Tuesday, 25 February 2014


Kevin Annett
There has been an extraordinary development in the arrest of 'the Queen and the Pope' drama.
A Stand-down order has been issued by the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels, to all officers of The Papacy and The Crown.
Kevin Annett said, “Quite simply, this is a revolution.”
In affect it means that the oaths of allegiances by police, judiciary, clergy, soldiers and all government employees, are nullified and void.
The Revolution has sneaked in through the back door.
ON THE FIRST ANNIVERSARY OF THE CRIMINAL CONVICTION OF POPE BENEDICT AND QUEEN ELIZABETH AND THEIR CORPORATIONS, a public notice of treason and order to comply was issued to all of the agents and officers of these felons by the Common Law Court responsible for their conviction.
Which means in simple terms, that anyone who continues their allegiance to the convicted heads of state and church, will constitute collusion with wanted criminals, and thereby an act of Treason against the people and the law, and may result in their arrest and imprisonment.
Common Law saves the world.
Kevin Annett said, “To nullify the authority of the judges, the police and the politicians who are the agents of criminal institutions is the inevitable and lawful consequence of the Court’s indictment of those bodies for crimes against humanity. This is being done legally and in the open. Under the law, there no longer exists what we knew as the Vatican, the Crown of England or the governments of Great Britain and Canada. Those populations are now under the sole jurisdiction of the common law and the covenants that they, the people, establish among themselves and with their Creator.”
The republic of Kanata
The Order will be delivered in person and through the media to these officials by the community at large and by sheriffs authorized by the Court’s Presiding Magistrates.
Simultaneously, the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels has authorized the establishment of new Common Law police officers to enforce the Court’s verdict and replace the disestablished authorities.
To pursue this and other convictions, Common Law courts have been organized by citizens and ITCCS affiliates in
  • Canada
  • United States
  • England
  • Ireland
  • Holland
  • Spain
  • Italy.
People now have the legal authority to arrest anyone who continues to pledge their allegiance to the Queen or Church.
Keep up, this is a Revolution!
“It is now up to every one of us to enforce this Order, and we are all equally empowered to do so. The old authorities and their laws can and must be actively ignored. And the standing citizen arrest warrants against Joseph Ratzinger, Elizabeth Windsor and others will be enforced,” said Kevin Annett, in a press release broadcast on Youtube to mark the first year anniversary of the historic common law court conviction of thirty officials of church and state for Crimes against Humanity.
This great quest and cause to protect the children of the world.
“We ask you to join us in this effort, join us in Rome on April 3rd, and if you can't join us on that day, engage in occupations of Catholic and Anglican churches and others protests on that day throughout the world. You can stay tuned for more information at www.ITCCS.org and join us in this great quest and cause to protect the children of the world and disestablish these criminal bodies.
I'll take your questions now and thank you very much.”

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