Tuesday 21 March 2023

King Arthur Legend Alan Wilson in State Kidnap Drama...

Alan Wilson, a 91-year-old champion of ancient British history, and his life-long friend and colleague Tony (Baram) Blackett are appealing for help in getting Alan out of the Allan Court Care Home in Newcastle Upon Tyne, where he is being held against his will.

Despite having power of attorney, the care home is refusing to allow Tony to take Alan home. In a plea for help on the Facebook page of the Britain’s Hidden History group, it is alleged that the manager is using his own power of attorney to keep Alan there.

The care home has been making unreasonable demands for Alan's clothes and false teeth, and the manager is threatening to report Tony and Alan to social services for health and hygiene concerns. Tony and Alan need legal assistance to get Alan out of the care home as soon as possible.

Alan's detention against his will is an instance of abduction and illegal imprisonment, and a violation of his human rights. Tony is accusing the care home of illegally kidnapping Alan. They are looking for social workers who can assist them legally and someone with legal skills to help them get Alan out of the care home before it's too late.

To contact Allan Court Care Home, call 0191 2741100, email admin@bondcare.co.uk, or write to Benwell Lane, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, NE15 6 RU.

Alan Wilson and Tony Blackett are amateur historians who have argued that King Arthur was a real historical figure, based on their interpretation of ancient Welsh texts and other historical sources. They have gained a following for their theories, which challenge the mainstream view that King Arthur was a mythical or legendary figure. Despite being criticised by mainstream historians, they continue to promote their theories, gaining worldwide interest and enthusiasm for their findings.

This isn't the first time Alan's and Tony's lives have been put in danger. Chronicled in The Satanic Protocol by Grant Berkley, the true story is told of how government agents planted an incendiary device underneath Tony's bed, which left him in a coma for months.

Alan wants to go home, and Tony and Alan need legal assistance to make that happen.


Could the Legend of King Arthur Actually be Real?

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