Wednesday, 16 November 2016

The Death of Patrick Cullinane - Truth Movement in Mourning.

The Truth Movement are in mourning following the sudden death of Common Law lawyer Patrick Cullinane.

Patrick Cullinane outside Brighton Law Courts 2016
Found dead at his home over the weekend, Patrick, 66, was considered to be one of the leading activists representing the interests of the people thought the UK and Ireland. Concerned neighbours who had not seen him for a couple of days alerted police to his home, where he was found dead. His body has been moved to Ireland to be with his family for his burial. The autopsy report concluded he died from a massive heart attack but many in the Truth Movement are open to the possibility he was murdered by criminal elements within the British government, as a targeted individual under surveillance and harassment.

Patrick is the second high profile personality of the Truth Movement to have died in the last five months.

Max Spiers 39, dubbed a Super Soldier and a regular speaker at the Bases Lectures, was found dead in July, having attended a Conspiracy Theorist conference in Poland. He died having coughed up a 'black liquid,' which many believe was a sign of poisoning.

Non-violent Extremists

Labelling anyone who disbelieved the government's official version of the London's 7/7 terror attack, as non-violent extremists by ex-Prime Minister David Cameron; The Truth Movement has come under immense ridicule for claiming a shadow government rules the world, in which false flag events are conducted against the world's population, with the intention of keeping Humanity enslaved under an insidious system, in which fear is promoted and free speech, movement and expression is killed.

In the same way Spiers was said to be investigating a paedophile ring within the US military, the Truth Movement have reacted with suspicion that Patrick's death comes at a time when he was about to publish further damaging revelations about high profile members of the British Government.

Pointing to the John Podesta email leaks, (which Hillary Clinton claims damaged her dream of becoming US President,) as evidence of an international paedophile ring; the coded messages made by Podesta are believed to be codes for the procurement of under-aged girls.

“Mary is out. Would love to get a pizza for an hour?”

Public knowledge is slowly but surely being made aware of the despicable crimes being committed by the world's most respected political and religious leaders, celebrities and captains of industry.

Nothing is what it seems

With the world on the brink of great change and in light of President-elect Donald Trump's promise to reopen the 9/11 investigation, the Truth Movement are confident their claims of criminality at the top of world governance are finally being heard, believed and acted upon.

With conspiracy theory becoming conspiracy fact, there is a growing concern that the closer the Truth Movement become to exposing the truth, the more desperate the conspirators are becoming in hiding it and eliminating anyone who threatens to expose it.

The Truth Movement is left asking the obvious question, who is next?


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  2. R.I.P Patrick, not enough good ones to go round, he will be missed


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