Friday, 24 April 2015

Naturally Better | You are NOT sick, you are TOXIC.


Jeremy Ayres is now (in it's bare form, but the technical work, backhouse and physical parking etc) is now live. 
I cannot express our gratitude for the work our team is doing to launch our crowd funding campaign for Phase II of the Naturally Better Project evolution - which is to properly launch the Naturally Better TV broadcasting network and establish the intermediary and evolved clinic in the Yucatan, Mexico where the HQ will be for the main Naturally Better Hospital and college to be built in the coming years. 
Here is what our great tech wrote on the soon to be fluffed up, imagined, designed and beautified website for both the crowd funding and the NB network. So, John;s words should communicate some of the efforts our incredible team have made:
Well, it’s up and running… After many hours of hair pulling, face wiping and generally ignoring the dogs, the brand spankin’ new server for Naturally Better is configured, wrapped up in a bow and stuffed under the tree. Most of the hair pulling was from time lapses and rebooting the computer from some 8000 miles away. I hope the rest of the configuration goes as smoothly (snicker) and with, perhaps, a bit less brain farts.
Over the course of the next little while we should see many improvements and personalization that will prove to make this project far more pleasing to the eye.
Many thanks to Jeremy for trusting me and putting this task in my hands. Thanks to India for her reminding me that this is not a run of the mill, Joe average undertaking.
Time will tell if what has been built here will do the job we require it to. But if it truly is not up to the task, at least we have enough space on our private server to truly go nuts and over-complicate what should be a rather impressive information sharing portal.
All my love to the Naturally Better group…
The overfed, long haired leaping gnome…

The Naturally Better Multiversity's intent is to create a global group of awakened and awakening souls that teach, learn, share, discuss and who also help and support each other (and our planet) to become Naturally Better. 

It has been inspired by my beautiful wife Natalie-Ann Kong as she suffered alone (before meeting me of course) trying to find the information and support to heal herself naturally after being di-ag-nosed terminally ill over 5 years ago (she is now vibrantly well). 

Our intent is that no-one else suffers this acute feeling of isolation in a time of great need for help and support. 

Within this growing global group a hub is created where ALL can come and find help, support information and even practitioners to help them become Naturally Better. T

he truth shall set us free, it will also set us dis-ease free. 

The only rules are courteous, respectful and intelligent comment and question. Anything outside this and you will be removed. For those than can embrace such simple guidelines I trust we will all learn much and share much for the benefit of all. Feel free to ask for help as well as to offer help (especially if you have experience to share). PLEASE NO REQUESTS FOR MONEY OF FUND RAISING. All comments, shares, etc are for educational purposes only and embrace the fundamental freedoms of speech. Nothing posted here is to be considered as "advice". However, I have no doubt that if you do chose to learn, understand and action the information posted here your health and well-being will improve. 

Please feel free to invite new members and share far and wide. 

I wish you ALL the best. Jeremy. If you would like specific help and a skype consultation you can email Jeremy Ayres at

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