Wednesday 22 March 2023

Britain’s Hidden History Rally Round Alan Wilson & Tony (Baram) Blackett.

The Britain's Hidden History (BHH) community is rallying around Tony Blackett, who is asking for help to get his friend and colleague, Alan Wilson, out of the Allan Court Care Home in Newcastle and back home with him where he belongs. 

This request comes as a significant test for the BHH community since the tragic and untimely death of Ross Broadstock, (BHH's anchorman and driving force behind the retellings of ancient British history,) in October 2022.

Ross Broadstock


Ross Broadstock's passing left a loving wife, three teenage boys, and a heartbroken community of people who have dedicated themselves to carry on Ross's work. His passion for researching and sharing the untold stories of Britain's history has inspired countless individuals to delve deeper into the past and uncover new discoveries. The BHH community is a testament to Ross's legacy, and are all committed to continuing his work, regardless of the challenges that lay ahead.

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Tony Blackett, one of the prominent figures in saving ancient British history, has been working alongside Alan Wilson for many years, uncovering new insights into Britain's past. Together, they have made many controversial claims, including the idea that Jesus survived the crucifixion and escaped to South Wales, and that King Arthur was a real historical figure who sailed his army on 700 ships across the Atlantic to America. While their claims have been met with scepticism by mainstream historians and scholars, they have amassed a significant following within the BHH community.

Recently, Tony has called for help to get Alan out of the Allan Court Care Home in Newcastle and back home with him. The situation has become a significant concern for Tony and the BHH community, who fear that Alan's health and well-being are at risk. Tony has expressed his frustration at the situation, saying that he feels powerless to help his friend and colleague, who he believes is being unjustly detained, accusing the care home of illegally kidnapping Alan.

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The BHH community has rallied around Tony and Alan, offering their support and assistance in any way they can. The situation has highlighted the sense of community and solidarity that exists within the BHH movement, even in the face of adversity. Many have expressed their admiration for Tony's tireless dedication to his friend, and their determination to ensure that Alan receives the care and support he needs.

In conclusion, the BHH community is facing its first significant test since the tragic loss of Ross Broadstock. Tony Blackett's call for help to get Alan Wilson out of the Allan Court Care Home in Newcastle has brought the community together, demonstrating the strength of their bonds and their commitment to supporting one another. While the situation remains unresolved, the BHH community is determined to see it through and continue the important work of uncovering Britain's hidden history.

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While the claims made by Ross Broadstock, Alan Wilson, and Tony Blackett are not widely accepted by mainstream historians and scholars. The idea that Jesus survived the crucifixion and escaped to South Wales, for example, is not supported by any credible historical evidence, is strongly disputed by Broadstock, Wilson and Blackett, counterclaiming that ancient British history is the most comprehensively chronicled of any history, and that there’s so much evidence to back up their claims, that Broadstock published ‘Where Jesus is Buried,’ in 2021. 


Similarly, they dispute the claim there is no evidence to support the claim that King Arthur sailed his army on 700 ships across the Atlantic to America. These claims are considered by most scholars to be unsupported by historical evidence and are therefore considered to be part of the realm of pseudo-history.

The theory put forward by Wilson, Blackett and Broadstock is intriguing, it is important to approach it with a critical eye and to consider all available evidence before drawing any conclusions. 

While the idea that King Arthur sailed to America remains controversial, there are some intriguing pieces of evidence that suggest that early Welsh explorers may have made contact with the Americas long before Columbus.

One such piece of evidence is the existence of rare stories of Welsh-speaking “red Indians” in certain parts of North America. These stories suggest that Welsh explorers may have made contact with indigenous peoples in the Americas, possibly as early as the 6th century.

In addition, there are ancient Welsh poems that tell the story of King Arthur’s bones being returned to Wales to be buried. These poems suggest that King Arthur was a real historical figure, and that his legacy continued to be celebrated in Wales long after his death.

While these pieces of evidence are certainly intriguing, it is important to approach them with caution and to consider all available evidence before drawing any conclusions. The idea that Welsh explorers made contact with the Americas centuries before Columbus is still a matter of debate among historians and scholars, but according to the historical research of Broadstock, Wilson and Blackett, more and more conclusive evidence to support this theory is emerging.

The mere existence of these stories and poems suggests that there may be more to the story of King Arthur than we currently understand, and that there may be further discoveries to be made in the future that shed new light on this legendary figure.

History is a complex and often contested field, and there are often different interpretations of events and figures. However, in order to make credible claims about historical events, it's important to rely on evidence-based research and to subject claims to rigorous scholarly scrutiny.

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