Tuesday, 3 January 2023

Beware of Dick Dastardly!

Depicted as the cartoon character Dick Dastardly, James Hind is a dangerous individual who I warn everyone and anyone about, due to this obsessive, relentless, fixated and unwanted trolling of anyone and everyone who doesn't view the world, through his own perverted and distorted eyes.

Anyone and everyone who supports this man, is in my opinion, deluded and deranged, and must hand themselves into their nearest police station, surrendering themselves for aiding and abetting a serious criminal.

I first heard of James Hind in August 2020, when he published a tweet naming me, with the message "I will keep a close eye on Matt Taylor"

Making false allegations that CP was found in my possession as "(FACT)", James Hind is putting me and my family in immediate danger from the community around me, branding me a paedophile with zero evidence to back it up.

While I vehemently deny ever looking at, sharing or downloading any CP of any kind, James Hind himself happily admits to sharing and viewing CP material of "the top level."

In the Tweet below he makes the false statement that a Category B indecent image of a child was found on my devices as a "(FACT)"

To set the record straight, it was alleged by Sussex Police that a Category B indecent image of a child was found on my device, but it's certainly NOT a "(FACT)", because it wasn't proven in COURT.

It was then purely an allegation, and remains to this day, purely an ALLEGATION.

In the same way I was arrested in the run up to Christmas 2020, for taking three teenage boys into the woods to have sex with after showing them videos of babies being beheaded, and that I acknowledged I was arrested for taking three teenage boys into the woods to have sex with, after showing them videos of babies being beheaded, DOESN'T MEAN I TOOK THREE TEENAGE BOYS INTO THE WOODS TO HAVE SEX WITH, AFTER SHOWING THEM VIDEOS OF BABIES BEING BEHEADED.

As with the allegation of having CP in my possession, it is still an UNPROVEN ALLEGATION.

Having confessed to being a 12-year-old online decoy, tasked with identifying and removing paedophiles from a popular children's and teenagers social media site, which he waited a year before being made a moderator, James Hind remains the PRIME SUSPECT in enticing the three teenage boys into making a false and malicious allegation against me.

He's on record as offering £300 towards anyone who takes civil action against me, and again on record for offering to make a payment to a solicitor of Shellie Mote's choice, to start civil proceedings against me.

What we do know for a FACT is that he never once reported any paedophiles to the police, because in his own words, "it is not in my nature to be the cause of the ruin of the lives of others unlike the hunters, I dont like that on my mind."

It is worthy of note at this juncture, that I was arrested on the 18 November 2022, for Stalking with Violence, following an malicious allegation from James Hind number one fan. (Whose name I cannot mention due to bail conditions.)

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James publicly admits that he would never report me to police himself, but instead prefers third parties to do so on his behalf.

James Hind makes no secret that he changes his strategies towards so called 'Satan Hunters,' and has joined in with the chorus to do everything he can to get me either sectioned, imprisoned or killed (S.I.K).

James Hind has got a mental illness.

He claims to view his life from a third party perspective. Watching himself lead his life, as if watching himself in a movie.

"I live in a permanent trap of dissociation."

While I would have diagnosed him with D.I.D (Dissociative Identity Disorder) based on his own description of his mental health, James confesses to suffer from Depersonalisation/Dearealisation, which is in FACT a Dissociative mental health disorder in itself.

While James claims to have suffered low scale child abuse as a 6 year old child, he also claims that the testimony of Jeanette Archer, (who claims to have been a victim of the most serious category of child abuse, namely Satanic Ritual Abuse,) was enough to trigger him to the extent of getting group and individual therapy sessions to deal with the memories.

James Hind is the leading defender of anything S.R.A.

The leading champion in defending the husband of Sam Baldwin, (who she claims to have sexually abused her children and been part of a Satanic paedophile ring), James Hind consistently defends anyone accused of Satanic Ritual Abuse.


Most recently James Hind has been linked to a sock puppet account called Blakewood, alleged to have created a fake Facebook account of myself, to viciously troll, intimidate and upset an innocent couple, Kelly Rusling and Billy Bennell.

It is my humble opinion, as an Ex Royal Military Policeman, trained in criminal investigations, that James Hind, (the self confessed Brighton based satanist), is a very dangerous individual, who has, and continues to pose a grave and immediate danger to children and adults alike.

Stealing the words of Angela Power-Disney, anyone defending this man, "needs to give their head a wobble....."

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While James Hind is the first to report anyone and everyone who says the name of Child A, from the Wilfred Wong kidnap case, falsely citing the child suffers abuse if anyone does, he was the first to emotionally abuse three teenage boys following the death of their father.

Posted within 48 hours of the death of King Arthur legend Ross Broadstock.

While James Hind sexualises a picture of a new born baby, by comparing the clip of the ambilical cord to an erect penis, he continues to show a distressing picture of a child being kidnapped as his profile picture.

While James Hind accuses me of being a paedophile, it is James Hind who is the paedophile hiding in plain sight.

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