Tuesday, 3 December 2019

MTTV - Discussing Eric Heaps and the link between Den Tarragon and Tommy Robinson

Thelegend Pliskobum squirts

Peter Coyle[message retracted]

Thelegend Pliskoturn off programs ur not useing

Thelegend Pliskodown load and run HITMAN PRO

Elaine ColeMorning peeps

Danny Jonescant hear very well

Danny Jonescrap connection matt

Danny Jonesthats ok you have explained already

Elaine ColeMorning Danny 😊

Danny Jonesmorning elaine

Danny Jonesim sure they had other copies of the paperwork

maureen searleMorning Matt

Danny Jonesif i click zoom it breaks connection

Danny Joneswe can discuss den and tommy and mainly Hampstead ill set up a link tonight if u like matt

Danny Jonesok new year if u prefer

Elaine ColeSo no one in your truth movement believe Tommy ......Matt?

Danny Joneswe can try monday morning

Danny Jones2 million ish

Danny Jonesif your goin gto hand the ONLY copy and give it away ?

The Jaywick NewsDo not talk to Danny about Hampstead Matt it’s a trap to get you jailed. They are evil

Danny Jonesfirst LESSON then TRUST NO ONE

Elaine ColeEveryone takes copy Matt,that dose make sense

eric heapshe a coward

Danny Jonesjaywick news im not here to entrap matt does that all himself most of the time

GRÖBNÖB the TrollWho are you harassing today Matt you creepy pervert

Peter Coylehello no I say that again I'm proud of who I am last message came out in gobbledegook love and life never forget that

GRÖBNÖB the TrollI heard you stole knickers from the washing line and wear them yourself

Danny Jonesmonday morning matt or try a new zoom link

GRÖBNÖB the TrollI have a cousin called Gobbledegoog

Danny Joneseric trusted danny tommo


GRÖBNÖB the Troll-Gobbledegook

Danny Jonesshouldl ahve copied the paperwork tbh

Peter Coyleoh by the way I'm not a troll alright gobbledygook yeah I'm not a troll mash I might roll explain am I a troll or am I a genuine person I speak the truth I'm not a troll

Danny JonesERIC can you speak to DEN TARRAGON about this issue??

Danny Joneshe has a point grobnob


GRÖBNÖB the TrollI buy my own crotchless silk knickers

eric heapsye i want live soon as i back

GRÖBNÖB the TrollMessage deleted by Matt Taylor.View deleted message

Danny Joneseric contact me i can set up a LIVE with DEN and see whats going on

Elaine ColeMatt invite Eric into your feed

Peter Coylehe needs he needs to stop quarton a Madness song he needs to stop quoting that Madness song that was a classic I remember that dirty George he needs to stop where's the knickers dirty George at the so

Danny Jonesif you DONT learn from it Matt then it was pointless

Danny JonesDEN used to Support TOMMY R but im not sure if he is still with them all

Danny JonesERIC how old is yr son?

eric heapseither way they shudnt av hung the man that suported him or not even gave oppolagy and been there for 1 there own look at this people THIS IS HOW THEY GO AGAINST THERE OWN THE ONE WHO did support i

eric heapsif they can do this to me after wot i did wot u think they do for u lot

Danny Jones~*ERIC

eric heapsstable they wont tell me nowt only stable he in sper with 6 people all his m8s explain that ???

Danny Joneswho is "they" eric?

Elaine ColeMatt you can't say it was a Tommy can who attack him!

Elaine ColeFan

Danny Jonesim gathering someone has dies then in amongst this story

Peter Coylehey HobNob call 999 and ask for the coast guard call triple call nothing to it not into it not into it and you might get a sandwich

Danny JonesDIED i ment

Danny Joneshanging u mentiomed ???

Danny Jonesoh i see hung out to dry got ya

Danny Jonespissed that zoom didnt work set it up MATT we need to chat

Danny Jonessame ere been trying to get you to see the light

Danny JonesBe nice to get u away from scammers

Elaine ColeAgreed Danny

Danny Jonesthis is what we will discuss

Danny Joneswont say anymore

Danny Jonesyes calmly and adultly

Danny Jonesno NAME Calling when we chat LIVE

The Jaywick NewsHe’s a hypocrite

Danny Jonesi can spell for toffee

Elaine ColeSo why was Eric son in prison for.....Matt?

Danny JonesDownload GOOGLE HANGOUT matt

Danny Jonesu can block that ill tell u how

Danny Joneshow old is NATHAN?

Danny Jonesok

:Fanny :JonesNice to see Danny in here talking to Matt.

:Fanny :JonesWhere's the Hoaxtead trolls?

Danny Joneswont trigger danny jones so dont worry

:Fanny :JonesThey must have given permission to Danny to speak to Matt.Thats nice.

:Fanny :JonesWell done the Hoaxtead Trolls.

Danny Jonespmsl im none of that im just LINDEN normal bloke

:Fanny :JonesCourse you are.

Danny Joneswhos arse?

Danny Jonesset it up MONDSAY matt

:Fanny :JonesHoaxtead,

Danny Jonesiv spoke to karen couple of times if thats what u mean

:Fanny :JonesHe is Hoaxtead,

Danny Jonesemail me matt

:Fanny :JonesHe is one them,

Danny Jonesso funny

:Fanny :JonesFunny?

Danny JonesSPARKLE has spoken to karen is hse a hoaxtead troll ??

Danny Joneslol fanny

:Fanny :JonesShes not here.

:Fanny :JonesYou are.

Danny Jonesi never asked if she was ere

Elaine Cole😂😂😂

:Fanny :JonesNeither did I.

Danny Jonesso answer my question

:Fanny :JonesYou are a Hoaxtead troll Danny.

Danny Jonesand is sparkle? and grob??

:Fanny :JonesYou teel me.

:Fanny :JonesTell

:Fanny :JonesHow would I know,

:Fanny :JonesAre they?

Elaine ColeWell done Matt....very interesting show

Rebecca Bufton💜💙💛💚

:Fanny :JonesYou are the one who knows them all,

Danny Jonesyour theone who concluides talkng to karen is a hoaxtead troll as thats all iv done, so all that chat to her are hoaxtead trolls yeh? is that right fanny

:Fanny :JonesAre they Hoaxtead trolls?

Danny Jonesyou can rule DEN out then lolol he aint spoke to her

Danny Jonestherwe are NO haoxstead trolls is a myth

:Fanny :JonesReally?

Elaine ColeTrolls live under bridges ....I do believe

:Fanny :JonesGet a life.

nicola laneDanny I think you did more than just talk to Karen, you helped to try and destroy a lot of ppl. And for what?? Because you wanted to be in flo’s crew 🤣🤣😏

:Fanny :JonesDanny is a creep.

:Fanny :JonesHe threatened wiz solutions also.

:Fanny :JonesHe wants to be in everonys crew but people just use him.

:Fanny :JonesHe is a knobhead nobody.

Danny Jonesyeh you know that fanny

:Fanny :JonesYou are a little nobody.

:Fanny :JonesAlways will be. Nobody likes you and nobody wants you.

Danny Jonesthen pls refrain from chatting to me fanny lol

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