Wednesday 12 February 2014


Celebrating 62 years on the Throne, The Queen will soon break the record of Queen Victoria to be crowned the longest reigning British Monarch.
Following a week that saw her being found guilty in an international Common Law court of Crimes against Humanity, Buckingham Palace sources have been forced to deny claims that her arrest is imminent, having been ordered by ex-Royal Military Policeman, Matt Taylor.
Matt Taylor said, “Following Bill Maloney’s call for amnesty for whistle-blowers, I call on The Queen to surrender to her nearest police station to ensure your immunity. This is her last chance, blow the whistle or get locked up with the rest of them.”
spivey royal familyClash of the Titans. The Queen closes in on Victoria's reign but who was the most criminal monarch?
This week, 62 years ago, the reign of Queen Elizabeth began with such hope and expectation for a fairy-tale future.
Queen Elizabeth II succeeded to the throne on February 6, 1952, and in the intervening years has broken just about every law in the book.
So who is the most evil monarch: the stiffly grand Victoria, who sat atop an drug smuggling empire which spread across half the globe, or the warmer Elizabeth, who has resided over more paedophile prime ministers than any sovereign in history?
As Elizabeth gets set to be arrested for high Treason against the British people, it is worth comparing the two. Both came to the throne by accident, The Queen was never in line for the Throne and was only there due to her uncle’s abdication. Princess Victoria was the fifth in line of succession to the throne, but the back-room manoeuvres of Court jesters made sure the little Princess would eventually become Queen of England.
While both are revered by the nation, for their lifetime of unswerving loyalty to the British people, but the truth couldn't be further away.
"Surrender now or suffer the conseqeuences."
"Surrender now or suffer the consequences."
Queen Victoria resided over the world’s greatest criminal drug smuggling empire, while Queen Elizabeth protects the greatest criminal paedophile ring.
As Michael Shrimpton made clear on TPV chat-show with Sonia Poulton.
The Queen protected Jimmy Savile and Edward Heath.
Let’s join the conversation between Sonia Poulton and Michael Shrimpton, an establishment whistle blower and barrister.
SONIA POULTON: The accusations against Edward Heath are shocking. That children were taken from Haut de la Garenne to his boat
SONIA POULTON: They were sodomised, raped and all sort of nasty things, murdered, thrown over board and done and dusted
SONIA POULTON: Is that an accurate account to you?
MICHAEL SHRIMPTON: Yes, that’s what happened.
SONIA POULTON: Its just extraordinary that that was our former British Prime Minister.
MICHAEL SHRIMPTON: Yes, who took us into the European Union, which is why we ended up in the European Union.
The Truth has a nasty habit of coming out.
“I am well aware of several living paedophiles in parliament at the moment and they are being blackmailed by GO2. The German intelligence understands paedophilia very well.
The German’s always had male brothels in England. In the 1930’s they had 3 in Britain, Cambridge, Oxford and London.”
Spotting Future Leaders.
“Edward Health was recruited in Oxford 1937, Edward Health first met Adolf Hitler & Heinrich Himmler at the 1937 Nuremberg party rally.
There’s no Law against telling the Truth.
“The problem with paedophile politicians, is that if you are sexually abusing a boy of 14 years old, that boy will recognize you if you are famous. We had this problem with Madeline McCann, who was old enough to know who was abusing her.”
Michael Shrimpton is unrelenting in his quest to tell the truth and doesn’t shy away from it, confirming that the British United Kingdom has been infiltrated since 1964, by the German Intelligence (GO2).
The disturbing truth about this dirty country is Nasty Nazi German’s have been corrupting the British way of life from the very heart of our establishment.
Michael Shrimpton goes onto confirm:
  • Jimmy Savile’s paedophile ring was protected from within the cabinet office.
  • Jimmy Savile was supplying under-age boys to Edward Heath and Cabinet Secretary John Hunt
  • Paedophile protected by the Crown, (The Queen.)
  • Jimmy Savile lived with no fear of arrest because he was protected by the Crown, (The Queen.)
  • Any police force that came close to him was pushed away.
  • Britain was taken over centrally in 1964 by GO2 (The German/Nasty Nazis Part 2)
  • Edward Heath was advised not to sue David Icke because the claims against him were true.
The Queen is famed to have enjoyed cordial relations with each of her 12 prime ministers, from Winston Churchill to David Cameron.
How many of the 12 prime ministers, from Winston Churchill to David Cameron were or are paedophiles?
Edward Heath was.
  • Is Gordon Brown a paedophile? The Queen knows.
  • Is Tony Blair a sexual deviate? The Queen knows.
  • Is David Cameron a homosexual? The Queen knows.
  • Greg Hallet even claims that Winston Churchill was really Queen Elizabeth’s biological father. The Queen knows.
A former courtier to the Queen says, “She has her eye on the history books.”
Jimmy Savile managed it, so did Edward Heath and her mother.
They all got away with it.
They have all died with their secrets hidden from public view. Alas, this isn’t the case for our Queen, who’s been caught of with her draws around her ankles.
“Surrender yourself now, and we’ll give you immunity. Remain silent and you’ll get locked up with the rest of them. The choice is yours.”

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