Tuesday, 20 July 2021

Queen Elizabeth II named as a Satanic Sexual Abuser

Our nation's longest serving monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, has been accused of being a satanic sexual abuser, by Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) survivor Jeanette Archer.

Elizabeth Windsor - Queen of Great Britain & The Commonwealth

Having called Prime Minister Boris Johnson a satanist outside 10 Downing Street on 15 May 2021, Archer has delivered on her promises and has named her abusers.

Those named include, Ted Heath, Jimmy Saville, Leon Brittan, Lord Jenner and Cyril Smith.

All roads lead to Westminster.

As reported in The Evening Argus on 31 March 2015:

A FORMER Brighton vicar has told how child abuse victims confided in him in the 1980's about a satanic paedophile ring that included Tory MP Enoch Powell.

Dominic Walker, who served as a vicar in Brighton during that period, said long-serving Labour MP Leo Abse and former home secretary William Whitelaw were also named as members of the Westminister paedophile network.

Mr Walker, who retired as Bishop of Monmouth in 2013, passed on the information to the Bishop of Durham, the Right Rev Paul Butler, who is responsible for ‘safeguarding’ the Church of England.

Rumours of organised satanic ritual abuse were rife in the 1980s but little evidence has been found to support the claims.

Former home secretary Whitelaw, who served under Margaret Thatcher’s government from 1979 to 1983 and died in 1999, was last year accused of having ordered Scotland Yard to cease an investigation into the paedophile ring that supplied young boys to Westminster figures.

Calling Boris Johnson a satanist outside 10 Downing Street on 15 May 2021

All Tunnels lead to Buckingham Palace

Outside Buckingham Palace on 26 June 2021, Archer named Queen Elizabeth II and her now dead husband, Prince Phillip, a her abusers.

On the most recent march in London on 19 July 2021, attended by more than 100 supporters, Archer said;

"I know why you are doing the Covid Lockdown, you want the children's blood."


"The most powerful additive and dangerous drug on the planet!" 

Jeanette Archer outside Buckingham Palace on 26 June 2021

This isn't the first time a member of the Windsor royal family has been accused of being a satanic cult leader, labelled members of the Ninth Circle Satanic Cult by Kevin Annett, he also claimed that both Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip were implicated in the disappearance of 10 indigenous Canadian children in 1964.

An ex soldier and member of the Order of the Nine Angles, Michael Jingo, claimed publicly in 1994, that he was given a secret mission on behalf of Diana Prince of Wales, to expose Prince Charles as Satan.

 Prince Charles is Satan

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  1. well, she will not live forever. just like her husband. she will die. and it is very easy to tell when.;) but that she will die is normal all the satanist will die. but they will disapear in the darkness. hell is real. and all of the peados belong exactly there for every child every young person every unaware victim of their psychopatic activity. death does not spare those monsters. no matter how much money they have and what drug they take. eventually they disappear in the nothingness. take care;)


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