Monday, 28 November 2022

Twisting the Narrative Man!

We have seen recently how well known personalities in the UK's pathetic Truth Community, twist the narrative to their own nefarious ends.

For example I've had personal experience of this, when I invited certified psychopath Paula Mann, (real name Cliff,) to come and stay with me, because he was sleeping in a public toilet.

While Cliff had no real intention of ever taking up my offer, he did twist the narrative, to imply that he was the wronged party, because I failed to meet him at the agreed time.

Cliff twisted the narrative by deleting certain comments which painted a different picture, to the picture he was selling to his audience.

Watch Paula Mann The Farce!

We have also seen this with the Brighton based satanist James Hind.

Vilified by many in our crazy corner of YouTube, James Hind attacked a survivor of SRA by implying she had posted a picture of a new born baby with an erection.

Disgusting, vile and perverted as it sounds, James Hind sexualised a picture of a new born baby, and then twisted the narrative, to imply I was sharing a naked picture of a child.

Twisting the narrative has now become the norm.

Watch Twisting my Melons Man!

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