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Matthew Taylor and the “suicide” of Babs Collier by James Hind

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Brighton based hunter of “Satanists” Matthew Taylor admitted last month in January 2023 that he lied about a claim that his friend Babs Collier had committed suicide. Taylor, a man lacking neither empathy or insight, concocted a plan with Babs Collier to fake a false claim of suicide, which he then used for more than a year to taunt and haunt those who were critical of both himself and Babs Collier, making them believe they were to blame for the death. Babs Collier continued to post during the period of her “death” under the sock puppet account of “Lee Moo”, encouraging a witch hunt on those alleged to be responsible for her death, assisted by friends of Matthew Taylor such as Angela Power Disney of Oldcastle Eire in an ongoing persecution.

Trigger warning: suicide

This subject deals with the subject of suicide. In the UK there are those who can help if someone has suicidal thoughts including the Samaritans: (ring) 988

Matthew Taylor promoting suicide can cause suicides

Making false claims of suicide is a dangerous activity, especially when the audience to which Matthew Taylor interacts with includes many vulnerable people with mental health issues. To give an example of how the idea of suicide can play out in vulnerable minds is the story back in 2007-2008 in Bridgend UK when at least 26 young people committed suicide giving rise to a panic of a suicide cult. Although the suicides were not directly connected, the stories circulating in the community became contagious and encouraging on the young minds as a way out from their problems. As more and more young people died, others copied and followed through with killing themselves. A ten-year-old called Cameron McWilliams, who had issues over his sexual identity, and saw the regular news of the Bridgend suicides, killed himself. An eleven-year-old called Cameron MacDonald became “mesmerised” by the suicide story of Cameron McWilliams, a boy sharing his first name, and then also killed himself. Once the idea of suicide gets planted in the heads of vulnerable people it becomes an insidious thing, and there was the potential possibility, something we shall never know, that a cycle of real suicides and self-harming was triggered off by what Matthew Taylor and Babs Collier did.

Matthew Taylor and the suicide of his mother

Matthew Taylor is no stranger to suicide, as his mother is said to have killed herself. The mother – disabled and already mentally vulnerable – Taylor encouraged his mother to run off with him on an adventure in Europe. When mother and son ran out of money he dumped his mother off in the furthest corner of the UK in the Orkney Islands, far from support structures in a cold desolate place, leaving her to face eviction. Compounding his errors Matthew Taylor then fed his mother cannabis on her “death bed”, then abandoned her to return to South England. Under the influence of drugs, and in the worst position, with nobody to turn to, the mother of Matthew Taylor ended her life in Orkney. Despite the death of his mother by suicide, Matt Taylor shows a callous and extraordinary lack of insight, empathy and compassion for vulnerable people in pursuing his fake suicide stunt.

Matthew Taylor abuse of multiple victims encourages suicides

Matthew Taylor is a typical example of a Satan Hunter who stands at the core of a web of abuse that encourages the possibility of suicide in others. For a period of time I was particularly worried for one victim of Taylor, who I considered was at risk of suicide, as Taylor relentlessly stalked and abused them, even despite police interventions and legal restrictions placed upon him. Taylor contacted that victim’s family claiming he was concerned they were a suicide risk, but really knowing his approach was just part of an abusive process of conduct to that vulnerable person; despite at least intellectually recognising his abusive stalking was likely to trigger suicide, he continued, and still continues to pursue that victim. Children in the Hampstead, Wilfred Wong and the Samantha Baldwin “Satanic Panic” cases have all been impacted by the activities of Matthew Taylor, giving rise a fear in me of suicide risk when they hit their late teens and early 20’s. The strongest of the victims of Taylor is the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne, who detailed how the abusive activities of Taylor impacted her. I will also freely admit that when Matthew Taylor was making elaborate death threats against me and preyed upon my child abuse story it had a harsh mental impact on me.

Concerns that Matthew Taylor has a harmful impact on the mental wellbeing of children and young people

Not only do I have concerns for the mental wellbeing of the children such as those in the Hampstead case from the activities of Matt Taylor, but also those children he comes into contact with. Taylor was accused by young teens in around 2020 when he approached them in a woodland to offer to show them images of pictures of babies being beheaded, in addition Taylor was said to have made sexual remarks indicating he wanted to have sex with them. Despite there being not enough evidence to support the allegations of the teens for the police to bring charges against Taylor, there is concern that the behaviour of Taylor is having on immature minds that can evolve into mental illness and suicidal tendencies. Taylor has in at least one video walked about Brighton with another paedophilic male approaching young teenage boys and making sexual remarks about them. In addition Taylor has leveraged his own two children to make paedophile allegations against his critics, for instance in one case accusing me of sexually communicating with his son. In the matter of the teens who made allegations about Taylor in the Brighton woodland, they and their families were retraumatised when reports were made to the police of Taylor falsely claiming on his social media I had been involved with those teens to frame Taylor.

Those who come into the influence of Matthew Taylor often have mental health issues

Many who come into contact with Matthew Taylor, as supporters, victims or followers of his social media, have mental illness and have suffered severe child abuse. Satan Hunters in general, those who believe Satanists eat children, tend to have a lower mortality rate than the general population. Satan Hunters for instance follow an unhealthy lifestyle of a poor diet, low exercise, smoking and abuse with drugs and alcohol. The general behaviour, attitudes and personalities of Satan Hunters results in loss of custody of children, unemployment, divorce and loss of family and friendships. Satan Hunters often have become social pariahs well known to the police, social services and mental health teams. These types of people are vulnerable to taking their own lives.

Matthew Taylor preys on the mentally ill

Satan Hunters such as Matthew Taylor preys on the mentally ill and encourage their delusions. Taylor for instance actively encouraged and validated the delusions of a mentally ill man called John Paterson in the Hampstead Satanic Panic case, causing him to make hundreds of death threats against a number of innocent victims resulting in at least one case in PTSD in one victim. Thanks to Taylor and others, John Paterson was sectioned, perhaps for life, for the safety of the public. Another mentally ill man, who was in and out of mental hospitals, was a John Wanoa from New Zealand who Matthew Taylor encourages to believe he is the rightful king of England. Taylor is the exception amongst Satan Hunters to also validate the delusions of Jeanette Archer that the British Royal Family are shapeshifting baby-eating lizards.

Matthew Taylor often works with other notorious Satan Hunters to prey on the mentally ill

Matthew Taylor often works closely with other Satan Hunters in preying on the mentally ill and upon victims, including the notorious Eire-based Satan Hunter Angela Power Disney. This Disney was directly responsible for a vulnerable father losing custody of his baby son, a matter that resulted in him killing himself. Taylor and Disney was associated with a fellow Satan Hunter called Aaron Dover of Hampstead London who even before the Hampstead Satanic Panic case broke was making the news for his mental illness. Thanks to the activities and validation that those like Disney and Taylor gave to him, Aaron Dover became obsessed with the Hampstead case, resulting in him having to flee the UK to avoid being sectioned again. Under the influence of cannabis, the former Cambridge University educated graduate and London City IT expert Aaron Doverthrew himself off the balcony of a high rise building to his death.

Why I must challenge Matthew Taylor

One of the reasons I challenge Satan Hunters like Matthew Taylor and Angela Power Disney is they prey on the vulnerable and children, moving from victim to victim in their constant hunger for victims: the bodies pile up, along with the broken minds of scores of victims in their wake. Matthew Taylor of course does not care for the suffering and damage he creates, because he is one of those people who are blind to the destruction and mayhem he causes; it is to him fun and entertainment, empathy and insight is not a quality Matthew Taylor has.

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