Friday, 15 May 2020


People’s champion John Paterson, 70 years fit, healthy and passionate about the world we live and the future we leave to our children; is currently being held against his will at a medical facility in Chichester, West Sussex.

Kidnapped from the steps of the Ministry of Defense on November 5th 2019, on route to handing in a dossier of evidence proving serious crimes being committed at the higher echelons of British police, judiciary and political institutions.

John Paterson has spent the last 7 months in prison, convicted of committing no crime.

John has pleaded with his supporters to contact news agencies across the world to cover his story.

John Paterson is a UK based whistle-blower, illegally kidnapped and held by a corrupt British organised crime element within the UK’s secret services, HELL-BENT on persecuting the good guys and promoting the most evil to the very top.

John Paterson needs your help.

Please contact the British Government and ask why John Paterson, has been held a prisoner for 7 months, without any evidence put before him, proving the malicious allegations made against him.

John Paterson is being held, and has been held for the last 7 months, WITHOUT any lawful/legal due process, or any other legal justification which warrants his continued detainment.


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