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BY  · 31ST MARCH 2015

Not many people pay attention when the mainstream news turns to talk of deficits, GDP, interest rates, inflation and the FT 100, which is exactly the way Westminster politicians like it. Because, if the majority of the people where to realise that due to fraud, deception, corruption and deliberate mismanagement of and by Westminster politicians, that we are paying £192,000,000 each and every single day, day in, day out, week in, week out, month in, month out, year in year out into infinity, and that figure rises by the day, just to pay the interest on debt owed to private bankers who created the money out of thin air, then I think we could see the anger and rage of people being brought to the brink of revolution and many Westminster politicians  and banksters being sent to jail.
How the banksters and politicians must guffaw at their golden gala feasts as they slurp their champers and puff on their Havana’s at the stupidity of the common people, “hard working families” who toil away for 40 years and still die relatively poor in a system than is designed to keep it that way, so the rich get even richer by corruption, fraud, theft and deception. The gross mismanagement of our economy, the bribes, the expenses scandals, the paedophile cover up, the cash for questions, the cash for access, the billions spent on illegal wars paid out to the private arms industry, the criminal negligence on financial regulations for the banks and the £192,000,000 crippling daily debt we are burdened with, is more than enough reasons to send many Westminster politicians to jail.
The politicians have colluded with the banksters, who also happen to be extremely generous donors to all three Westminster parties; to create a debt based money system that traps the 90% into financial slavery for their whole lives to feed the rich fat cats who are nothing more than financial vampires that suck all the wealth and thus, the true meaning and experience of life out of all of us.
The simple and factual truth is we are being governed by an organised crime syndicate that involves banksters, politicians, corporate leaders working in collusion with each other to either control or rig every aspect of business, commerce and finance. I know many people will go into denial or suffer from cognitive dissonance and some will use that well trotted out label of “conspiracy theory”, but the truth still remains the truth. How many top politicians or banksters have went to jail over the last 40 years? Why are they negotiating in secret on the TTIP agreement that gives corporations more powers that can overrule our own elected government! I could rest my case on those two questions alone.
Over the next few weeks the Westminster parties will be perpetuating the continued con by distracting us all with airy fairy tales of how brilliant they are going to make the country this time for us “hard working families”, but don’t be fooled, catch them on the hop by asking them, why does the government not print its own debt free money using a peoples bank and spend it into the economy to fix or rebuild the countries infrastructure? Or, do you think politicians should go to jail for covering up or benefiting from a crime or for soliciting money for favours? And maybe, just maybe, if we ask the hard questions enough times and hold the Westminster politicians accountable for every single word they utter, then we can bring an end to this evil money system they have created.
However, there are many ex and current Westminster politicians who should be arrested and sent to Jail now for their crimes of misconduct in public office, to convictions for corruption and war crimes and crimes against humanity. The SNP can’t fight the corrupt system alone, and the truth is, regardless of your political beliefs, we should all instinctively want to bring an end to this evil system. It’s no longer up to the politicians, it is up to each and every one of us to take responsibility for our future and freedom from the money masters and create a better world that our children and grandchildren can be proud of.

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