Monday 7 December 2020

Wilfred Wong Pleads Not Guilty on Two Counts

Wilfred Wong has appeared via video link at his plea hearing at Mold Crown Court near Wrexham today (Mon 7 Dec 2020).

Described as “switched on,” by Jeanette Archer, herself a SRA survivor, and now a crusader against SRA and friend of Wong, who was present at the court, revealed he appeared alongside the other four defendants.

Jeanette Archer outside Mold Crown Court

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Calling the area a “SRA domain,” Archer continued, “I cannot tell you how rife satanic ritual abuse is in this neck of the woods.”

Two More Arrests

All defendants, including the child’s mother and aunty, appeared via video links, with new and yet unreported details emerging that two further arrests have been made in connection with the alleged kidnapping of a child on 4 November 2020.

Broadcasting live outside Mold Crown Court via Facebook, Archer revealed, “Literally this week they have arrested two more. Elderly women actually, elderly ladies. I’ve just spoken to the husband of one of them, and that's on the conspiracy charges. So they were part of the planning of the rescue.”

Wong pleaded ‘not guilty’ to two counts of kidnapping a child and possessing a bladed instrument. All other defendants pleaded ‘not guilty,’ bar one.

Wilfred Wong Pleads 'Not Guilty'

“He’s Super Switched on.”

With the trial set for 9 August 2021, and with bail refused, Archer calls for a concerted effort by supporters of Wong, to highlight his plight and the plight of his co-defendants. 

She said, “These people that were rescuing a little boy from a satanic cult have got to sit on remand until August 2021.”

Having put to rest any suggestion that Wong was castrated and hospitalised, Wong appeared to be ‘switched on’ and defiant, evidence by his tone of voice in pleading, ‘not guilty.’

Supporters are encouraged and galvanised to make sure the world knows about the hidden and taboo subject of SRA and that Wong and his co-defendants are given the support, good-will and prays they will need to survive until August 2021, and that justice is delivered with a ‘not guilty’ verdict.

Watch Jeanette Archer's broadcast outside Mold Crown Court here.


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