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I’ve been so busy campaigning in this damn general election; I’ve been neglecting my King, John Wanoa, native Moai from New Zealand.

As the Independent Candidate for Brighton Kemptown and considered the most Controversial Parliamentary Candidate in the UK; I am sick of this country and believe the only way to bring justice to our society is by sacking our Queen and installing a Moai born King in her place.

I’m the most controversial parliamentary candidate in the UK general election because I am the only one who’s calling for the dethronement of Queen Elizabeth II; to be replaced with Moai native Born John Wanoa, of the Rogan British Royal Dynasty.

You can’t accuse me of putting forward a proposal without offering the solution too.

We have all woken up to the realisation that the Queen’s Honour’s List resembles a Sex Registration List. To think MI5 never knew the truth about the likes of Jimmy Savile and Cyril Smith is simply naivety at the most extreme.

Queen Elizabeth II is an EVIL QUEEN, who has been indicted by the ITCCS (The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church & State) as a wanted criminal guilty of crimes against Humanity.


Take for example what Jake Bowers wrote about the Queen in response to the ‘Queen’s Arrest is Imminent’ article.

“The Royal Family distributes cocaine all over the Commonwealth. Seen 100’ds of millions off pounds worth of street value in a warehouse in Salford King’s Land Wines. They need to go got me detained against my will in a nut ward what can I do? No1 will listen to me. It’s a customs depot once each load sealed up can not be opened until it reaches its destination, no checks no sniffer dogs. At the customs depot I’ve seen it and felt it with my own eyes and hands. Why can she make the law them break it? The country is corrupt. Not scared would slap Charley Boy all over bent bastard think they untouchable. Police force corrupt grown in Africa has tea shipped over helped by the Chinese and distributed all over the world. Easily that’s where the money going from the Treasury been robed from all us. Tax payers that’s where the money gone from Greece’s economy can’t just print new money has to come from some where converted to gold and diamonds. Warmongering bastard Obama is just has bad. They supply the world with cannabis grown in rain tunnels in California. Opium heroin supplied by India all over the world grown in Afghanistan. We will stop the lot 1day. Let me testify. I know it’s still there in Salford Wine Factory just waiting to be found. Rant over; hope some1 listens.”

I’ve listened to you Jake Bowers and I believe you. Here we have a whistle blower calling Queen Elizabeth II a DRUG DEALER. Is anyone listening?

Norma goes further and indicts Queen Elizabeth II in the murder of Princess Diana:

“They should make the Queen and every one involved pay dearly for taking our Princess Diana’s life.”

Mind you on the subject of Prince Charles; we have all heard of the rumours of debauched Charles aged 16 getting Camilla pregnant aged 18 and for their son to be shipped off to Australia, only for him to marry an aboriginal woman and go onto have many kids.

We have also heard the rumours of dirty Charles getting a Balmoral Estate maid pregnant and for that child to be shipped off somewhere safe out of sight and mind.

I make no bones about my feelings towards the Windsor Royal Family.

Take for example what WINDTALKER300 had to say about them via a comment on the ‘Is Prince Charles a Paedophile?’ Youtube video.

“Yes Prince Charles is a paedophile. Prince Charles sexually molested and abused his two sons as babies, and had his way with them as all parents do.”

Here we have four people making extraordinary allegations against our British Royal Family; is it any wonder I’m so eager for King John Wanoa to hurry up and get over here?

  • Jake Bowers calls the Queen a DRUG DEALER. Will anyone listen?
  • Norma calls the Queen a MURDERER. Will anyone listen?
  • WindTalker300 calls Charley Boy a PAEDOPHILE who’s sexually molested both his sons as babies. Will anyone listen?


Here in Sussex; we have been left reeling from the disturbing news of a paedophile gang in Sussex who groomed and raped babies, and streamed the footage live in the internet.

Police officers from the National Crime Agency described their crimes as the most “vile and depraved” child sex offences the authorities had ever seen.


With the UK’s child-abuse cover-up in full swing; Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her 89th birthday, safe in the knowledge her subjects are subdued and complicate as ever.

  • The Prince Andrew paedophile scandal successfully deflected the more serious scandal of Charley Boy raping his sons as babies.
  • The Hampstead Satanic Cover-up has been successfully achieved with the help of High Court Judge Mrs Justice Pauffley, who poured scorn on the truth calling the allegations “evil” and “baseless.” (Note to Queen – Remember to give Mrs Justice Pauffley a gong in the New Year’s Honours List.)
  • Leon Brittan has successfully eased himself into the exclusive retirement home of Comraich Castle in the desolate wastes of Scotland, to live out his final day’s safe in the knowledge he got away with it.

  • Lord Greville Janner is also relieved having been successfully protected from prosecution, by using the old gem, the ‘dementia’ card.


King John Wanoa of the Rogan British Royal Dynasty
A message from King John Wanoa; Monday 20 April 2015 Auckland New Zealand "Want to go to London".

“Jaymie Anna Marie Patrick Stewart is my "Save the World" Campaign Manager and Business Co Partner and I am John Wanoa Leader of "Moai King William Party" Political Party set up in Aotea New Zealand Pacific Islands, Holding the original Lord High Admiral Surrogate King William IV Lord High Admiral Title. We are the missing Link between South Pacific Islands and Britain UK Westminster Parliament.
Our cause is to travel to Britain UK Devonport to Raise King William IV Flag as the King of England and Hanover while the Queen has sold off the Sovereignty of Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales to the EU Parliament.
But the Queen left "King William IV,Lord High Admiral" King of Hanover alone on his Estate Lands in Plymouth and Devonport England.. This is a Commercial Contract between New Zealand and Pacific Islands to King William IV, Creator of all Admiralty Court Martial Law, Trading Bank of England Laws, Pound Notes and King of Commerce Mortgage Liens 
We are that Legacy Legal Partner to him, why we need to get to England to be the Candidate for Devonport Surrey and Plymouth for the "Moai King William Party".
Our Tahitian Royal family Ancestral Inheritance Memorial Moai Statue stands in "Queen Elizabeth II Great Court in London is our Native Title to the Pacific and the World Gods Grace Face Spirit that is the missing link in Britain why Britain is at War with Debt and Destruction as a culture.
We want to be there to make the changes that is needed to reduce the carnage set by the Queens Monarchy Parliament now removed from Britain and planted in the EU Parliament!
We are going there to bring Back the "King of England" Land Title Sovereign Justice, correct the Legal Law System carve a new Westminster Britain UK Pacific World Commonwealth.
We are the Legal Native Partner to Westminster Parliament.
The money is needed for our travel and accommodation and campaign to Devonport Electorate Office and Flag Raising Ceremony then into the High Court of Admiralty in Plymouth as the Surrogate King of England British UK Pacific 5 Nation State Justice System Law and British Land Law Restored.
Both Jaymie and I are Native to New Zealand and Pacific Islands Tahiti Moai Easter Island. As Original Ngatai and Wanoa Royal Monarch Families,
And on the British Side" Wanoa Family of “Rogan” (English) Judges and Land Surveyors and “Cosgrove” (Irish) Lawyers Bloodlines.
And on Jaymie side is Ngatai Tahitian. “Patrick and Stewart” Irish Scottish families on the Scotland Yard side of Law.
We want to go and put this Legal Connection all together with your help getting us there to legalize it all.
We are too late getting to England because we are locked to a 1/61 Cook Street Land Deal that the Auckland Central New Zealand Police Authorities are holding up for as long as it takes them to cover up the Fraud Land Titles that are British.
Before the British discover that Queen Elizabeth II and her LINZ Australian Land Titles corrupted our British Land Titles  This is the same "Queens Bench" Court House in the Electorate of Plymouth "Devonport" England. We are the Legal Team investigating King William IV, Queen Victoria Trust where all the Gold and Assets Money Properties gone.
We the Natives are the Legal Beneficiary’s of that Trust going there to Audit the Land and HM Treasury we know on reliable evidence that she has emptied out, won’t know till we get there..
We are Legal Administrators of the "Kings Bench" Royal Revenue as the Judge Creditors setting the Debtors  Levy in the High Court of Admiralty, Plymouth in "William Yard" "Devonport" England and "Devonport" Auckland and New "Plymouth" New Zealand.
Once again our Cause is to remove the Queen of England with the Surrogate King of England. She is in Conflict with Westminster Britain UK as a Legal "Queen in Brussels EU Parliament" leaving Britain in Tatters.
We want to hurry up and get there and register our "Moai King William Party" in "Devonport Plymouth as a Moai Crown King William IV Sovereign Federal State" soon as possible.
Otherwise the EU Parliament and its Head of State Queen Elizabeth II will damage  Westminster UK Britain from EU Parliament Control it has over them, It is our responsibility to Re establish King William IV to fill the "Void" Position the Queen left wide open and abandoned her British People as a CEO Queen in Exile managing her Private Businesses.
Jaymie and I are travelling to Britain UK to represent the Pacific Islands Group and King William IV King of England Monarch Sovereign Coronation and British Crown Lord High Admiral "King of Commerce" King of England Commercial Estate Lands Inheritance and Countries in his Title name!
Please help us to get from Auckland New Zealand to London now the Voting Registrations have closed and the Elections close on 7 May 2015.
We shall raise the 1835 Declaration of Independence Flag on his Memorial in "William Yard" and register our "MOAI KING WILLIAM PARTY" Political Party in a King William IV Federal State Government. in Devonport Plymouth County
You can contact us here. Type John Wanoa in Googe, Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter. And there you will see us in our campaign to free the world of Corruption and Fraud in the Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Brussels EU Parliament not England,
The Vatican and Rothschild Banks and Queen Elizabeth II are the driving force in this Corrupted Westminster Parliament now spread to the EU Parliament where she has fled to. Is now creating War Death and Destruction to our Planet Earth inside her new Parliament as the British UK enemy Betrayer. We are there to restore Justice and Peace.
Thank you, Jaymie and John.”

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  1. Good day, Matt Taylor. In all honesty, I can not support all of your political aspirations, but I do agree that all people, including royalty, should be held accountable for their behavior.

    Dear sir, I would be grateful if you updated this article with the new information I present in my revised edition of the blog article you link above. I was guessing that Charles was my father a few months ago, but further research and disclosures have enlightened me as to who my father most likely is. Elizabeth would not be my grandmother, she would be my mother in law.

    Good day, sir.


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