Monday 24 November 2014


Anti frackers have reacted in bewilderment to the announcement by chemicals giant Ineos of a whooping £640m investment into UK fracking.

Heralded by government Energy Minister Matt Hancock MP as the best thing since sliced bread, having said to be “delighted” with the news, the insidious truth moves Great Britain one step closer to the irreversibly contaminating their countries clean water supplies.

Chief executive of Ineos Upstream, Gary Haywood, said: “I want Ineos to be the biggest player in the UK shale gas industry. I believe shale gas could revolutionise UK manufacturing and I know Ineos has the resources to make it happen.”

Acquiring the licence to frack on 729 sq miles of prime central Scottish land, Ineos is now the largest shale gas company to invest in the UK.

While Jim Ratcliffe, the chairman of Ineos, said: “This is a game-changer for Britain’s shale gas industry,” and while government ministers continue to sell fracking as a job creator and a means to supply cheap fuel for years to come, the fact remains that fracking simply does not live up to it’s hype.

  • Shale Gas will not lower energy bills.
  • Shale gas extraction will not create hundreds or thousands of new jobs.
  • Shale gas is not the wonder fuel source of the future.

Chairman of Ineos Jim Ratcliffe can bang on as much as he wants about “making sure the gas is safely extracted in an environmentally responsible way,” but again the facts from fracking is evident from what happened in Australia and America.

  • Extracting gas and oil using high-pressure water and chemicals, causes local water/environmental pollution and earthquakes.

David Cameron repeatedly sidelines genuine and legitimate environmental concerns to justify his claim that shale gas is the answer to our nation’s energy challenges.


Regardless of what Ineoa Chairman Jim Ratcliffe and Prime Minister David Cameron has to say about fracking and shale gas extraction, the real hero of safe renewal energy is MOAI TIDAL ENERGY.

Conveniently excluded by the energy industry, tidal energy extracts power from the world’s ever lasting tidal currents, doing away with above surface wind turbines and shale gas extraction.

Promoted as a pollution bulk free energy of today, Moai Tidal electric requires no infrastructure, pylons, cables or sub-stations and in return will churn out the main product of solid metal hydrogen rocket fuel and liquid hydrogen jet fuel made from Seawater hydraulics submerged over 50 meters below the sea, invisible to the naked eye and sometimes over 20km from land.

Leading the charge for Moai Tidal electric, John Wanoe says, “It’s all about the tidal flows. We already have COWI Design Engineers in Denmark drawing up plans for Tidal turbines in Perth in Scotland and Plymouth and Dover in the South.”

With plans to locate Tidal turbines in over 250 countries world-wide, John Wanoa is making no secret of his ultimate goal of providing pollution bulk free electricity to the world.

With shares available for purchase, John Wanoa invites everyone to get involved, “This is your invitation to take a share in our Sovereign World Co-operative Membership energy future empowering a community to benefit from power produced from the oceans anywhere in the world.”


So lets get real people, we don’t need fracking, we don’t need a £640 million investment into shale gas extraction. Come to think of it, we don’t need David Cameron telling us we need fracking and we certainly don’t need a corporate fat cat tell us we need a shale gas revolution.

  • Yes, we do need a revolution but certainly not the type of revolution they have in mind.
  • If we need any revolution in the world of energy, it’s a Moai Tidal Electric revolution we need.
  • Only Moai Tidal Electric will deliver the energy, jobs and revolution which the shale gas conglomerates promise.


  • It will ruin our nation’s fresh water supply.
  • It will ruin our nation’s environment and ultimately,
  • It will not deliver on anything it promises to deliver on.

For more information about Moai Tidal Electric check out


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