Tuesday, 7 April 2020


Labour Leader Kier Starmer

Written by Chris Everard...

Yes, JEREMY CORBYN is being replaced by a pedophile-protector - the Elite’s biggest coup on the socialist people of Britain has come in the form of Sir Rodney Kier Starmer who was given a gong by the Queen for his role as Director of Public Prosecutions, Starmer was appointed Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath (KCB) in the 2014 New Year Honours. The great honour was awarded for his part in covering-up how the BBC have groomed millions of British children, eroticised them, and made millionaires of a pedophile ring presenting BC children’ Tv shows led by Jimmy Savile, Radio One DJ Chris Denning 9jailed 17 times for child porn], Rolf Harris [royal portrait painter], Stuart Hall [host of its a Royal Knock Out co-produced by Prince Edward], and our family favourite ESTER RANTZEN who admits she knew about Jimmy Savile and started CHILDLINE which gave volunteer pedophiles an excellent opportunity to intercept calls from kids who had been raped, and thus block police investigations. Not only that, but the good old BBC has raised tens of millions with a ‘Children in Need’ charity which - at last count - had £11m in cash and had bought shares in slot machine gambling machines - not a penny going to impoverished working class British indigenous kids…
A 2013 report published by the NSPCC has so far been BURIED BY THE BBC, but now that Jeremy Corbyn has been the victim of a coup staged by Mossad and the BBC and the Israeli Embassy who infiltrated the Labour Party Conference and bribed MPs to revolt against Corbyn with FAKE ANTI-SEMITISM SMEARS, we now finally see that Jimmy Savile, who was paid by the BBC a staggering £1,000 per week way, way back in 1975, and who molested children on BBC premises was actually PROTECTED FROM PROSECUTION by KIER STARMER - a BARRISTER who, god knows how, has become a ‘elected for life’ BENCHER barrister in London, and is now in charge of leading the Labour Party down into the unelectable depths like no other leader has ever seen. If you’ve ever seen the face of an incompetent barrister - if you have ever seen the face of a compromised man - then take a look at this man's face. What a sham.
The 2013 report which has gone UNREPORTED BY THE BBC shows that Jimmy Savile was OBVIOUSLY running a tight operation - which consisted of a BBC cameraman, a BBC producer and a driver. Un-named public relations volunteers and even the former boss of BBC current affairs were co-opted into this sick Savile Circus of pedo-BBC MK-ULTRA styled brain washing. Savile’s campaign also saw the BBC allow him to write FAKE LETTERS to himself posing to be a child, who supposedly was interested in mechanical toys and then taken to a museum run by a high-ranking freemason of the MERCURY LODGE who had already served a prison sentence for sex crimes against children. The MERCURY LODGE is the masonic lodge next to the GCHQ spy station.
The report shows very clearly that Sir Keir Rodney Starmer way back in 2009 had MORE THAN SUFFICIENT EVIDENCE to bust Savile, bus his BBC accomplices, shut down all the child-related BBC ‘charity’ work and clean up this entire fucking shit show. But he didn’t. Instead, he kept his mouth shut and got a gong from the queen whose two sons [Edward and Charles] were in some kind of affectionate ‘bond’ with Savile.
The report clearly details that sex offences were committed by Savile on a staggering 450 people (328 being minors at the time) across England and Scotland, and also on the island of Jersey. It should HAVE BEEN FUKCING OBVIOUS to Sir Keir Rodney Starmer that Savile was a LIAR when Savile claimed he had never been to Jersey - but later a photo emerged of Savile HOLDING A CHRISTIAN SERMON IN A JERSEY CHURCH.
Should that have not been enough to make Sir Keir Rodney Starmer, who was the boss of the Crown Prosecution Service to WAKE UP AND SMELL THE ROSES?
The vast majority of Savile’s offences occurred in his home town of Leeds and his main workplace in London. Savile befriended the YORKSHIRE RIPPER and one of the Ripper's victims bodies was actually dumped in bushes just yards from the front entrance to Jimmy Savile's tower-block penthouse. It was in this penthouse that coppers were supposedly meant to have questioned Savile and no doubt it was either fake or they got some pay-off. Either way, for Kier Starmer to have FAILED to have spotted the close relationship between the Yorkshire Ripper and the close proximity of the murder scene to Savile's front door is EXTREME INCOMPETENCE at best and possibly WILFUL OBSCURATION OF EVIDENCE.



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