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Before I continue, if you don't know who Chris Spivey is, shame on you. According to the main stream media he's the nation's leading “Internet Troll,” found guilty of harassing the family of murdered soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich; but to the nation's “Conspiracy Theory” community he's a top man, hero and the leading researcher in exposing government cover-ups and false flag events.

While his millions of fans wait patiently for his next explosive article which he promises has the potential to bring down the British Establishment (if enough people read it) this tongue in cheek exposė is intended for entertainment purposes only. No offence is intended to Andy Payne, (if that's his name) the victim of this hit and run incident and while the writing is written in the style of Christopher D Spivey, the information within may not necessarily be the opinion of the writer.

Well well well, yet another false flag event courtesy of Sussex Police. The men in blue by the sea are getting quite apt at policing false flag events having successfully policed their last one at the Shoreham air-show crash. If any fucker out there thinks the Shoreham air-show crash wasn't a false flag event, then you really should get your head out of your arse and wake up to the reality of every single fucker in a position of power, pulling your chain and taking you for a dumb arse fucker!

If you haven't read my breakdown of the Shoreham air-show crash, why the fuck haven't you? Do you think I do this for my own entertainment? Fuck off! I do this because I can't abide paedophile fuck-wits residing in lavish palaces raping and killing our kids at my expense. So, if you haven't take a butchers here to read it.

So, here we have another false-flag event to wet our appetite. To be honest I've got better things to do than write about this shit. I'm currently working on a world exclusive that if enough people share it on Facebook, has the potential to trigger an fucking alien invasion and change the course of fucking Human history forever...

I mean really, when has a police force ever shown a video of a pedestrian being hit at 50 mph, tossed like a dummy through the air and landing like a sack of potatoes on the floor before?

It simply doesn't happen... WTF! Next they'll be showing rapes and murders caught on film! Fucking boys-in-blue, I wouldn't put anything past them.

This sinks of a 'Problem-Action-Solution,' event to make the public look right, while a fuck-off disaster plays out on their left.

All you have to do is scratch the surface and the truth is revealed. So lets break it down shall we...

Sussex Police are bankrupt. If you don't believe me goto and type Sussex Police into the search bar. You'll see with your own two fucking eyes that Sussex Police Headquarters has been DISSOLVED!

Now considering this is coming on the same day the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne is asking for an extra £5.00 from everyone in Sussex, it doesn't take a genius to realise something ain't right.

Mind you considering I ain't had any bitch take her knickers of for me for the last decade and not even an offer of a hand-job, I would give Katy Porn one for sure! Having run an pole dancing school before landing the £85K a year Police and Crime Commissioner job (in which the tax payer funds a further £1.1 million a year for a team of people to do all the work for her) I'm sure she could introduce me to a new sexual position or two!

Mind you, taking a closer look, and considering she's a Conservative privately educated Roedean girl; I might just pass up on the offer and remain celibate as I have done for the last ten years; thanks for nothing my dear female readers! (Hey Dogman; are you willing to lend your mate a hand?!?)

Right where the fuck was I before I went down the tangent on getting into Katy Porn's knickers?

The Brighton hit and run is a false flag event if ever I saw one.

I mean, the victim made a full recovery! Oh how fucking convenient; just like Andy Hill who miraculously survived unscathed from a huge fireball which killed 11 people on the ground and injuring a further 16.

Do you take me for a fucking idiot? Don't answer; its a theoretical question don't cha know; you mother-fuckers! I love you really!

I mean when does a police force need to make an appeal like this when there is a CCTV camera on every street corner and vehicle recognition software which can determine the owner of a vehicle in seconds?

And most damning of all is that the hit and run happened TWO FUCKING WEEKS before it was released. If Sussex Police were so keen on apprehending the drivers, why didn't they do something sooner?

This is a false-flag-event if ever I saw one.

All you've gotta do is tap “Katy Bourne” into Twitter and you'll see for yourself the onslaught she's getting from my mate, the Gay Clown Matt Taylor as part of his hate campaign against her.

No doubt he'll defend his actions by pretending its all part of his election campaign to succeed Katy Porn as the next Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner but considering he got 69 votes in the last election, its obvious he's living in cloud cuckoo land...

Fuck me, all you gotta do is watch the crap he sprouts here to realise why he came last!

But the Gay Clown has a point... Sussex Police are in trouble and they needed something to divert attention from the mire they find themselves in.

Check out the Gay Clown's election website here. Fuck me; he's got as much chance of winning an election as I have winning my appeal against my conviction of harassment against Lee Rigby's family, of which I'M FUCKING INNOCENT; don't cha know!

And guess who else is FUCKING INNOCENT? Adam McDermott, the actor Sussex Police hired to drive the car. Look at his face and tell me if this fucker has a care in the world?

“I am totally innocent,” he insists as he walks out of court freed on bail.

"I am totally innocent" insists Adam McDermott

So there you have it you mother fuckers. I've got better things to do than bang on about Sussex Police and a Gay Clown....

Wake up will yer! Sussex Police are getting you to look right while they sweep up the shit on their left.

For fucks sake I pity the lot of yer! You spineless cunts....


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  1. that's my brother you call an actor. and yes he did do it. you fucking moron


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