Thursday 13 October 2016

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I spoke to Chief Taumata of Otaua Marae this morning and assured him as one of the 38 Marae of Taumata Kaumatua of Nga Puhi who I have expressed to them the significance of them as an Integral part of the 1835 Declaration of Independence Flag Sovereign Authority of the 8 tribes of Nga Puhi Whakameninga 1834 First British Land Contact Part of the Flag with the 8 Tribes Chiefs Pre-sold Private Contract Land at Kororareka (Russell) by British Land Agents to King William IV British Admiralty Ship of Navy Settlers and King William IV Crown Agents who arrived on 10 April 1834 with their British families from William Yard in Devon "Port: England King William IV Navy Yard and in particular the Russel Family of my Friend and Confidante Moyra Russell "Hoffman" (Direct Descendant)

And and the second part of the Declaration of Independence Flag of the Confederation of Chiefs Contract with King William IV on Waitangi Land Sold to the British Settlers already living on the land under a second British Ship of Admiralty stuck fast on Nga Puhi Ngti Kawa Land they chose at Waitangi Treaty Grounds as Pre-Sold again to the British Settlers who were already Settled under the First Contract Hapu Chiefs to King William IV in Kororareka (Russell)

So now The New Zealand NSW Government Land Titles were created from the British Titles in the Kings Bench Court having a Native Chief and a British Crown Agent linked to the New Zealand Government linked to the NSW New South Wales Government in Australia started in Sydney then to Melbourne Victoria to Canberra Presently Commonwealth of Australia Government as at 2016

The 1840 Treaty of Waitangi Agreement was haphazardly put together without an End Date and continued to this very day as a fraudulent Contract with a 1986 Constitution and its Principles adding more Fraud to that Contract Deal In 1868 and after the British Seized the Fraud Native NZ NSW Land Titles Created by the Government in Exile NZ Government in the Bay of Islands and reissued them back to the New Zealand Government under the "Manukau Land Company" British UK Real Estate Company registered in Glasgow Scotland UK

NZ Government then went under these Land Title s Direct to Britain under the British 1852 Constitution for New Zealand from Westminster Parliament UK instead of through NSW Australia where they started from in 1840 to 1868

Now because our first Contract at 10 April 2016 Land Title Contract was a British Land Title at Kororareka this forms the Basis of our Authority to use the Acts of King William IV Parliament London UK Full Reign of Authority for the Hapu Chiefs of the 8 Tribes of Nga Puhi to continue to use in an unbroken Hapu Sovereignty partnership Private Contract Business with King William IV Sovereign Monarch of England Britain UK to the 10 April 2016 and beyond until we the Administrators of his Private Contract with us change that contract and British Dual British UK Moai Crown Hapu Government Agreement with the King of England inside his Kings Bench Court of Admiralty in Plymouth England and on his "William Yard" Ancestral Land at Devon Port Naval Base where the Settlers of Kororateka (Russell) Bay of Islands came from in the first place

I am holding all these Documents and Doctrines of Discovery Title of the British King William IV Crown Agents for the British UK Government original "Ututaonga Native Land Title" Instruments of the Waitangi Land Blocks given to me by Hare Ututaonga the One House in the whole Bay of Islands Farm Land area

And hold the original "British Manukau Native Land Title " Instruments in Helensville Auckland Waikato area and the whole of New Zealand Title right here as the "Moai Crown" King William IV Memorial Land Commissioner Appointed by these Confederation of Chiefs Members 1985 President "Mohi Manukau" Founder. "and his Committee Del Wihongi "Hare Ututaonga" "Matiu Tarawa" "Rihari Kake" Amato Akarana Dan Davis" "Maiti Tahere" and others I have not named I worked closest to Mohi Manukau and Hare Ututaonga and outside of this Group Chief Kingi Taurua Te Tii Marae

That forms a basis of preparations for the 28th October Confederation of Chiefs 182 Years of Continuity of their Hapu Sovereignty with King William IV British Immigrant Settlers still in occupation of our Hapu Native Lands under Moai Crown King William IV Creditor Land Commissioner Mo`ai Crown King William IV Bank of England British Crown Westminster Parliament UK Private Contract of King William IV Admiralty Kings Bench Court Martial Law Authority Jurisdiction Legally linking to our Moai Crown Commonwealth Government of the World with this 1834 Flag Sovereign State Government Law Jurisdiction 1835 Constitution Law L`and Laws of England and Acts of Westminster Parliament 1830 to 1837 enforced in the Waitangi Marae Kings Bench Court 15 April 2016 for the Records Matt Taylor in England Jackie Littlergordon in Scotland and Daryl Payn and Rene Powers in California USA.

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