Friday, 11 November 2022

Paula and I....

Paula Mann (not his real name) is a diagnosed psychopath, who has served time in the UK's most notorious prisons. He claims to be a victim of historical child abuse, committed by Kenneth Kendall the BBC news reader, and Prince Andrew, the brother to the King of Great Britain and the Common Wealth, King Charles III.

I thought I'd do the charitable thing and offer Paula Mann a room to stay in, bearing in mind he was sleeping in a public toilet.

He came to Brighton but stayed in a hotel for the first night.

He wanted me to give him my number to prove it was me.

I asked him what number? Did you want my house number or mobile number?

Surely he wasn't expecting me to give him my mobile number across the public domain of YouTube?

So anyway, I gave him a call me number 07713146909, but he never called it.

The next day I had some business in the Eastbourne area. I didn't want the general public to know my business, so I said I had a one-eyed woman to meet at Beachy Head.

I left shit loads of messages to Paula that I would be in WHSmith's in Churchill Square from 1.40pm to 2.20pm.

Paula never showed up!

That was when I left more messages saying that I was leaving Brighton, and hoped to be back sometime between 5-6pm.

Things changed a bit, and I finished my business sooner than expected.

I was on the bus back to Brighton leaving messages to Paula, "I'll be at the Aquarium at 5.30pm."

It took me 5 minutes to realise I had got the wrong time, so I sent Paula another few messages. "CORRECTION - 4.30pm, I Repeat 4.30pm outside the Aquarium!

And then I left my favourite cap and hat on the bus and I wasn't in the best of moods.

Paula had no intention of ever meeting me!

Paula Mann chooses to create the narrative that I invited him to Brighton and then abandoned him.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

In Paula's latest video he invites his audience to ask "searching questions", but fails to answer my question:

Why didn't you call me on 07713146909?

None of this would have happened if Paula had just called me!

My Humble Opinion of Paula Mann...

I think he's a fucking prick in my humble opinion.

I saw the guy sleeping in a public toilet and I thought I'd do the charitable thing and offer him a warm bed and a roof over his head.

And in return all I've got is bullshit.

He turned up to Brighton, apparently with the intention of taking me up on my offer, only to booked into a hotel instead.

The next day, having left him my number to call, I messaged him that I was available to meet at WHSmith in Churchill Square between 1.45pm-2.20pm.

He never turned up!

I then said I was going out of Brighton to see a friend and that I'll be back to meet him between 5-6pm outside the Aquarium.

My plans changed and I left messages that I would now be outside the Aquarium at 4.300m.

He made a big deal of arriving between 5-6pm, making a big song and dance that I wasn't there.

Why am I expected to meet him anyway?

I've got a spare bedroom that he's welcome to stay. I gave him my address, but yet he expects me to meet him in Brighton Town centre first!

Who's doing who the favour?

The guy is a prick. Lying to create his own narrative in which he is the victim and I am the offender.

Fuck you Paula Mann, I won't be bending over backwards for you again!


I've just been informed via an anonymous call to 07713146909, that Paula Mann works for Ian PUDDICK!

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