Thursday, 12 December 2019

Boris Johnson is set to lose the Christmas 2019 General Election

In a desperate email to Matthew Taylor, the leader of the UK's Moai King William IV Party, Boris Johnson, the leader of the Conservative party, and current British Prime Minister, has revealed panic in Number 10 Downing Street following a high turnout by Labour supporters in his Christmas 2019 General Election.

"Its all down to you."

Putting his political career in the hands of just one voter, Bullington boy Boris Johnson, is on course to become the UK's shortest serving PM, following a disastrous general election campaign, in which he reacted without sympathy to a picture of a boy laying on a hospital floor, and refusing to appear on the morning GMB programme, having previously assured presenters Piers Morgan and Susanne Reid, that he would do so.

"You can bet on it."

Putting the pressure on just one voter that, "right now, the only thing standing between Jeremy Corbyn and Downing Street is you," Tory boy Johnson is only now beginning to realize the stark reality of the situation, and coming to terms that his dream of a Churchillian premiership, now lays in tatters.

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