Friday 25 November 2022

Matt Taylor: Rise of the Snowflake/Victim by James Hind

“For example a neighbour sent me a text saying there was a police car at the top of my road.

I went into flight mode and went for an hour and half walk away from my neighbourhood, in fear the thugs in black were back to serve me more!

I live in constant fear and intrepidation of kidnap by thugs in black.”

Matt Taylor – Guerilla Democracy News 24 Nov 2022

It feels longer, but it is probably a week since Satan Hunter from Bristol Matt Taylor was arrested. Since his arrest, and the loss of all his computer equipment / phones, which he quickly replaced inside a day, the tantrum is epic: the obsessive thuggish predator with dozens of victims to his name has become instantly transformed into a pathetic victim-snowflake milking his adverse experience for all it is worth. This is the problem with Satan Hunters, and it is one of the things that totally irritates me, that these Satan Hunters – Matt Taylor for example – are jellyfish with no backbone; they take no responsiblity for the consequencies for which they are the agents of their own misfortune.

Nobody knows why Matt Taylor was arrested, or who the victim(s) are, not that it matters, because just in 2022 there are dozens of victims of Matt Taylor, and dozens of reasons why the police would visit Taylor and arrest him. Matt Taylor is the sort of guy who flirts with danger: what sort if crazy nutter goes into a Brighton bar and announces to the stunned public that he had been arrested for taking boys into a woodland and showing them videos of babies being beheaded? Taylor is that deluded guy who would punch an alsation in the face and believe it would not rip his hand off. The epic fuss Taylor makes is over predictable outcomes of abuse, harassment, stalking and other illegal deeds that made it certain that the police would come visiting eventually.

“Other people’s hurt feelings, are worth more than my hurt feelings”

Matt Taylor – Guerilla Democracy News 24 Nov 2022

This is the problem with Satan Hunters such as Matt Taylor, they lack any insight and empathy about how their deeds and words impact others. This is not about “hurt feelings”, it is about terror and distress for victims such as Sussex Police Commissioner xxxx xxxxxxx; then there is the case of the solicitor of xxxx xxxxxx; and because Taylor is so relentless, a xxxxxxxxxxx family had to seek a court order to protect themselves from him. Today, I hear Matt Taylor sent a Paula Mann around to the home of another Taylor victim called Convid on YouTube. All these cases, and many others, are people suffering more than “hurt feelings”, but all Taylor thinks about is himself and his “hurt feelings” for police showing up at his door. If Taylor wants to talk about sexually abusing his plants and his revolting hygiene habits, no problem, but when it is causing distress and terror to people he knowingly targets, then he will have a problem with the police.

I am one of those people that Matt Taylor targets, but my policy is that I will not go to the police about it because it limits my ability to challenge Taylor and protect victims from him. It does not mean that I won’t report Matt Taylor to the police for breaking court orders for example.

This does not mean that what Taylor posts does not have a mental impact on me, as it does. It is not a pleasant experience to have Matt Taylor dribbling all over my own child abuse story and making up stuff that is not true. Taylor for example put out a claim that as a result of child abuse that I suffer from Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) – I don’t suffer this, and I have never been diagnosed with this. Depersonalisation / Dearealisation, which I do suffer from, is something totally different from DID. But now people such as Satan Hunter Angela Power Disney goes around thinking I suffer DID because Taylor said so.

My story as a social media moderator has been twisted into something it is not by Matt Taylor. Because as a moderator I had to deal with and remove child abuse images, this makes me a paedophile according to Taylor. Because my moderator role involved occasionally becoming a child decoy to root out paedophiles, that makes me a paedophile as well in the view of Taylor. When it was not my responsibility to go to the police as a moderator when I uncovered a paedophile, I am a paedophile-protector according to Taylor. Just as he accuses many people he dislikes or has a problem with as being paedophiles, I have become a particular target of false allegations of being a paedophile. Taylor ran multiple videos of the most freakish of groomers caught in paedophile stings, claiming those people were me. Taylor has claimed I have been busted in a paedophile sting. Taylor also weaponised his own son by claiming I had groomed him online, even though I have never met or spoken to his under-aged son; if indeed this had been the case, Taylor would have made sure of the fact by blasting it all over the internet. No evidence, but it does not stop Taylor relentlessly making these false paedophile allegations that can result in someone being murdered.

When I blogged that I would drop a nuke on Moscow to kill Putin, Taylor made spectacular claims about me in multiple blogs, tweets and videos that Russian agents were about to slaughter the residents of Brighton in a chemical attack just to get at me; but also made reference that I would be murdered by the FSB. What Taylor does not know is that I have a larger role in fighting the Russians than I care to reveal, and my personal safety is a matter of personal concern. When I have someone randomly coming up to me in the street speaking Russian, then claiming they thought I spoke Russian, before walking off, soon after these videos were made, yes, this will cause me some anxiety. Other’s were alarmed enough to report the death threats Taylor made against me and the people of Brighton to the police, so extreme that Taylor even ran a live where he made these claims to various media such as the Sun Newspaper, and I had to intervene with the police to ask them to not pursue the complaints. Let me be blunt, had I pursued those police complaints, which are on record with the poliee with a crime reference, they would have come visiting Taylor and arrested him months ago on suspicion of malicious communication.

“Having been kidnapped from your own home, having had your partically opened window ripped from its frame by a snarling demon, red faced in frustration he wasn’t able to pull the window out of its sockets.”

Matt Taylor – Guerilla Democracy News 24 Nov 2022

Matt Taylor was not “kidnapped”, he was arrested. This has nothing to do with Satan, demons or Satanists, but everything to do with Matt Taylor causing alarm and distress to victims, the police having to act to protect those victims and investigate potential crimes. Rather than living in lala land, I would like Matt Taylor to have a moment of enlightenment that his deeds and words are causing great distress, suffering and alarm to countless people; that his traumatic experience with the police is because of his own agency and choices. It is down to Matt Taylor to learn from this experience and hopefully walk a different path where both he and his many victims will not suffer because of his deeds and choices.

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