Wednesday, 2 November 2016

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words.

A picture paints a thousand words and the picture above reveals much more.

While the sub-headline rejoices that Cliff Richard is "ENERGISED' to be back in the spotlight and that the paedophile sex claims against him were nothing more than a 'blip;' the picture reveals a hidden story unknown to the casual observer.

It’s interesting and prudent to appreciate that the above photograph was used for a very good reason.

There are insiders within the British Establishment who know exactly what's going on behind closed doors. They know the skeletons in the cupboard and they know all the secrets.

Its interesting they used the above photo to accompany the Cliff Richard story because rumours abound that Prince Charles and Tom Jones are paedophiles too.

Sir Cliff Richard is yet another in a long line of sexual deviants to be knighted by the Queen. The most popular joke you'll hear in the Buckingham Palace staff quarters is that the Queen's Honour's list looks more and more like a Sex Register's list! ha ha ha.

Every picture gets scrutinized for it's fullest impact before being published, and the picture above reveals the sick humour which the people behind the shadows use to make sense of the world, which only they know exists within the high electrified fences of the rich and famous.

Ever since Lord Mountbatten rocked up to the Buckingham Palace gates with young Prince Philip in tow, have there been rumours of paedophilia; and that the young Greek Prince abandoned by his father and estranged from his mother, was Mountbatten's victim.

Cliff Richard was said to be "BOUNCING WITH ENERGY" as he walked the red carpet at the18th Daily Mirror's Pride of Britain Awards, at which the picture was snapped.

Addressing the two year police investigation into allegations he abused a number of boys, the ageing singer said, "That's just a blip in my life, really."

While the appeals against the CPS's decision not to prosecute Richards were unsuccessful; the fact remains that allegations are as alive and kicking as they were when they were first raised.

As the article below asserts; it would of been a very different story if Richard's case went to court.

And don't think Tom Jones has survived so long without rumours of his sexual preferences being called into question.

After-all, anyone who thinks Jimmy Savile was a 'Good Man,' has got to be a bit ‘wrong’ in the head...

And while the writer of the acclaimed 'The Needle Blog' doesn't directly call Tom Jones a paedophile; the blog infers that at the very least, he enjoys a preference for young girls.

And of-course the glue which stuck it all together is non-other than the UK's most prolific serial sex attacker, Jimmy Savile....

Tom Jones loved him, Prince Charles was his best friend and Cliff Richard knew him very well.

A picture does indeed paint a thousand words, and the picture above demonstrates that they are all in it together.

Let's get rid of these scum by Christmas....
Part of the 'Let's get it sorted by Christmas' campaign.

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