Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Longleat Legend Lord Bath revealed as a child rapist..

Institutionalized child abuse victim Darren Jeffrey, revealed he was sexually abused by Longleat owner and famous aristocrat Lord Bath.

         "Lord Bath was one of my abusers."

Jon Wedger replied, "Lord Bath is on the Raines List. He's on the list we constantly keep going on about. A list of people involved in Satanic Ritual Abuse."

In a harrowing interview with police whistle-blower Jon Wedger, Darren also revealed he was sexually abused by priest Peter Ball, a close friend of confidante of the next King of Great Britain and the Common Wealth, Prince Charles.

Prince Charles's statement in full

This is an analysis of Charles Windsor's full statement, presented to the Child Abuse Inquiry, in relation to his 20 year relationship with ‘yet another paedophile’, Peter Ball.

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