Okay, let’s have a look at what laughingly passes for justice in this country nowadays by examining the murder trial of Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale.

Not that it was a real trial of course.
Now, as it happens, the header photo is a screenshot  taken from the shop CCTV footage just 8 seconds after Rigby is allegedly knocked down by the Tigra.
Quite why there is a missing 8 seconds from the time that we see Rigby about to be struck by the car at 13:26:00 (where the shop video footage ends) to 13:26:08 when the next bit of footage to be released starts, is beyond me… Well it’s not because I know exactly why the 8 seconds is missing but you know what I mean.
Course, it has to be said that the old bill were incredibly unlucky where this cctv camera is concerned… Or should that be suspiciously lucky where this cctv camera is concerned?
You see, not only does a sign post obscure the Tigra driven by the terrorists when the car suspiciously stopped in the middle of John Wilson Street just before knocking Rigby down, but the way that the camera is angled also prevents you from seeing where the car ended up.
In other words, not only don’t we see the Tigra actually hit Rigby (at 30-40MPH allegedly), we don’t see the car mount the 6 inch high kerb – without braking – with Rigby on the bonnet, then make an impossible turn – again without braking –   and ram into the sign post at between 30-40 MPH, with Rigby still on the bonnet, the impact of which catapulted him an astonishing errrr… two foot.
Think about that?
Rigby was on the bonnet of a car that hit an immovable object whilst travelling at 30-40 MPH and he was catapulted 2 fucking foot.
Fuck me, if the car had been stationary and Rigby had just rolled off he would have landed 2 fucking foot from the bonnet.
Mind you, I read a brilliant explanation from a supposedly RTA expert the other day as to why the sign post that the Tigra hit didn’t bend an inch.
You see, according to this muppet if you tied a rope around a post somewhere around the middle and pulled with all your might the chances are that the post wouldn’t bend. However, if you tied the rope near the top, you would be able to bend the post quite easily… Fucking idiot!
The car hit the fucking post it wasn’t fucking dragging it… Dog give me fucking strength.
Never the less, we will ignore the fact that a sign post designed to crumple on impact remained firmly in the same, undamaged position that it always had.
However, we won’t ignore the fact that Rigby’s rucksack ended up neatly placed against the wall, nowhere near where Rigby landed and then morphed into a day sack in time for the court case.
I also fail to see why the crash investigators could not give an exact speed for the Tigra.
After all, there is a big difference injury wise between being hit by a car at 30 MPH and being hit by a car at 40 MPH.
Mind you, by my calculations arrived at by taking the time that the Tigra began moving from its stop position in the middle of John Wilson Street to the time it took to hit Rigby I estimate that the car was travelling somewhere between 15 and 20 MPH.
And just so as you know that it would be bollocks to say that the Tigra was travelling somewhere between 30-40MPH, take a look at this statistic:
Around two-thirds of crashes in which people are killed or injured occur on roads with a speed limit of 30 mph or less. At 30 mph vehicles are travelling at 44 feet (about 3 car lengths) each second.  Source
With that in mind, does the distance between the Tigra and Lee in the last two photos look to be a minimum of  88ft?… No, it doesn’t to me either.
I will tell you something else for nothing too. Either the surrounding streets were closed off when the shops CCTV took the footage or it was very early in the morning. John Wilson Street/Artillery Place is a very, very busy junction.
Course, you will either have to take my word for that or go and look for ya self, don’t cha know.
Yet there was no expert testimony in court from a crash site investigator… Very strange.
And did I mention that the Tigra in question was an automatic?
Much harder to maintain the alleged 30-40 MPH once it had hit the 6 inch high kerb… Just sayin’.
In fact, I am fucked if I know how Rigby stayed on the bonnet of the Tigra at all.
I mean, they are fucking tiny.
Indeed, the car would have struck Rigby at lower thigh height at best, which at 30-40MPH would have smashed the bone in at least one of his legs.
Yet the autopsy report makes no mention of either of Rigby’s legs being broken:
Jurors were shown graphic representations of the numerous injuries Fusilier Rigby sustained in the fatal attack.
They included fractures to the left side of his back, consistent with a single high-energy blunt force impact which could have been the impact with the car and stab wounds to the body, neck and head.
Dr Poole said: ‘The most serious injuries to the chest were associated with extensive bleeding, injury to the lungs and the largest artery in the body the aetora.
‘The injuries to the neck were very deep and affected the main structures in the neck – the windpipe, jugular veins, the nerves of the neck were all divided.
‘They were deep incised wounds with associated damage to all the major structures in the front of the neck.
‘They almost encircled the neck.’
There was a total of 14 injuries to the head and neck which had hit the bone or cartilage, the jury was told.
Dr Poole said some of the chest wounds were four inches deep and caused devastating internal injuries.
‘Some of the wounds went deep into the chest cavity and caused internal injuries – there was damage, a cut, to the right lung which had collapsed,’ he told the jury.
‘The chest cavity had cuts to the bone, the second rib, and lungs on the right hand side.
‘There are a pair of wounds on the right arm which could have been defensive wounds.’
Now how the fuck could the car have struck him on the back?    
And you can forget about offering up any other theories about how Rigby’s back was broken, because it is only Dr Poo’s testimony that counts… Testimony that wasn’t challenged by either of the defence barristers, I hasten to add.
Why wasn’t it?
After all, the ONLY way that the car could have struck Rigby on the back – no matter how low – is if Rigby was crouched down.
Which he wasn’t and to suggest otherwise is just total bollocks.
So why didn’t Adebolajo’s Barrister Mr Goatlips or Michael Adebowale’s Barrister Mr Unpronounceable challenge Poo on this anomaly?
And whilst they were at it, why didn’t they establish why they were being shown “graphic representations of the numerous injuries” instead of the real fucking thing?
After all, how long would it take to find or draw “graphic representations” that matched exactly those allegedly inflicted on Rigby when the prosecution could simply have produced the autopsy photos?
The answer to that is quite, quite obvious… The court case, like the event itself was nothing more than a play act.
And how were “the fractures”, which allegedly involved 5 vertebrae caused to Rigby’s left hand side?
Forget the fact that the Tigra appears to be veering away from Rigby, surely the impossible injuries caused by the car should have been to his right hand side?
Never the less, the chances of Rigby staying on the car bonnet in order for him to end up where he did are absolutely fucking zilch. Take a look at these photos.
There is under 30 foot between the two posts and a Tigra is around 13 foot long… Just sayin’.
Never mind that we are meant to believe that the car was doing 30-40 MPH, we are also meant to believe that Adebolajo controlled the car at that speed – after first hitting Rigby and then the kerb – while still managing to get the turn needed to hit the sign post head on!
Outlining the events leading up to the killing, he added: “The men drove straight at him. When the car struck him it was travelling at something like 30 to 40 miles an hour.
“It appears Lee Rigby was rendered unconscious by that deliberate act. The car carried him from the road on to the pavement. There is no evidence to suggest that the driver of the Tigra braked at any stage and that it struck a road sign stanchion with great force.”
Yet for Rigby to end up where he did he MUST have still been inexplicably on the car bonnet when it hit the sign post… Are you having this old fucking bollocks?
They are taking the fucking piss.
 I mean, they can’t even decide whether the Tigra is Purple or Blue:
JURORS have been shown footage of a car being driven into soldier Lee Rigby before he was allegedly hacked to death “like a butcher attacking a joint of meat” in Woolwich.
Michael Adebolajo, aged 28, of Oakwood Close, Lewisham, and Michael Adebowale, aged 22, of Thames Street, Greenwich, are charged with murdering the Fusilier as he walked back to Woolwich Barracks on May 22.
CCTV showed the moment a purple Vauxhall Tigra veered across the road at Artillery Place and slammed into the back of the soldier as he crossed, lifting him on to the bonnet and then the pavement. Source
So, it is a purple Tigra then?
Well no. Not according to the Metropolitan police anyway:
The court heard how the defendants had planned to kill a soldier in the days prior to the attack. On the afternoon of 22 May, they drove in a blue Vauxhall Tigra to Woolwich armed with a machete, knives and a gun for that purpose. They parked the car in Wellington Street, near Woolwich Barracks, waiting for their opportunity. Source
Looks purple to me though.
Never the less, despite the fact that there are 8 seconds missing from the shop CCTV footage, if the official version is to be accepted then we have to accept that the impossible happened.
Therefore, allowing 3 or 4 seconds for the Tigra to mount the pavement and collide with the sign post then it is safe to say that the next bit of CCTV footage that was released to the public starts 4 or 5 seconds after Rigby has been catapulted that massive distance of 2 ft.
Yet taking into account the damage that the car sustained, it is quite strange that you don’t see any steam or smoke in that area.
I mean, Have you ever seen a serious crash without steam or smoke?
Course, the jury – of which there would have been one albeit made up of stooges – were allegedly shown the footage of the car striking Rigby.
So why are we not allowed to see it?
We all have a mental picture in our heads of the car hitting Rigby anyway. And at that distance any photos or videos cannot be more horrific than our imaginations.
Never the less, the Tigra allegedly driven by Adebolajo seen in photos shown to the jury allegedly taken prior to the attack is not the Tigra that has been plonked in front of the sign post.
The jury are shown images of the two defendants travelling by car from Adebolago’s home in Greenwich towards Woolwich at around 1pm.
They drive past the scene of the murder just after 1.30pm, continuing along the barracks and towards the Woolwich Ferry.
Further CCTV shows the car making its way back along the same route towards the scene ten minutes later.
A good clue to this fact is that all of the photos that have emerged of the Tigra prior to the crash do not show the cars registration number.
This fact makes little sense when you consider that one of the photos from the Metropolitan Police’s file allegedly shows Adebolajo putting petrol in the car yet you cannot make head nor tail of what the fucking registration number is.
This simply wouldn’t happen since the CCTV on petrol station forecourts is there mainly to capture the car number plates of anyone who fills up and drives off without paying.
Neither is the registration number of the Tigra – that I have no doubts in my mind was manually placed on the pavement in Artillery Place – a secret.
Just for the record it is N696 JWX.
So why blank it out if the one seen on the streets prior to the crash is the same car?

Course, if the long object laying under the car wheel is the arch trim, you have to ask the question; how the fuck did it get under the tyre?
Similarly, if the object further away is the side bumper the how the fuck did it get where it is? If anything it should have been thrown forward.
Never the less, the Tigra shown to the jury driving around prior to the attack cannot be the same car because it doesn’t have a rear windscreen wiper.
Woolwich Murder Scene
Why the fuck are they being allowed to get away with this?
This is major, your children’s future is being compromised on the strength of this government fraud.
We were also told that after filling his car with petrol, Adebolajo found he didn’t have any money with him so he left his mobile as security. Fuck knows how he remembered his mobile but not his money.
Personally, I think this is a load of old fanny – a red herring –  designed to take your mind off the number plate and to try to add weight to the feather light scenario.
In one of the photos you see of Adebolajo allegedly giving over his white mobile phone to the garage cashier, but refusing to hand over his Qur’an which begs the question why did he carry the large book into the shop in the first place.

Needless to say, there is a bit more to it than just Adebolajo not having any money on him.
You see, whoever wrote the script – because that is all it is – used the opportunity to let it be known that Adebolajo didn’t want his phone answered while he left it with the garage thus giving the impression that he had something to hide.
Quite what, I’m fucked if I know:
*Ring Ring*
“Hello Michael”?
“No its Tesco garage Lewisham, we have Martins phone until he comes back for it”.
“Oh right. Well listen. When he’s done hacking a soldier’s head off this afternoon. Tell him not to hang around for a photo opportunity… You know what he’s like… Well you don’t, but he does like to give his eye for an eye speech to the cameras. Tell him Anjem called and said to come straight to 10 Market Street, Catford straight after he has done the do… Got that”?
“Ten Market street to see Anjem. Got it. I’ll tell Martin when he comes to get his phone back”. 
And that is how preposterous this scenario really is because on top of the phone malarkey, the wannabe playwright’s cannot stop themselves bringing the Qur’an into the act, thus reinforcing the fact that Adebolajo is a Muslim extremist.
The following is from the Guardian:
The court heard that on the morning of the killing Adebolajo went to a petrol station in Lewisham to fill up the Vauxhall Tigra. However, he told the shop assistant that he had no money to pay for the petrol and, when asked if he had any valuables with him, he offered a white mobile phone.
When asked what else he had in his pockets he took out a copy of the Qur’an but, jurors were told, he did not want to leave the Islamic holy book.
“He told the shop assistant he was concerned to pay for the petrol and that she should not answer his phone,” Whittam said.
Adebolajo returned to pay for the petrol in cash shortly before 9am before driving to Greenwich to meet Adebowale, jurors heard. Source
Course, we are now supposed to believe that Tesco take mobile phones as collateral. I mean, what the fuck were they going to do with it if he hadn’t come back?
This is Tesco remember, not Joe Smiff’s Fill up & buy.
Indeed, according to moneysaving.com, all big petrol station companies have a system in place for just such an event.

Never the less, strange as it may seem the quality of the street CCTV and the CCTV in the Tesco petrol station shop are on a par with the petrol station forecourt CCTV.
Course, if someone gets knocked down, what is the point of street CCTV if it can’t read the registration number of the car?
And lets face it, the footage in the petrol station could have been taken any time up to the beginning of the trial.
That is to say, if you think about it logically there is no reason why the old bill would have been aware of the petrol station CCTV footage?
I mean, Adebolajo does not come across as co-operative so why would he tell them such a trivial thing that has absolutely fuck all to do with the court case other than to give the Qur’an  a mention.
After all, what do we actually see in the cctv images? A silhouette of Adebolajo, a Tigra with an obscured number plate, and a fella who may or may not be Adebolajo walking into the shop, all with the time and date stamp removed but which could still have been faked anyway.
However, when you compare the garage footage to the CCTV footage taken in Argos – allegedly on the 21st of May 2013 – you can see the difference in quality.
Moreover, the Tesco petrol station opened less than two years ago so in theory the CCTV footage should be crystal clear.
So why isn’t it?
Course, I am still trying to figure out the relevance of bringing up this Argos visit by the prostitution counsel.
I mean, I can appreciate that Adebolajo was allegedly buying a set of knives, but no one has said that they were the knives used to kill Rigby.
Moreover, what the fuck does it matter where the knives came from?
And unless Argos have stopped selling that particular knife range (like the type produced in evidence) since May of last year, Adebolajo didn’t buy them there since they certainly don’t do any knives like we saw in the photos.
So, if they wasn’t the knives used in the attack then the visit to Argos isn’t relevant to the case unless he tried to pay with his mobile phone, but not his Qur’an … Or is buying knives illegal now?
Moreover, the two knives produced in evidence – well the PHOTOS of the knives – look brand new… By that I mean there is not a drop of blood on them, not even on the handles, or green plastic inexplicably wrapped around the handle of one.
I dunno, maybe the Odd Bod Plod Squad wash their evidence first, or else they thought it best to produce the PHOTOS of the two knives NOT used in the attack because the ones that were used to stab ‘Rigby’ (if you believe that name you will believe anything), are covered in fucking blood, and as such, far too macabre for the public to see…. You really couldn’t make this shit up, don’t cha know.
The knives that were not used in the attack are irrelevant for fucks sake.
I mean, show me a photo of that knife with the green plastic wrapped around the handle laying on the ground at the fucking crime scene… Not that it was a crime scene.
After all, the first job of the Odd Bod Plod Squad after neutralizing any threat is to secure the crime scene in readiness for the men who point a lot.
But this certainly wasn’t the case at Woolwich and indeed there are photos of the men who point a lot done up to the nines in their sterile suits walking around with mushes in uniform… What a fucking crock of horse shit.
Mind you, that Michael Adebolajo is a proper dirty cunt.
I mean, the soap dodger was wearing the same clothes the day before that he was wearing on the day of the attack – right down to the beanie hat… Unless of course the Odd Bod Plod Squad needed him to wear the same clothes what with the  CCTV footage being such poor quality.
I mean, it was after all the only way that any cunt would know it was him in the cctv footage.
Course, this small point wouldn’t matter so much if Adebolajo wasn’t such an extremist Muslim.
You see, according to Wikipedia:
Muslims are also required to be clean when handling and reading the Qur’an.
The Qur’an says “Which none shall touch but those who are clean.
“Purification of the body and clothes is called taharah.
The Islamic prophet Muhammad said that “Cleanliness is half of faith”. 
To have taharah for the body, one should do either ghusl or wuḍūʾ.
Wuḍūʾ is often translated as “partial ablution”, as opposed to ghusl, or “full ablution”.
Now remember, we saw Adebolajo holding the Qur’an in the Tesco garage where he had no problem handing his mobile phone over, but was such a devout Muslim that he flatly refused to hand over the holy book.
So, Micky boys lack of hygiene doesn’t make sense to me.
And then there is this:
In the Prophet’s sayings cleanliness is often emphasized.
He mentions that cleanliness is equal to half the faith; it is a major subject in Islam in both aspects, i.e. material and spiritual cleanliness. T
he cleanliness of heart means thinking positively about all people, cleaning any negative thoughts through repentance and acting on the way of God. In short, this means traveling on the emerald hills of the heart or traveling on the way of piety.
Physical cleanliness means being free of dirt and smelling good. Source
Once again, doesn’t make sense does it?
I mean, the cunts want it all ways.
They want to portray Adebolajo as such an extremist religious zealot that he would not part with his Qur’an when owing money for petrol, yet have him disregard the prophet’s sayings on cleanliness.
There is also CCTV footage of the Michael’s allegedly heading towards Artillery place from Wellington Street at 1.30PM on the day in question, although predictably the registration number has been obscured.
Now, notwithstanding the fact that this would have also been around the time on the incorrect shop CCTV footage that  shows Rigby being struck by the Tigra, the two ‘terrorists’ should have actually been praying at 1.30 PM on May the 22nd 2013.  Source 
And as an aside, that CCTV shop evidence should have been inadmissible, given that allegedly the time is so wrong.
In fact given that we are told that the two Michael’s were on Wellington Street around the same time as the shop CCTV footage has Rigby being hit by the car, the two Michael’s QC’s could have made mincemeat of the prosecution case.
But as I have just said, the cunts who wrote the shit script want it all ways and where the law is involved that just simply can’t be allowed to happen… The pair of stooges are either extremist Muslims or they are proper dirty bastards who have no respect for prayer or the Qur’an.
I mean fuck me, they even have Adebolajo’s bird Justine Rigden down as a fun-loving old sort.
Not really befitting a hard-line preacher of Sharia law and definitely not White Widow material is she? … Then again, knowing the White Widows penchant for sexy undercrackers and make-up, perhaps she could be.
And lets not forget that just days prior to the attack on Rigby, we were told that Adebolajo was seen preaching in Woolwich high street dressed in robes.
Moreover, he appeared in the fake video with Anjem Choudary – the MI5 asset – wearing robes and a traditional cap thingy, as he did in all the other video appearances he conveniently made prior to murdering Rigby.
Yet for at least two days on the trot – the 21st & 22nd of May – he was dressed like a tramp.
And despite there being no dress code for Muslim men, the extremists all seem to have beards… But not Adebolajo or Adebowale. Ohhhh Nooo.
However, before I show you some more photos I will just make mention of the parking ticket that our pair of intrepid, hardened terrorist purchased whilst waiting for a soldier to wander past them.
The following inaccurate snippet is courtesy of the Guardian:
The two men bought a parking ticket which expired minutes before the attack near Woolwich barracks in south London on 22 May, the court was told.
Now, perhaps I am in a minority but I never buy a parking ticket if I’m not leaving the car no matter where I pull up.
So, are we supposed to believe that our two alleged murderers did?
Don’t forget, as far as Adebolajo and Adebowale were concerned, they were either going to end up in prison or dead so a parking ticket should have been the last thing on their minds.
And lets face it. They were hardly fucking organised at the best of times.
Moreover, why wasn’t it exhibited in an evidence bag?
Once again, the defence QC’s could have ripped the prosecution case to shreds since any cunt could have purchased the ticket.
Was this the defence Barristers first fucking appearances in court?
Indeed if I didn’t know any better I would certainly think so
Lets have some photos whilst I regain my composure.
Nope! It seems that there wasn’t any bus CCTV… A major point in the fraud.
But I will talk about the bus another time.
And a final word about that parking ticket – which shouldn’t have been admissible.
The same storyline was used in the 7/7 false flag operation which saw Jermaine Lindsay identified by DNA on a car parking ticket he had inexplicably brought on the way to meet his maker… Just sayin’.
Course, we only have the prosecutions word that the ticket came from the Tigra and I strongly suspect that it was only produced in order to convince the saps that the two Michael’s were parked up in Wellington Street.
After all, without them doing so they cannot have targeted Rigby.
Okay, lets crank it up a notch by going through the video CCTV footage that was allegedly taken 8 seconds after Rigby had allegedly been struck by the car.
Now, according to The Daily Star:
Amanda Bailey saw the events from inside her Peugeot 206, the jury heard.
She saw the Tigra strike Fusilier Rigby and carry him until the car crashed into a road sign.
‘The young man flew off the bonnet and landed about two feet in front of the car,’ Mr Whittam said.
‘She (Bailey) saw that his eyes were open but they looked frozen.’  Source
Amanda Bailey did fucking well didn’t she?
And then there is her version of events as reported by The Scotsman:
Another witness, Amanda Bailey, whose statement was also read by Mr Whittam, said she thought Fusilier Rigby was dead after he was run over.
“I thought that he was dead or in shock. I couldn’t see any visible injuries on him,” she said.
She described one of the men trying to decapitate Fusilier Rigby. “He was using a lot of force to hack at the young man’s neck. The motion of his arm was that he was raising it up and bringing it down”, she said.
“I was so shocked all I could do was sit there and stare … I couldn’t believe what was going on. He was determined and he wasn’t going to stop. He didn’t care. It was broad daylight and this man didn’t care.” Source
Oh, she wasn’t actually in court then?
In that case, how the fuck were the defence QC’s supposed to cross-examine her?
Or are we supposed to ignore that little anomaly?
Never the less, we may as well have the long version too
Another witness Amanda Bailey, whose statement was also read by Mr Whittam, described her shock at seeing the attack on the soldier, who she said looked “like a young man coming home from college”.
“A young man coming home from college”… Interesting.
Carry on:
She said: “The car sped up and went straight towards the young man. He didn’t seem to mind the car or notice at all.”
After he was run over, she said that she thought he might be dead.
“I could see that his eyes were still open but they looked frozen. He wasn’t moving or making any noise.
“I thought that he was dead or in shock. I couldn’t see any visible injuries on him.”
Initially she thought that one of the attackers was reaching for his phone to call an ambulance, but then realised he had a knife.
“I thought that he was reaching for a phone to call an ambulance or the police, so I stopped trying to phone the police. I thought ‘don’t worry he’s doing it’. I was shocked when I saw that he had a knife.”  Source
The only thing is, going on the video it is absolutely one hundred percent impossible for her to have seen what she describes in her note to the court… Fucking impossible
I will remind you that the lying slag said that Adebolajo cut in front of her to run Rigby over.
Amanda Bailey was driving down the hill after an appointment at her son’s school when the Tigra cut across in front of her and accelerate into Lee Rigby.
She stopped her car across the road and noticed that his eyes were open but ‘frozen’. “He wasn’t moving or making any noise,” said Mr Whittam.
“He was lying face up, with his legs pointing away from the bonnet. She tried to dial 999 but in her angst she dialled 9999.”
Adebolajo then got out of the car and knelt down by Lee Rigby to take hold of his hair.
He then repeatedly hacked at the right side of his neck just below the jawline with ‘considerable force’, said Mr Whittam.
Amanda Bailey described him bringing his hand up into the air each time before he delivered a blow with the machete.
She later told police: “I was so shocked that all I could do was sit there and stare at what was happening. I couldn’t believe what was going on.
“He was determined and he wasn’t going to stop. He didn’t care.”
After what “felt like a lifetime” she drove into John Wilson Street where she stopped to warn a group of schoolchildren away from the area, jurors were told.  Source
“When the Tigra cut across in front of her”!
Where the fuck is that in the cctv footage?
Lying old bitch… Yet her witness statement was admitted into the evidence as being fact.
Now read this:
Jurors were read a statement from Amanda Bailey, who stopped her car alongside the scene of the crash in Artillery Place.
“It seemed a long time passed before the driver got out of the car. I then saw the driver reach into his sweatshirt jacket.
“I thought he was reaching for a phone to call an ambulance but i was shocked when he pulled out a knife with a rectangular blade.
“It was a cleaver about three inches wide. He was holding the cleaver in his right hand.
“He grabbed the young man with his hand and started hacking at his neck with the knife.
‘It opened up a large cut and I could see a spray of blood. He was still hacking. He was using a lot of force to hack at the young man’s neck.
“He was raising it up and bringing it down repeatedly.
“I couldn’t take my eyes off what the driver was doing to the young man. It was just crazy.
“I was so shocked all i could do was sit there and stare at what was happening. He was determined and wasn’t going to stop.
“This man didn’t care who was there and who wasn’t there.
“The whole incident had taken about two minutes. It felt like a lifetime.”
She then drove away and warned a group of schoolchildren not to approach the scene.  Source
So, by Bailey’s own admission she saw about 2 minutes worth start to finish… Although she described it as “what seemed like a lifetime” in an earlier report.
Indeed it is fair to say that Bailey’s account of the attack was the most widely reported on by the press:
Describing Bailey’s witness testimony, Whittam told jurors: “The driver was carrying a cleaver in his right hand. He knelt down by Lee Rigby and took hold of his hair.
“He then repeatedly hacked at the right side of his neck just below the jaw line. He was using considerable force, bringing his hand into the air each time before he struck.”
Bailey saw Adebolajo hack nine times into Rigby’s neck, the jury heard.  Source
And because this is so important here is the Chimps take on the attack:
Miss Bailey says she saw the driver of the car get out with a meat cleaver in his hand and hack at Mr Rigby’s neck up to nine times with ‘considerable force.’ Source
Okay let’s have a look at the cctv footage.
A fella is getting his head hacked off and all Bailey can do is count how many fucking times Adebolajo attempts to do so… Dog give me fucking strength.
Course, 9 chops has to equal about 9 seconds doesn’t it.
Therefore, let’s be generous and say Adebolajo grabs “Rigby by the hair” although fuck knows how you grab hair that short and starts chopping at 13:26:10 which is only 10 seconds after Adebolajo ran Rigby over… Count 10 seconds and you will see how generous I have been.
Also remember all of the other details that Bailey claims to have seen which were admitted into evidence as being fact.
For instance, she looked into Rigby’s eyes and noted that they were “frozen”, she noted that he landed 2 ft in front of the Tigra, and she estimated the cleaver blade to be 3 inches wide whilst at the same time thinking that he was reaching into his jacket for a phone to ring for an ambulance – again I will ask: With that being the case why the fuck didn’t she get out of her car?
Moreover, the two fellas, now joined by a third are still rooted to the spot, yet they too can’t have known the true intent of the Michael’s at that stage.
Furthermore, Bailey noticed all this detail whilst surely being shocked to the core and trying to ring 99fucking9, never mind bringing her car to a halt yet the daft cunts of England think that this is real!
Never the less, to chop at Jiggers Riggers neck 9 times would mean that Adebolajo doesn’t finish the task until 13:26:19… Agreed?
Of course we fucking are… More photos please.
Now don’t forget that Bailey said that she was there for about 2 minutes yet how in the name of fuck is 12 seconds “about 2 minutes”?
So tell me that Bailey isn’t a lying cunt?
Yet even after that crock of horse shit she isn’t done.
You see, she then goes on to describe how she diverted a group of School children away from the carnage… Well she doesn’t but the Prosecution counsel does on her behalf.
Course, as I keep driving home to you because it is so fucking important, not being in court meant that she couldn’t be crossed examined.
Therefore, neither of the Michael’s got a fair trial… I could have got them both off  don’t cha know.
Never the less, this is what the slut Bailey told the court, AS READ OUT BY THE PROSECUTOR SLIM WHITMAN – or whatever the useful idiots name is:
Ms Bailey told police that she saw the man hack at Fusilier Rigby’s neck at least nine times.
She drove off and spotted two classes of children from Mulgrave Primary School heading towards the area, and persuaded their teacher to take them away.
The car immediately behind her was driven by electrician Thomas Seymour.
He “instantly believed” that one of the attackers was “trying to cut the victim’s head off”, the court was told.
Another car pulled up and the two people inside got out to see if they could help, before they realised that Fusilier Rigby was being attacked.  Source
Notice how that snippet says the CAR behind was driven by Thomas Seymour when it was actually a van, but hey, lets not be pedantic as it is only two fellas whole lives on the line – least it would be if this fiction was fact:
Thomas Seymour, an electrician with Greenwich Borough Council, was driving his van back to his depot when he witnessed the attack. He said he saw one of the men stab the soldier between the chest and belly button “ten or 20 times”  Source
Do the fucking maths using the video footage stills above and then tell me that Seymour isn’t a lying cunt.
On second thoughts, taking into account that there is bound to be a significant number of brain-dead Zombies reading this, I best give them a major Scooby Doo as to what I’m getting at.
Seymour Seeless had less than 5 seconds to see all what he did, whilst watching the road to manoeuvre around Bailey’s Peugeot 206.
Never the less, lets soldier on. No fucking pun intended.
Now, as I have stated many times, the cctv footage from the shop would have been inadmissible since it is not merely an hour out; it is in fact one hour and 6 minutes out.
Moreover, since ‘evidence’ was presented of the Tigra circling the area an hour before the attack the defence counsel – and I use the term loosely – could have had a field day.
The following is what the law says about timestamps on cctv used as evidence in court:
Time stamping comes in handy when presenting surveillance footage in a court of law. The evidence must be accurate for it to be approved for legal use. Many videos have been thrown out as evidence simply because they did not display the date and time. In some cases the time and date were displayed, but the time was off by an hour or so, and the footage was ruled invalid.source
So, there we have more evidence of the court case being a load of old fanny.
Never the less, we see Bailey’s car – if it was ever Bailey’s car – sat at the traffic lights in the photo above at 13:26:21.
And in real-time that translates as 2:20:21 PM
Now Bailey didn’t actually turn into John Wilson Street until 13:26:54 or a real-time of 2:20:54 which in theory would sort of make it possible for her to warn the teacher and children not to go up Artillery Place.
However, that fact is irrelevant anyway since the teacher would have had no intention of going up the road in the first fucking place… Well not unless her name was Mrs Mad McMad, in whic case she might have.
You see, by doing so the class would actually have been going out of their way.
More photos please.
Incidentally, what is the penalty for perjury?
Yet the sick cunts who masterminded – and again I use the term loosely – this hoax couldn’t stop themselves from using the kids to whip up more hysteria in court despite Bailey having already stated that it was her who turned the kids back – from somewhere that they were never going to go:
Soldier Lee Rigby was murdered within yards of Mulgrave Primary School, where children were returning from a visit to the library, the court heard.
Members of the public turned them back to avoid the “awful” scene, the jury were told.  Source
And what about the shopkeeper?
At 13:26:08, when the cctv footage resumes, the two Michael’s are highly unlikely to have been out of the car, so Shopkeeper Ibrahim Elidemir’s evidence – also read out in court as fact -  must have happened within the time scale of the footage available.
This is what he said:
Shopkeeper Ibrahim Elidemir saw the car hit Drummer Rigby. Mr Whittam said: “He saw the driver attacking the throat of Lee Rigby with the chopper and the passenger stabbing his body.
“He said to the men ‘don’t kill him’ but they did not listen. He told them not to leave. The passenger had a gun and aimed it at him.” Source
Which is strange since The Daily Mirror describes Saraj Miah doing the exact same thing .
Saraj Miah, who was seen in a CCTV clip talking with a local shopkeeper near the scene, said after Fusilier Rigby was run over, two armed men got out of the car. One of the two attackers pointed a gun at him when he told them not to kill the soldier.
He said: “I thought that the two black men with knives were going to kill him. I told them not to kill him. They did not listen to me.”
One attacker slashed Fusilier Rigby’s throat while the other stabbed him, the court heard.
“The black man in the passenger seat with knives in both his hands stabbed the fallen man six times in his chest.”
He described the man who had been driving the car walking around “as if nothing had happened”.
Mr Miah said the two men then “threw the body on the left lane of the road”.
“I was very shocked by the incident,” he added. “I could not sleep for two weeks.”  Source
Now, if these reporters, or Repeaters should I say, were in court; how the fuck has that mix up occurred?
Unless of course, it is done deliberately to confuse & muddy the waters.
Even worse, the Mirror then goes on to talk about the shopkeeper:
Shopkeeper Ibrahim Elidemir shut himself, his girlfriend and two customers inside his store when he saw one of the attackers brandishing a knife after the crash, the court heard.
In his statement, he said: “The incident has affected me very badly. It made me feel very sad. I was very frightened and very scared at the time.”
Again, that is not what the fucking video shows.
The video covering this period can be found HERE
But if you believe what the lying cunt says is true, then show me in that video exactly where Elidemir looks remotely like he shouts at them (because he would have had to shout from his position outside the shop to make himself heard) and reacts like someone who has just had a gun pointed at him by two blokes already hacking another man to death… Its just more old fanny I’m afraid to say.
And why the fuck did he shut up shop?
I mean, if like the Mirror claims and Ibrahim Elidemir was that fucking scared, then where the fuck did he find the bollocks to confront the two Michael’s in the first place?
He certainly didn’t rush to shut up shop despite having had a gun pointed at him, so why does he lock himself in when the worst is over… Fuck me, with the greatest respect, most Muslims would set up a stall selling Ice Cream.
And as a little aside, the name Saraj is very unusual… So unusual in fact that the only person in England that Google could come up with is a little known London actor by the name of Saraj Choudrhy:
Saraj graduated from the Guildford School Of Acting in 2001 with the Principles Award for Acting. Source
Choudry went on to join The British theatre company Complicite which was founded in 1983 by Simon McBurney… OBE. Just sayin’.
And as coincidence would have it, Wikipedia have this to say about his namesake,the MI5 asset Anjem Choudary albeit the surname is spelt slightly different:
Born in UK in 1967, Anjem Choudary is the son of a Welling market trader. He attended Mulgrave Primary School, in Woolwich
 He switched to law and spent his final year as a legal student (1990–1991) at Guildford, before moving to London to teach English as a second language.
Again, just sayin’, nothing more, nothing less.
Okay, moving on.
At 13:26:13 Bailey drives off and stops at the traffic lights with Tommy’s green van behind her.
On the other side of the road, the car that followed the Tigra out of Wellington Street – the taxi drivers car – is still parked up as a single-decker bus appears on the left hand side of the CCTV footage.
Now, for the purposes of the film footage, we will call the cabbie’s car an Astra – even if it isn’t… I’m not up on makes of cars, I drive a Jag… Just sayin’.
Furthermore another fella now comes out of the shop, has a nosey and fucks off back inside. The fellas lack of interest is extremely fucking strange, don’t cha think?
Never the less, the taxi driver was there a lot longer than what Bailey was and indeed would really have seen Rigby struck by the Tigra… But did they have him appear in court?
Did they fuck.
Did he have a long statement read out like Bailey’s?
Did he fuck:
Jury hears a statement from a taxi driver who was following the car which hit Lee Rigby.
“When it crossed the central reservation it accelerated and veered diagonally across to the right, mounted the kerb and drove on the pavement.
“I saw a man being flipped into the air as he was hit.
“‘Four or five seconds later the passenger got out of the passenger seat. I saw him making a thrusting motion in and out towards the man’s body.
“He stood by his head. His right hand was chopping at the man’s head with a small chopper or axe.
“The action was like chopping a tree. It was like when somebody slaps a person repeatedly backwards and forwards.”
And that is the extent of it.
However, if Rigby was “flipped into the air as he was hit”, then he is hardly likely to land on the bonnet and fucking stay there is he.
Again, I would urge you to seek out a Tigra and see for yourself just how fucking small they are.
Never the less, with Mr Taxi Man’s version of events in mind, It is also worth just reminding you of some of the witness statements that were used in the press at the time of the incident but were not read out in court.
I mean, although they are not strictly relevant to this article, it is an indication of the blatant lies that the MSM will publish in order to perpetuate the myth.
After all, you don’t need to be Einstein to know that Luke Huseyin wouldn’t have been able to see the attack from his flat.
 Yet on the day in question – 22nd May 2013 – the Daily Chimp published the following:
Luke Huseyin, 32, who lives in a flat overlooking the scene, said he initially thought the driver had lost control.
‘I was at home and heard a big bang,’ he said. ‘I looked out of the window and saw a car had crashed. It was a blue Vauxhall.’
His thoughts were echoed by others. One said: ‘There were two guys on the floor, we thought they’d been involved in a crash of some sort.’
In the confusion, some thought that the two men crouched over their victim, a white man in a Help For Heroes T-shirt, were trying to help him. But they quickly realised they were intent  on murder.
Mr Huseyin said: ‘Two black guys got out of the car dragging a white guy across the road towards the wall. One of the guys had a knife that looked about a foot long and a machete. The other bloke had a gun.
‘They started slashing him up with the knife and hitting him in the stomach with the machete. I don’t think it took long before he was dead.
‘There were people passing by who were screaming and running away. I’ve never seen anything like it. I’m still really shaken up.’ Source
Now, either Luke is colour blind or the Tigra is in fact Blue, but his descriptive version of events: ‘Two black guys got out of the car dragging a white guy across the road towards the wall”  would indicate that Rigby had been thrown off the bonnet on impact and had to be dragged out of the road.
Yet if that was the case then we would have seen this happen since it would take a lot longer than 8 seconds for the two Michael’s to crash the Tigra, get out, race back to Rigby and drag him back on the pavement.
Unless of course, the shop videos are bollocks.
After all and as I questioned earlier; why is there 8 seconds of cctv footage missing?
I mean, even if seeing Rigby hit was too horrific, there is no reason that they couldn’t show the Tigra driving onto the pavement is there?
After all, we have been treated to a close up of Rigby’s body lying in the road so viewed at the distance from the shop CCTV isn’t going to show any worse.
Now, as it happens, matey in the flat wasn’t the only one to talk about a Blue Tigra. You see, The Chimp themselves also stated as fact:
In the aftermath, it emerged that the blue Vauxhall Tigra with tinted windows had been seen circling Woolwich for weeks.
One minicab driver said: ‘It’s a really distinctive vehicle and looks flash – like one a drug-dealer would drive.
‘It’s been hanging around for ages right around the barracks. I’d be surprised if they haven’t been stopped by police before, as that’s the car they routinely pull over round here.
‘I’m a Muslim but if these guys did this in the name of Islam, then they don’t deserve to be part of this society.’ Source
Mind you, there is fuck all flash about a bog standard Tigra – which Adebolajo’s was since it didn’t even have alloy wheels.
And as for tinted fucking windows! Just move on Spivey, just move on.
Never the less, the references to a blue Tigra kept coming.
The following is taken from the Daily Mirror on the 25th of May – three whole days after the attack:
Adebolajo and Adebowale allegedly used a blue Vauxhall Tigra he also owned to run over Lee, of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, on Wednesday. The soldier was then butchered in the street.
Adebolajo was filmed after the atrocity wielding a knife and cleaver, saying: “We swear by almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you” and “you and your kids will be next”.
The Daily Mirror discovered the 12-year-old Peugeot parked near his sister Blessing’s home in Romford, East London, with the Islamic tape still inside.
Police were informed of the car’s existence and it was taken away to be searched. Source
So, Adebolajo’s a car dealer now.
In the same article the Mirror also makes reference to Adebolajo being desperate to sell the car for as little as £125.
Yet he didn’t think to take it to a scrap yard where he could have sold it for £200 plus?
It really is too easy to pull this fraud apart.
However, I think that is enough food for thought for now although I do have much more to say about the witnesses and the court case.
So until then, I will leave you with the following thought.
When the two Michael’s announced at the committal hearing that they were going to plead not guilty there was much outrage from the public and the press who both voiced their anger amidst claims that the two Mick’s were only pleading that way so as to take the piss, cause the ‘family’ more heartbreak and revel in their perceived glory.
However, because of the law on disclosure the pair would never have been granted legal aid to fight the case on the basis that they were soldiers of Allah and Judge Sweeney and the prosecution would have pointed out before the trial even started that the basis of their not guilty plea would not stand up in court.
Therefore, it wasn’t the two Mick’s who were taking the piss, it was ‘the establishment’ who were taking the piss by letting this fraud go to trial:
Mr Justice Sweeney told the jury that nothing said by Michael Adebolajo in his evidence amounts in law to a defence to the charge of murder.
He told the court:
I have ruled that nothing said by the first defendant and… his evidence – in short he was a soldier of Allah and was justified in doing what he did – amounts in law to a defence to this count.
So nothing that he has said amounts in law to a defence to count one.
Both defence counsel must and will respect that ruling in their speeches.
Don’t believe the truth.