okay, now with the layout of 63 Burnside Crescent fresh in your minds, check this next batch of photos out.
1491499_547775061979484_1890656530_o (1)
nat lord1Yes, I do know that the two Jags are not the same.
I should also add that I am fairly certain that the youngest Rigby, Amy, doesn’t actually exist.
Course, what led me to that conclusion has still to be revealed but I do believe that the girl in the following photos, taken at the Hounslow Royal British Legion is in fact the child used to play Amy… That is to say, her along with photographs of a young Megan McClure, whose father Alex McClure is also father to Sara and Chelsea McClure – and in all likelihood Courtney Rigby too.
I can also tell you that the fella in the army suit stood behind ‘Amy’ (Joe Indaco) is also actively involved in the fraud.
Now, the following is how the Rigby family was described in the MSM – a description that was still being touted at Christmas 2013:
Parents Lyn, 46, and Phil McClure, 53, had Lee and three daughters, Sara, 24, Chelsea, 21 and Megan, before they split up.
Lyn later met and married Ian Rigby and the young man took his stepfather’s name.
The couple went on to have two daughters, Courtney, 11, and Amy, eight.  Source
However, that description is total bollocks.
So, with that in mind, have a butchers at this lot.
That is Megan and Leighton McClure with Sara McClure’s children in the last photo.
And I should point out that these photos were added to ‘Look Back in Anger’ before I knew the score with the Rigby/McClure children.
So, I should tell you that Megan and Amy – on paper – are not related by blood at all.
You see, Megan’s mother is a lesbian called Ellen McClure/Delany who is now in a relationship with Lisa Lord… I may have mentioned before that the Lords play a big part in this fraud.
Amy’s mother, again on paper is Lyn Take Ya Pick Of Surnames.
Megan’s father is Alex (Alexis) McClure and Amy’s father is allegedly Ian Rigby.
Gets very complicated doesn’t it?
Megan also has a full brother (parents Alex & Ellen) named Leighton McClure.
They are all very close.
Now, I best also remind you that Lee McClure/Rigby is the ONLY child of PHILIP McClure and his ex wife Lyn McClure/Barnes/Seville/Rigby… Lyn then married ALEXIS McClure, who later married the lesbian Ellen Delany… Simples.
Alex McClure is the bald headed fella behind Ian and Lyn in the 2nd photo, Phil is the one in the cardigan next to Rebecca:
Since the tragedy, Phil (53) has insisted on grieving in private — until now – for the son he regained only a decade ago after estrangement following the break up of his marriage. 

Phil was “besieged” by national newspapers who staked out his home and sent him dozens of letters to persuade him to talk. 

Phil learned of his son’s murder when he returned home from a shift as a lorry driver in the early hours of May 23. Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale had driven a car at his son then hacked at him with a cleaver and knives. 

“I’d just got in from work at 5am when my wife told me what had happened. He was my only child. My heart was broken. We were estranged because of a messy divorce but he came back into my life when he was about 13 or 14 and we were close. 

“Lee was a big Manchester United fan and back then I used to drive United fans to away games so he used to come with me. He wanted to get up to the stuff the older fans did, like all lads, but he was too young. 

“They were good days, we had a lot of fun. We quite often went to the pub when he was up here, we were good friends. It’s hard to think we can’t do that any more. 

“I was proud when he joined the Army. It was what he’d always wanted to do.
Oh, what a wild one Lyn Rigby must have been in the past!
However, if Lee was Phil McClure’s ONLY child, then why the fuck are the MSM telling us that he is also the father to Sara, Chelsea and – at the time of the ‘murder’ – Megan too?
I will remind you:
Parents Lyn, 46, and Phil McClure, 53, had Lee and three daughters, Sara, 24, Chelsea, 21 and Megan, before they split up.
Lyn later met and married Ian Rigby and the young man took his stepfather’s name.
The couple went on to have two daughters, Courtney, 11, and Amy, eight.  Source
Moreover, if Phil had such a good relationship with his son, then why the fuck did he change his surname to Rigby?
So, enough fucking around. Let me do what the MSM should have done and put an end to the speculation – or should that be smokescreen.
Lyn Seville, born in Rochford, Essex in 1966 Married Lee’s father, Phil McClure in September 1986.
Lee Rigby was born as Lee James McClure in July 1987.
Lyn & Phil were subsequently divorced after which Lyn married Alexis McClure in April 1989.
I haven’t been able to ascertain if Phil and Alex are brothers although it seems highly likely.
Lyn and Alex then had Sara Joanne McClure born in March 1989, the month before their wedding.
Sara was followed by Chelsea Louise McClure born in February 1992.
Therefore both Sara and Chelsea are half sisters to Lee… As well as 1st cousins… Stop fucking laughing.
Sometime after Chelsea’s birth, it would appear that Lyn and Alex divorced.
In May 1997 Phil McClure, Lee’s dad married Julie Hadfield. They remain married to this day, live in Oldham and have no children. Lee was, as Phil stated to an Oldham reporter, his only child.
In January 2001, Alex McClure married a Lesbian named Ellen Delany.  The marriage lasted – I believe – until around 2007/8.
In 2011, Ellen met and began a relationship with Lisa LORD. That relationship is still ongoing at this time of writing (April 2014)
In October 2001, Ellen gave birth to Megan Antonia McClure, followed in 2004 by Leighton Edwin McClure.
Both children were fathered by Alex McClure making them only stepsister and stepbrother to Lee – although they are in all probability his 1st cousins – but half sister and half brother to Sara and Chelsea.
As for Courtney and the elusive Amy Rigby, well Courtney Marie Rigby was born in June 2001, making her 4 months older than Megan McClure to whom on paper, she is no blood relation.
Courtney is however half sister to Lee, Sara and Chelsea.
However, I have not been able to verify that her father is Ian Rigby and she is very close in looks to Chelsea.
And since Chelsea is the spitting image of Alex, it would seem likely that Courtney may also be his daughter too.
And now for young Amy.
Now, as I have previously stated, Amy Rigby and Megan McClure – who look alike – never appear in photos together… Although since writing that, I have now found one allegedly taken on the 22nd May 2014 – the 1st anniversary of the Woolwich fraud.
And in that photo, you have at least 2 people who have been portrayed in the MSM as being Lee Rigby. I feel sure you can guess the potential 3rd candidate, although I have not been able to put a name to him as yet.
But I digress.
Course, on the face of it Megan and Amy are not related by blood, although in theory Amy is the full sister of Courtney Rigby which makes them both half sister’s to Lee.
Megan on the other hand is Lee’s first cousin, since Lee’s stepfather, Alexis was also his Uncle… If you think reading this shit is complicated, imagine how I fucking felt unraveling it all.
Now, according to Genes Reunited, Amy Rose Rigby was born somewhere between January and April 2005.
However, despite trying every permutation possible, 192 people finder have no record whatsoever of her being born.
And with that in mind, I will remind you again of this photo allegedly taken on Christmas day 2013, which Ellen Delany/McClure used as her cover photo for her Facebook.
So, it now becomes blatantly obvious the the MSM intentionally misled us over the family dynamics.
But why?
Well, the obvious answer to that is the ‘Rigbys’ had to be portrayed in a good light in order for the government to elevate Lee to national hero status.
I mean, bringing Megan’s mum in to the mix would have been a potential PR disaster.
Natalie Lord is of course the partner of Chris Amos, who is one of those who play the role of Lee Rigby in the MSM.
However, all will become a lot clearer when I release ‘Look Back in Anger’… Although it is now looking increasingly likely that a major rewrite will be necessary to take in this new information along with the fact that so much has evolved since I first started writing it that it is beginning to get a bit messy.
Anyway, lets return to where the Rigbys live.
Now, the Langley council estate is amongst the roughest in the country and indeed in the early 1990′s many children from the estate were removed from their families amidst allegations of Satanic child abuse.
And, despite all of the children eventually being returned home due to lack of evidence – albeit some were not returned for 6 years -  I truly believe that given the people involved in the investigation/cover up (such as Virginia Bottomley), the abuse allegations were not without foundation.
Moreover, when you start digging you would be surprised at the number of high profile criminal acts that took place on the Langley estate or were committed by people who were raised there.
You would also be surprised by the coincidences that can be derived from the place and its residents.
Course, until the Rigby fraud came along most people had never even heard of the Langley estate.
For instance if I asked you who Robert Stewart is, most of you would either say you haven’t got a Scooby or tell me that he is the pervert caught trying to have sex with his bicycle. Source
I know, I should really stay on topic but that story was too funny not to share.
Never the less,the Robert Stewart that I am referring to was/is the racist thug with a cross and the letters RIP tattooed on his forehead, who 14 years ago beat his Asian cellmate to death with a table leg at Feltham Young Offenders Institute:
 At 3.35am on March 21, 2000, an alarm sounded in an office on Swallow wing at Feltham young offenders’ institution. Malcolm Nicholson, a guard, thought it was the usual night-time request from inmates for toilet paper, so went to cell number 38 armed with a roll.
The cell had been shared for six weeks by Zahid Mubarek, 19, who was due to be released later that day, and Robert Stewart, who was so dangerous, yesterday’s report concluded, that he should have been incarcerated on his own.
The prison officer opened the flap on the cell door to see Robert Stewart holding what appeared to be a stick. Lying on a bed, covered in blood, was Zahid Mubarek. Stewart said Zahid had had an accident and Mr Nicholson, realising Zahid was seriously injured, returned to his office to raise the alarm.
Stewart, from Manchester, had broken a leg off a table and bludgeoned Zahid to death. He was covered in Zahid’s blood, and was taken to another cell, where he used the heel of his boot to scrawl a swastika and the words “Manchester just killed me padmate”. Staff told the inquiry that Stewart was calm, and within half an hour of the murder was sound asleep.
How mind controlled was that cunt?
This from the BBC:
Some of the other inmates described Stewart’s behaviour at Feltham as “strange, weird and aggressive” – and there was no indication that he had made any friends.
However, more to the point Stewart was from the Langley estate.
Now, when we talk in terms of ‘mind control’ we usually associate the term with the CIA.
So lets see what connections we can make with Langley and the CIA
And indeed, the animated adult TV series ‘American Dad’, created by Zionist Seth Macfarlane immediately springs to my mind.
American Dad is about a family headed by CIA agent Stan Smith and set in the fictitious suburb of Langley Falls, although Langley is indeed home to the CIA headquarters.
Furthermore, Langley is in the State of Virginia and in turn the Manchester Satanic Child abuse was covered up by Virginia Bottomley.
Stan shares the same surname as the Paedophile MP Cyril Smith who was born and raised in Rochdale.
Smith went on to become the town’s Mayor after which he became the Member of Parliament for Rochdale.
No surprise then that the Langley Estate actually falls under control of Rochdale Council.
Cyril Smith was for 40 years a close friend of the Satanic Paedophile Jimmy Savile, who also has close links with Manchester… Both were knighted by the Queen.
Course, Lyn Rigby, mother of Lee is actually Lyn Seville, which is very close to the Surname Savile – which is normally spelt with two L’s.
Moreover, American Dad – now in its 20th season – does, as you would expect, frequently make references to ‘mind control’.
People from Manchester are called ‘Mancunians’.
Mancunian is very close to the word Manchurian and the novel ‘The Manchurian Candidate’ – which is about mind control – spawned two film adaptations, both of which focused more on the mind control aspect rather than the sexual perversion included in the book:
Both adaptations discard several elements of the book. The book spends more time describing the brain-washers and the facility in Manchuria where the Americans were held. The head of the project grants Raymond a “gift”; after his brainwashing, he becomes quite sexually active, in contrast to his reserved nature beforehand where he hadn’t even kissed his love interest, Jocelyn Jordan.
In the novel, Mrs. Iselin and her son travel abroad, where she uses him to kill various political figures and possibly Jocelyn Jordan’s first husband. Rosie, Marco’s love interest, is also the ex-fiance of one of his associates handling the Shaw case for Army Intelligence, making things between them tense.
As a child, Mrs. Iselin was sexually abused by her father but fell in love with him and idolized him after his early death. Towards the end of the book, as Raymond is hypnotized by the Queen of Diamonds, he reminds her of her father and she sleeps with him.
Source, Wikipedia
And as we know, Satanic sex abuse involves sexual perversion.
Indeed, it is worth checking out the American Dad characters, which you can do by clicking HERE 
Course, I am not saying that the above connections are true facts relating to the Rigby case, but as you know, the Satanic elite do have a funny way of doing things.
What I am saying however, is that Lyn Seville has lived on this rough tough council estate for fucking years but we are supposed to believe that she is anything other than a hard faced cow:
LEE’s mum Lyn collapsed and needed medical treatment after raging Adebolajo and Adebowale had to be bundled out of court by nine guards.
The killers started brawling with security men in the dock after judge Mr Justice Sweeney said they had betrayed Islam.
The pair, both in Islamic robes, were dragged to the cells then sentenced in their absence.
Lyn, 47, told The Sun: “This was the final insult to Lee. It was like they were jumping all over his grave.
“As they started fighting all I could think was that was how it must have been as they hacked and killed my son.

Lee's mum Lyn Rigby
Lee’s mum Lyn Rigby
LEE Rigby’s mum wept last night and told how she spoke to him in her head as she watched his killers being sentenced in court yesterday.
“I tried to block out the noises and shouting by covering my ears. There was so much banging and chaos. I felt so ill I thought I was going to die.
“I screamed out and the police rushed to protect me and my family. I was terrified the glass screen around the dock was going to smash and I couldn’t breathe properly.
“Even when they were dragged downstairs I could still hear them screaming. I don’t think I have ever felt so frightened. But I was determined to see it through to the end for Lee.”
After the sentencing, Lyn said her legs “just went from underneath me”. An ambulance was called and she was taken to a side room and her blood pressure checked. She was later well enough to return home.
Hmmm, either she was very sheltered and never went outdoors on the tough Langley Estate or she is a born fucking liar… My money is on the latter.
Never the less, the coincidences mentioned above are far from all of the coincidences tied to this case.
Take Karl Whittle for instance, the dead soldier who I believe was the real person depicted in that mocked up, official MOD photo, released on the 23rd of May 2013.
“What about him?”, I hear you ask… Aside from the fact that he was the fella used to portray ‘Jiggers Riggers’ in the official MOD photo… Which should be enough evidence to convince anyone that this whole Woolwich affair is a fraud.
Well, it would seem that Phil McClure, Rigby’s alleged real Old Man from Oldham – see what I did there – helped to organise an event to raise money for the Help for Heroes charity, which was held in… Wait for it. Wait for it… WHITTLES:
Phil, known as “Geordie”, has joined friends at Whittles, the concert venue in King Street, Oldham to organise a memorial fundraiser in aid of Help for Heroes at the pub on February 2nd, 2014.  Source
Now that is one hell of a fucking coincidence by anyones standards, don’t cha know.
And of course, Help for Heroes did better financially out of Rigby’s death than the whole of the false flag cast and crew put together.
Although, I would imagine that Lyn’s new business venture, ”Team Lee United Forces Ltd’ will keep the coffers coming in.
However, I won’t say too much on this new venture for now since I am still looking into it.
Never the less, it is a limited company not a charity – registered to 63 Burnside Crescent as it happens – so there can be no doubt that devastated Lyn hasn’t any qualms about cashing in on Lee’s name… Just sayin’.
Moreover, her two fellow directors dissolved their business, ‘Human Diagnostic Ltd’ to start this new company with Lyn.
And stranger still, Ian Rigby – who I do not believe exists – is not listed as a TLUFL board member… Again, just sayin’.
But I will leave this new venture started on the 2nd of April 2014 there for the time being.
Although, I have to add that it makes a fucking mockery of what Lyn told the country via the national press the following month after first starting that business – kinda makes you wonder where a former cleaner got her business acumen doesn’t it?
The following is from The Sun:
LEE Rigby’s mum has told how she is haunted by visions of his death — a year to the day since his murder.
Shattered Lyn Rigby has paid a midnight visit to her fusilier son’s grave as she struggles to overcome her grief.
And she says she will never forgive the two men who drove into dad-of-one Lee, 25, then hacked him with knives and a meat cleaver.
Fighting back tears, Lyn, 47, said: “No parent should ever have to bury a child but the nature of Lee’s death was so violent that I can barely sleep at night, haunted by the images of my child lying bloodied and fatally wounded on the street.
“If I close my eyes I see Lee covered in blood.
That is more than we fucking saw then… Including the fucking jury who were only shown photos DEPICTING his wounds… And since ‘Lee’ was identified by his dental records, I would be surprised if Lyn even saw his body.
Carry on:
And when I do fall asleep I have nightmares in which I am running to try and save my son.
Imagine that! … Sorry, do continue:
“I wake up in cold sweats with my heart thumping and I feel like I am going to die.
That’ll be the fags love… Sorry… Just ignore me:
“The grief is so intense it makes my body hurt physically.
“I have sat up so many nights begging for someone to take the suffering away but it is always there.
Yeah, steady Lyn, I have photos to prove otherwise… Just sayin’.
“I don’t think I will ever get over my Lee’s murder.
“He was my flesh and blood and I loved and nurtured him for the 25 years he was alive. That love will never die nor will the sorrow I feel without him.”
During sentencing at London’s Old Bailey the extremist pair brawled in the dock with guards. Lyn was so traumatised she collapsed and had to be treated by paramedics.
She said: “As I heard the violence and shouting all I could think was that was how it must have been as they hacked and killed my son.
Make sure you get it all in Lyn… Think of the money… Fuck the country and your fellow country men:
“It all came flooding back. It was the final insult — like they were jumping all over Lee’s grave.”
What all came flooding back? You didn’t see fuck all… NO ONE DID!
The stress of the case sent Lyn to rock bottom. Late one night she walked in the cold and rain to Lee’s grave in his hometown of Middleton, Greater Manchester.
She said: “I always try to be strong for Lee but I just couldn’t cope any more. I wanted my son back and to be close to him.
“I sat for half an hour beside his tombstone and sobbed in the dark.
“I talked to him as if he were still alive and told him how much I loved him. It was a very bleak and lonely time because the pain just wouldn’t go away.
“Every day is like being trapped in hell and it doesn’t get any better.
Errrr… It does according to Companies House… But carry on:
“My family is now imprisoned with the pain of what happened to Lee for the rest of our lives.
Yeah, I’ve just been discussing your ‘family’, as it happens.
“Every day it feels like I am facing a mountain to climb just to get out of bed.
You still have Ian No Mates love.
“I just want to curl up in the corner alone and nurse my wounds and my broken heart.”
But what about Ian?
1074382_10201696551520513_710284358_o (1)

The last time she saw Lee alive was on Easter Sunday, March 31 last year — before he returned to his barracks in London.
No Lyn, he wasn’t in any barracks… You can say he was if you want, but you will look foolish when I refute the claim.
She said: “I will never forget that day and have vivid images of it.
You would have kinda thought that he would have told you he was engaged then, wouldn’t you?
Yet the first time that you ever met or even spoke to Aimee west was on the eve of his funeral… I find that very fucking strange myself.
“I can still hear Lee laughing at the top of his voice and playing with his younger sisters.
Which younger sisters would that be Lyn?
“He told me to look after myself and my last memory of him is as he walked out the door and turned back to smile at me. If I had known what was heading his way I would never have let him leave.”
Seven weeks later Lee was dead — the first British soldier to die at the hands of homegrown Islamic terrorists.
Ahhhh, terrorists are they? Strange then that they were not up in court for any acts of terrorism whatsoever.
Lyn added: “I will never forgive his killers but they got the sentence they deserved. They have not been martyred as they wished.
“Instead they are locked up for life in pens like the animals they showed themselves to be on the day they killed my son. I hope they never rest easy for the rest of their lives and I hope their minds are tortured and in turmoil just like mine. Nothing can change that day now even though I still keep thinking Lee is going to burst through the door with a huge grin on his face.
Which Lee, are you referring to Lyn?
“Then I remember he has gone forever. And I recall how he met his death and another giant wave of pain and sorrow engulfs me.
The Karl Whittle Lee then.
And there are plenty more extremely inexplicable things on show in those photos that you won’t cotton on to until I tell you… And then you will say: “Fuck me! Ohhh yeah”.
But that will keep for later.
Now, there was another fund raiser at a pub in Dagenham for Help The Fucking Heroes:

Dagenham pub gets merry for money in memory of Drummer Lee Rigby

Staff at the Me'an'O'Briens pub in Goresbrook, Dagenham, in their white Help For Heroes t-shirts
A spontaneous night of fundraising was held at a pub in memory of murdered Drummer Lee Rigby. 
The bird on the far right does however look suspiciously like Jasmine Hodges (seen in the header photo with Sara McClure and Aimee West).
You may remember Jasmine from the photos that appeared in yesterdays ‘For whom the smells troll’.
Here, have a reminder:
Jasmine is quite a major player in this event as you will find out when I finally release ‘Look back in anger’.
However, for now lets carry on with that fund raiser in the Dagenham pub.
Sean Skinner has his chest waxed for moneySean Skinner has his chest waxed for money
Staff at Me’an’O’Briens pub in Goresbrook Road, Dagenham, held a night of merrymaking including a darts tournament and a raffle with prizes from an array of local businesses and even a pair of signed gloves form boxer Kevin Mitchell.
They raised a grand total of £1,385 — with one enterprising individual earning £132 alone for having his chest waxed — for soldier’s charity Help for Heroes at the event on Saturday, June 1.
Pub manager Annett Barry said: “We wanted to do something as soon as possible following the murder of Lee Rigby.
“We just felt strongly that we had to do something while it was in everybody’s minds.”
Me ‘an’ O’Briens!… Wasn’t Rigby’s bessie mate called Owein O’Brien?
So that is two venues where Rigby fund raisers have been held with coincidental names.
Owein O’Brien appeared in a Panorama Documentary about Rigby, in which he was described as being the Drummers best mate.
O’Brien is also a drummer – allegedly – so the pair could be described as being Drum and Drummer.
However, I have personally seen that Panorama program a couple of times and O’Brien comes across as a proper smug, fucking arsehole… So in reality it is a case of Dumb and Dumber.
And, if the following screenshots of comments taken from an obscenely racist forum, made a couple of days after that Panorama documentary aired are the comments of the Owein O’Brien in question then it isn’t hard to see how the security services and the BBC got the piece of dogshit to take part in the charade.

Incase you can’t read it, the top line says:
BBC documentary on those fucking niggers that murdered Drummer Lee Rigby:
And then O’Brien says:
Fucking libtards the lot of them, no mention that this is typical nigger scum behaviour; muslims of other races don’t do what these two black bastards did.
The documentary shows how these gays were linked with nigger street gangs like the Woolwich Boyz and even shows pretentious pricks like Haqq Baker trying to be magic niggers by saying he could have prevented the murder if the government didn’t cut his street project funding. Fucking typical asking for more handouts.
Also the god damn narrator is clearly a libtard. His name is Peter Taylor and if you observe closely he is always wearing the same blue Ralph Lauren shirt despite apparently being in different countries. Something fishy there.
Spliced through the documentary are various interviews with ugly black bastards such as Nigerian sheboons that lived on the estate that the killers grew up on.  Source
And that one says:
Thanks for all your support guys. I’d like to add that the BBC like to suck BBC because they show a picture in the documentary of Adebolajo and if you find the same picture online zoomed out the nigger has his arm around a white schoolgirl. The BBC clearly zoomed in to not show this. 
They do not want the truth to come out about these fornicating, rapist chimps targetting white females. The documentary also mentions Adebolajos children but don’t tell you about his mixed spawn or how he targets coal burners. 
The BBC is pure liberal propaganda, full of dirty faggots and pedophiles. They are covering up loads. Untold Story my ass.  Source
Now, I am sure you will agree that the cunt who wrote that sounds likely to be O’Brien.
What a charming fella… The vile, evil, racist cunt.
Course, that speaks volumes about the kind of company the nations hero kept.
He is however correct about the BBC.
Never the Less, O’Brien did help carry Rigby’s coffin and he does have photo’s of Rigby on his Facebook… Although none of them were added until after his death.
And remember the Lee Rigby bear? (discussed in ‘Look Back in Anger’, but it is basically a tribute bear on sale to raise money in Rigbys name).
I wonder where they got that idea from?
Check this out.

Oh, Karl Whittle… Okay.
Never the less, the coincidences do not end there and this next one is definitely a piss take on behalf of the government.
I am of course talking about Royal Barnes and his wife Rebekah Dawson… Notice once again the different surnames between married couples.
Barnes and his wife were jailed in March of this year for “Glorifying the murder of Lee Rigby”, although how you can glorify the murder of someone who never was is proper fucking beyond me.
Of course there is no question that Barnes and Dawson were used to further the anti-Muslim agenda and give our Sniffenpissin, Nonce Ponce government further ammunition to crack down on social network sites and free speech:
A couple were jailed on Friday for glorifying the murder of the soldier Lee Rigby in videos posted on YouTube that were “offensive in the extreme”. Royal Barnes, 23, and his wife Rebekah Dawson, 22, of Hackney, north-east London, recorded and uploaded three videos shortly after the murder in Woolwich, south-east London, last May.
Barnes was jailed for five years and four months at the Old Bailey after admitting three counts of disseminating a terrorist publication and one of inciting murder. Dawson admitted disseminating a terrorist publication and was jailed for 20 months.
Before sentencing, Judge Brian Barker QC asked Dawson’s lawyer to confirm the defendant was the woman in the dock in the full veil.
Earlier this year, Dawson admitted an unrelated charge of witness intimidation, after she waived her right to give evidence in her defence, arguing it was against her religious views to remove her veil.
Barnes has previous convictions for using threatening words or behaviour, and one for assault on a security guard at a mosque. He also has a five-year antisocial behaviour order for taking part in vigilante patrols of east London promoting sharia law, the court was told.  Source
So why do I believe that this is just another staged event?
Well, I have already given you the motive and pointed out the tell tale different surname between man & wife.
However, on top of that there are very few photos’s to be found of Barnes and the few that are available are mostly blurred or of poor quality.
Similarly, his wife could be anyone being as she is only ever seen hiding behind a veil, thus serving the dual purpose of antagonising the half witted, gullible general public and rendering her anonymous.
I mean, she could be Sweaty Betty for all we fucking know.

Course, when you look at the mug shot of Barnes, it appears to have been photoshopped.
Indeed, it looks like two half heads have been stuck together. You can in fact almost see the join and the face appears to be far to elongated.
Indeed I did run the picture through FotoForensics but for the sake of  impartiality I will say that the results were inconclusive.
Never the less, that is far from all there is on the Royal Barnes front.
However, before I elaborate further, I best just give you the evidence on Jeremiah Adebolajo working for MI5:
The younger brother of one of the men accused of murdering Drummer Lee Rigby was paid thousands of pounds by MI6 as part of spying operations in the Middle East, The Mail on Sunday has discovered.
Jeremiah Adebolajo, who uses the name Abul Jaleel, was also asked to help ‘turn’ his brother, Michael, to work for MI5, who were already aware of Michael’s close links to extremist groups.
The claims are made by the Adebolajo family and a well-placed source who contacted The Mail on Sunday.
Jeremiah Adebolajo, 26, who works as an English teacher at a  university in Saudi Arabia and returned to Britain this week, is to be questioned about his brother by Scotland Yard counter-terrorism detectives today.   Source
Now here’s the thing. In February 2012 Greenwich which includes Woolwich became a ROYAL Borough – only the 4th to be given that title.
So, from there you have this made up fellas first name.
And as for his surname?
Well, you probably won’t know this but Lyn Rigby – who is really Lyn Seville – was at one point called Barnes, which is spelt the same way as Royal’s surname… Quite an unusual way to spell it.
Never the less, I suppose that having the name Royal Barnes, was nothing more than coincidence… I mean, it isn’t as if the Elites like to take the piss by dropping clues or anything is it?
And incidentally, Lyn’s middle name is Jacinta, an unusual name and rather like Jacintha… Just sayin’.
Moreover, you can add the fella who allegedly stabbed Michael Adebowale when he was 16 years old to the ‘coincidences.
I mean, his name just so happened to be Lee James – Lee James being Rigby’s first and middle name.
The incident in question allegedly happened when Adebowale was 16 years old:
At 16, Adebowale was seriously affected by the murder of a fellow gang member who was “cut to pieces” when he was attacked by a bare-knuckle fighter, Lee James, in a drug-induced psychotic episode at a crack den in Erith, Kent. Adebowale was stabbed twice in the 2008 attack.
He was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and had counselling with a psychiatrist but failed to respond to treatment. Following his arrest for the murder of Lee Rigby, he told psychiatrists that he believed he had seen James in Belmarsh prison and was reluctant to go through doors there.  Source
You can read the full details from December 2008 by clicking HERE … I always find it best to go back to the original articles on account of the MSM  are fucking liars.
Never the less, because Adebowale was only 16 at the time, he is not named in the original. Therefore, there is no proof that Adebowale was the youth who was there and stabbed twice in the neck.
Moreover, Adebowale is of Nigerian extract, whereas the original article states that Lee James’ victims were two Afghans and a Somalian.
The following is from the Murdermap website:
He burst into the flat screaming: ‘You f*****g Somalians, you want to ruin my country, you want to blow up my country, you want to sell drugs in my country. This is what you get.’
The three victims, two of whom were Afghani, were all said to be affiliated with the notorious south London street gang the ‘Woolwich Boys‘.
Now, according to the MSM, Adebowale was jailed for 15 months in 2009 for drug offences.
And, it has to be said that is some serious sentence for a 17 year old boy who has never been to prison before.
However, I’m fucked if I can find any record of that so once again, it is most likely to all be bollocks.
Especially since I have information that Adebowale was in WASHINGTON at the time.


And you may also want to read a peculiar story found HERE that involves a fella named Lee Rigby, a Lee Rigby lookalike and a soldier being beaten to death.
Okay moving forward by going backward.
Now, we have already heard Lyn’s version of how she was told about Lee’s death.
She was in fact adamant that 4 fellas in suits came to her door sometime after midnight.
I of course disputed this based on the facts that the MOD only inform the next of kin – who is in this case Rebecca Rigby – and they never send more than two fellas… Indeed, according to Matt Taylor, a former RMP himself, the MOD only send the one.
Therefore, the fact that four bods in suits showed up, who later allegedly said that they had been waiting from around 8 PM to break the news but their colleagues couldn’t find Becci Rigby to inform her simultaneously- hence the delay of 4 hours – is extremely suspect.
After all, you could be forgiven for maybe thinking that the four ‘suits’ could have been MI5 come to put pressure on Lyn and her ‘family’ to take part – or tell her that the play had started… Just sayin.
However, Lyn and her idiot husband fucked up in an interview they gave, whilst receiving yet another fucking freebie in the form of having one of those there garden makeovers at their Burnside Crescent house.
I mean, how many families get their house tarted up for free just because one of their number has been murdered.
Never the less, Lyn calls the Burnside Crescent her “Safe Haven”, but said that it became overgrown when Lee died.
Really Lyn?
And with her best “please feel sorry for me” voice and hang dog expression in place Lyn told ITV:
“Its ripped me apart really. I’ve not really been able to grieve for Lee.
Not being next of kin I’ve had nothing. No possessions of Lee”.
Apart from his uniform, more money than you have ever had in your life, fame, etc, etc… Carry on:
“And we just felt, y’know, we were put in a corner and ‘get on with it’. y’know.
The next of kin gets looked after, we get nothing”.
You sound a bit bitter Lyn… Tell us again how those four fellas came to inform you about Lee’s death in the middle of the night.

Ohhhh, yeah.
And whilst we’re at it, you may as well remind us of how devoted you and Lee were to each other despite the fact that you never met his fiancee Aimee until he had been dead a month and a half.
Cheers, ya fucking lying old trout.
And of course, Lee had his head that screwed on that he didn’t bother changing his personal information despite a very acrimonious split from his wife a year before.
Still, the results were nice, despite viewers of the video having to sit through Lyn & Ians old bollocks… Not that they live there anyway.
Moreover it was strange how Courtney was there for the grand unveiling, but there was no sign of Amy… I mean, what girl is going to pass up the chance to see the garden completed, her parents reaction and be “ont tele” to boot?
Talk about mugging people off.
However, if I am wrong please feel free to sue me… Just sayin’.