Tuesday 24 January 2023

My focus on Satan Hunters for 2023 by James Hind


What is a Satan Hunter?

A Satan Hunter is an individual who promotes Satanic Panic narratives such as those promoted by QAnon, that a target individual or group of people torture, rape, murder and eat children in the worship of Satan. Such Satan Hunters promote Satanic Panic false narratives for reasons of power, fame, financial gain, revenge or ideology.

The three required conditions that will result in a Satan Hunter being listed and challenged by satanhunter.com and I.

  1. The Satan Hunter is promoting a Satanic Panic narrative.
  2. The Satan Hunter has in their actions in my opinion harmed or abused a child.
  3. The Satan Hunter is based in the UK, or the child victim of the Satan Hunter is based in the UK.

Priority 1 Satan Hunters who pose an immediate threat to children and the vulnerable

These Satan Hunters I have allocated financial resources to in order to monitor and challenge them.

  1. Richard Carvath – Royal Wootton Bassett
  2. Angela Power Disney – Oldcastle, Eire
  3. Owen Lucas – in Exile in Eire
  4. Matt Taylor – Brighton, West Sussex
  5. Nathaniel Harris – Bristol

PRIORITY 2 Satan Hunters who pose an ongoing threat to children and the vulnerable

These Satan Hunters I will monitor and challenge.

  1. Jeanette Archer, Cranleigh, Surrey
  2. Andrew Devine, in Exile in Greece
  3. Brian Willmot, Bournemouth
  4. Jon Wedger, London
  5. Abraham Christie, in Exile in Morocco
  6. Ella Draper, in Exile in Spain
  7. Samantha Baldwin, UK
  8. Neelu Berry, London

PRIORITY 3 Satan Hunters who are semi-active

These Satan Hunters are monitored and reported upon.

  1. Becki Percy, in Exile in USA
  2. Lydia Lowe, Gravesend, Kent

PRIORITY 4 Satan Hunters who are inactive

These Satan Hunters are monitored.

  1. Wilfred Wong, Prison.
  2. Belinda McKenzie, London
  3. Sabine McNeill, in Exile in Germany
  4. Janet Stevenson, Prison
  5. Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV, Charlottesville, USA
  6. Jake Clarke, UK

The stench of their hypocrisy precedes and lingers long after… imagine such loving Christians encouraging suicide and threatening death upon strangers.🤦

It defies belief what these so-called “Christians” do and say under the banner of their religion.

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