Thursday 24 November 2022

Being Kidnapped by Matt Taylor

The mental scars of going for a poo on a quiet Friday morning, thinking ahead of the journey I would take to spent the weekend with my girlfriend in the woods of Surrey, hearing someone knock on the window, wiping up and seeing to my horror six police officers standing outside my home.

The harrowing mental scars now etched into my Soul, of watching a police officer try and pull my front room window out of its sockets, with a demonic look of intent on his red puffing and grimaced face.

With no other choice, other than having my window ripped from its frame, I turned the key and allowed the thugs dressed in black to flood in.

The feeling of absolute horror and despair when I wasn't allowed to go to my own sink and pour myself a glass of water, but instead being wrestled to the ground to have my face smashed in the cats food bowl, with a knee on my head.

The ever lasting indellible horrific memories of sitting with my arms behind my back, in pain and discomfort handcuffed, as two police officers held me by the side, while three others ransacked my property, unplugging what they wanted, rummaging through my personal belongs, through my draws, and files, removing everything as if it just another day doing their job, with total disregard to me as a person, doing their work as if I wasn't there. 

Hearing a police officer upstairs searching through my bedside cabinet, my wardrobe and drawers!

With no warning, except a malicious YouTube video posted 48 hours earlier, of a drag queen singing with the heading, "YOU ARE GOING TO PRISON."

At the time I didn't think of commenting whether the message was meant for me. 

Obviously it was!

Kidnapped from my home at 9am and dropped out bewildered, shell shocked and raw at 1am in the morning.

I found myself sitting in a burglled home.

No computer, no phone, no PS4, no Internet connection, nothing except me, my books, pen and paper.

Nothing is my own anymore because the thugs in black can smash their way into my home whenever they want and kidnap me at will.

If I didn't have the unwavering support of girlfriend, my family and friends, I wouldn't have been able to deal with such traumatic experiences, time after time after time.

I feel like a 9th classed citizen.

Other's people's feelings are worth more than my feelings.

Its massive and its a massive weight on my heart and shoulders.

I am not worth as much as others, in the eyes of The Law!

Being a victim of kidnap, in which my home has been invaded, and my property taken, all because someone else, of whom I have never met, feels so scared that I would travel hundreds of miles to hit him (and his extra.)

Someone else's fear of being hurt, costs more than the mental health damage and impact of being kidnapped in cuffs, having my home ransacked and all my property stolen, 15 hours plus in a police cell, and then hit with bail conditions preventing me from telling you who has made these life destroying allegations.

Welcome to modern day Police State Britain. 

I've been unlawfully kidnapped by the thugs in black.

Welcome to modern day Satanic Britain.

After-all, there is one group of people, which the police will always do their bidding for.....

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